My name is sam pucket. My best freinds, carlie, freddy, and we have a webshow. We call it icarly. You may have seen it...maybe not. whatevs its your life. Now, if you havent seen it, let me just fill you in. My freind carlie, has an older brother spenser. I have known him for a long time, considering me and carlie have been freinds since the 4th grade. Right now, we are in the 11th grade. A few months ago, me and freddie had a fling but i didnt last long. We kissed under the moonlight, had dinner, but it all fell to peaces when i took one long look into spensers gorgeous blue eyes. I tried to ignore my feelings inside for a long time, but when freddy broke up with me cause he still liked carly, i ran to spenser... his arms were my temporary heaven and his body my rock. He kept me safe ... and i began to fell deeply in love with him. I KNOW hes old, but love no's no bounds and age is just a number. I would often ask carly to hangout just to spend time with him. I think he is starting to fall in love with me, but i didn't know, until last wednesday.

Wednesday, June 23, 2012

"caarlie" i called out as i slammed there door shut but not too hard cuz i dont have the money to fix it so just a little hard. "sam i am upstairs," carly shouted back.

"where's spenser?" i asked, excited to see my secert love, which carlie new nothing of. Sometimes i thought i was a bad frend for not telling carlie about my enfatuation for spenser, but then i remembered the fuzzy feeling i got in my chest when i thought of his big hazel eyes and i knew it was worth it.

"why?" carly asked suspisiously, coming down the stairs. Oh no, have i been caught?

"My mom wants to send over a bag of garbage for his next sculpture," i lied with ease. Im an excellent lier.

"ok, hes in his room" carly said as she walked back to the kitchen to get some pear juice.

"kk, ill go get him and give this to him" i said.

The hall to spensers room was long and narrow, and the walk seemed to take forever as i could feel my feet trembeling beneath me. I didn't know what to think anymore, does he like me? No? Maybe i could tell him the truth...

I knocked on the door. "Come in!" he said. Oh god. His voice slithers up my spine like aslippery eel. "Its me, sam" i said as i walked in the door. He just got out of the shower and he was in only a towel, and his hair slicked back and clung to his neck like a necklace. I shivered with anticipation. But i dont know why.

"oh hey sam..." his voice said soothingly. He seemed anxious, i dont know why. What was he thinking? Why am i so nervous? We've been spending all summer together.

"wow spenser you are so muscley its from all the sculpting right?" i giggle all nervouslike. He's sculpturs werent the only sculpted things around apparently cuz he had the body of an ancient egyptian god. I could wash my unmentionables on that abdomin.

"i have to tell you something, sam" he said suddenly. I was suprised, he has never spoked this way before. "ive been thinking about... us, lately." oh no. What was he going to say?

I began to twiddle my fingers and play with my hair. I was so so so nervous everything was chattering like i was in the center of a blizzard. "what is it spense?"

suddenly he was all up in face and very close, i could smell his axe shampoo and dove body lotion. His mouth was only inches from mine! i panicked and wanted to shove him away, a thousand voices in my head were screaming that it wasn't right, HE'S SOOOO OLD but my heart one the battle between mind and matter. I didn't move. I didnt even breath i almost died.

Then his lips were all over mine and glued to me, warm like a summer breeze. I couldnt believe it, my heart stopped. I thought i was dreaming, I was so sure until his strong hands gained from arting snapped me back to reality as he grabbed my waist and i wove my fingers into his wavy dark hair. Our mouths moved in sink and i could feel my stomach sqeeze like a bottle of ketchup and love. His tongue slipped in and i gasped against him when suddenly -

KABLAMO. The bedroom door busted open like a dormant volcano and under the frame was the one and only carlie shay.