thanks you soooooo much for the reviews guys it really up lifts me and encourages me to write more! Sorry for the wait but hear is chapter 3! The plot should take off soon! And btw for people who comment on gramer and spelling sorry but my first language isn't english its ukrainian! I will try to remember the correct name spellings!

Since last wednesday, my life has been a giant jumble. I don't know left from right, up from down, but all i know is that my spencer, my wonderful, handsome, gentle, sweat spencer and i cannot be with one another as we should and me and carly are NOT in a good spot, like at ALL. I lie in bed right now, thinking of the two of them and my complex dillemas when I decide to give carly a call.

Riiiiing riiiing.

"hello?" she sounds groggy. Oh no did I wake her up? But its like 12 pm she should definately be a wake by now because its lunch time i mean a girls gotta eat right! No wait i remember that's just me with the food obsession

"carly. . . ?" I begin timidly. "yeah sam what is it?"

I exhale with relief, feeling an ammense weight being lifted off my shoulders. She doesn't sound grumpy at all! "oh hey yeah, its me, sam! Carls I justed wanted to know if you wanted to hang out today since we haven't chilled since …" oh no, i was about to say 'last wednesday" but i hesitate because I don't want to bring up the bad memorys and make this conversation awkward now do I?

"I just miss you!" i say, feeling tears brim upon my lower eyelashes like dewdrops on an early morning lawn in spring.

There was an awkward silence ringing in my ears like loud trumpets when she finally speaks. "well ok, lets go out for pizza. Meet you at the groovy smoothy."

1 hour later (because we had to get ready)

"hey sammy!" calry chirps from our regular table in the middle of the shop.

"hey Carls!" ok so far so good because she doesn't seem to look to out of sorts or anything, just her regular happy carly shay. I sit down and we start to talk happily like the bffs we are.

Soon after lots of nonsense talk, carly gets serious. "so . . … you and spenser . . …"

I freeze up like an ice cube. "yes.?"

"tell me what's going on, sam."

"I .. I sort of fell in love with him."

Carlys elegantly plucked eyebrows narrow frighteningly. "WHAT do you MEAN, SORT OF love him?"

I can tell that carly is displeased with where this is headed but I spill all of my feelings, revealing what Ive kept trapped within since the summer time and especially for the past few days. "calry, Im so sorry, i know that your not gonna like what I have to say but I simply just cant keep it hidden anymore its how I feel, and you're my bff you have to know anyways! Carly I am IN LOVE with spencer yes, in love! I have been since summer and, all those days I spent with you at your apartment was of course to see you to because you're my best freind but they were mostly to see him! Carly I feel like I am going insane because of my feelings for him, he makes me feel so safe and happy and I swear what happened wednesday was the first time ever! To be honest I don't even know what happened there myself, I don't know spencer, I don't know anymore what to think or HOW he sees me, he just kind of kissed me and you came in, and now, my life feels like its spiraling downward into a unfamiliar pit!"

Carly looks angry like I have never seen her before. "you clearly DO NOT understand, do you, sam? You CAN. NOT. Feel this way about my older brother, notice the OLDER PART? Yes he is OLDER, much older in fact and if the both of you was to ever get serious he would be in A LOT OF TROUBLE don't you see now? Why I HATE the thought of all this? Because YOU could be the reason why spenser may go to jail! YOU could ruin everything and I will. NOT. LET. THAT. HAPPEN. I REFUSE to accept this….This "love" I don't CARE how you feel, I don't even care if he LOVES YOU BACK. You will STAY AWAY FROM HIM, sammantha pucket. Do you hear me?! STAY AWAY!"

She chucks her smoothy away and storms out of the groovy smoothy. I sit there on my own,stunned to silence and a fresh bout of tears forming. Im so confused and sad now, why cant things go back to the way they were? Before spenser kissed me in his room and carly saw us? Even way before I liked him, no, LOVED him, to begin with? I sit in my seet, tears dripping down my face, when I feel a hand on my right shoulder. I turn to see whom is touching me.

"FREDDIE?" WHAT do you want?" I ask incredulously but to my own surprise I am not outraged that the scumbag dares to lay even a finger on me.

"hey sam, are you okay, I saw what happened when I walked in, that carly stormed out. Are you alright? Whats going on?"

I am shocked that he looks concerned for me, why should he care?! He does like carly now and we dated like waaaaaaay back why is he asking?

"so sam, I've been thinking A LOT lately . . . …. Would you like to get back together?"