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How'd I ever breathe without
A goodnight kiss from goodnight you?
- Go Radio, "Goodnight Moon"

"James? James Diamond?"

The way she says his name nearly makes his heart stop because, this is real. She's here in front of him after seven long years.

She's here.

"Camille?" he stutters out, getting up from behind his desk and walking over to the doorway where she was lurking.

Her face broke out in a wide smile; it was still the same after all these years and he couldn't help but to smile in return. "Oh, my gosh, James!" she throws her arms around his neck and his immediately wrap around her waist. He holds her close and inhales deeply. She smells like vanilla perfume and some sort of berry shampoo. James loves berries. "I can't believe it's really you!" she gushes, breaking their hug, still smiling.

"Damn, me either! It's been way too long!" he agrees. "You look…" beautiful. Camille wasn't the same little college freshman he had last seen her as. Sure, he had her on FaceBook and kept updated with her that way, but seeing her in person was… wow. Her hair, which was once cascading down past her shoulders, was cut into a short, curly bob and though James had never really been a fan of short hair on girls, her new look was perfect for her. Other than just looking older, she hadn't changed much; she was still short, her eyes were still big and brown… she was still Camille. "Great!" he supplied.

She chuckled. "You look pretty great yourself," she tells him, slapping her palm against his chest. James has to stop and think; is she flirting, or just being friendly? Kind of hard for him to tell because, he really does look great. He always does.

"So, um, what brings you to my neck of the woods?" he asks, because really, what was she doing here? Last time he heard from her, she was trying to do Wicked in New York and he was trying not to be jealous (and miss her but that's a different story). And now she was back in LA. Where he was. Containing his excitement was a little harder than he had originally anticipated.

"My agent sent me to you actually," she smiles brightly and that in itself causes James to smile back just as much. "We heard about your movie so I figured, why not audition."

As soon as she says that, James wants to give her the part immediately. Spending a whole three to six months with her, working intimately with her? James curses himself for not giving the lead role to himself, because really, what could be more perfect? "That - that's great!" he tells her. "Um, so I'll see you at the auditions?"

"You know it." she winks at him, adjusting the bag over her shoulder and gives him one long look. "It's been a while, Diamond." she says softly.

Instinctively, he went to brush his hair out of his face but he remembered how he had it swept back and styled to perfect so he didn't want to mess it up - at least not with her in front of him. "We should hang out, catch up, ya know?" he replies.

"Definitely!" she agrees. "Whenever you're free-"

"Tonight?" he blurts out, then his cheeks flush red. "I, uh, I mean if you didn't have any plans…"

She grins at him. "Is your number the same?" she asks, and he nods yes. "I'll text you, Diamond." she gives him another wink and then walks out of his office without another word. And for a brief moment, James finds himself wondering how in the hell did he let her go again.

Moments later, his cell phone vibrates on his desk and he dives for it, knowing it had to be Camille. Unlocking it and opening a text message from an unlisted number, he reads, Remember the bar we snuck into the first day of freshman year? Meet me there, 8:00 tonight. He smiles and a second later, his phone vibrates with another text message. Missed you Diamond. Can't wait to catch up.

Being hit with all the things he had felt when he was eighteen and crushing hard on Camille, James has to call Logan to inform him of his latest love sick affliction.

James excuses himself from work two hours earlier than usual so he can go home and get ready for tonight. For the first time in years, he feels undeniably… happy. For the longest time, when someone asked him if he was happy with his life, he would reply "yes" but deep down, he knew that he wasn't happy; that something was missing. But today, today he feels nothing but happiness - he's so happy that he wants to run and jump and sing.

Most of all, however, he wants Camille. And just like when he was eighteen, he wonders if she wants him too.

But that's what tonight is about. They're going to have some drinks, catch up, and once and for all, James is going to find out how Camille feels about him. He didn't waste seven years pining after her for nothing.

After showering, getting dressed in something that said, "no I didn't get ready two hours before we had to meet up" but at the same time said, "I'm just naturally this good looking", James does his hair in its usual swept back fashion and he leaves his condo. Butterflies fluttered around in his stomach as he drove to the bar, remembering the first time he had went here. He thought he was cool shit for sneaking into a bar when he was eighteen, along with the rest of his theater arts class, who had all went so they could get acquainted and celebrate surviving the first week of their first year of school. Camille had went and she wore a blue dress that flattered her in more ways than one. She was sipping on some girly drink with some of the other girls in class, talking about nothing and everything, and as per usual James was admiring her from afar.

It's weird. James Diamond is not the type who sits back and wishes a girl would like him; most of the time girls like him anyway, and if he likes a girl he doesn't usually have a problem getting her to at least go out with him. So why is it so different with Camille? Why is he some lovesick puppy who pined for her and misses her when she was gone? What is so special about her that turned him into a mess?

He doesn't linger on the thought; he has other things to think about as he pulls up to the outside of the bar. He takes a deep breath and pauses for a moment, collecting himself and reminding himself that he's not some dorky eighteen year old with a crush on a pretty girl; he reminds himself that he's James fucking Diamond, and he's amazing in more ways than one. He can do anything, and he can certainly do this.

He enters the bar and even though he hasn't been here in a while, he remembers everyone and where everything is. As usual, there's people playing pool, people sitting at tables enjoying pretzels and beer, and - there she is.

James sees Camille sitting on a barstool, sipping on some fruity, girly drink and glancing around every so often, most likely looking for him. He dons a bright smile and walks over to her, "Looking for someone?"

She smiles at him. "I am actually," she replies. "Maybe you know him; tall, brunette, gonna be the next Michael Bay…"

James chuckles. "Okay, let's not get ahead of ourselves." he tells her, and she giggles, getting up from the stool and giving him a hug. "So you couldn't wait for me to buy you a drink?" he jokes.

"Don't worry; I'll let you catch the next round." she replies, then pushes a glass towards him. "Guinness still your favorite?"

"You know me so well, Cam." he smiles and takes the glass, taking a sip.

She pauses for a moment, James catches that and waits patiently to find out what she's thinking. "I missed that." she finally says softly. He looks at her from behind the brim of his class, raising his eyebrows, and she continues, "The way you called me Cam. No one else ever called me that, I liked it." her cheeks flush slightly. "I, um, I missed you."

James feels his heart going crazy in his chest, but he blames it on the alcohol for now. "I missed you too." he says softly. She smiles at him shyly, her hair falling in her eyes. He reaches out and brushes it behind her ear. He can see her eyes following his every movement, and he suddenly finds himself annoying conscious of everything he's doing. He tries not to worry about anything, but it's harder that he anticipates. "So, tell me everything about New York." he clears his throat, breaking the silence that filled the room.

She tells him about New York, about Broadway, about the shows she's done. He hangs onto every word she's saying, genuinely interested as she talks. And the way she talks too; her hands fly around with every word, adding emphasis to whatever she's saying. And, as usual, it's the cutest thing James has ever seen.

Maybe now, he'll finally admit it. It's been seven years, what has he got to lose?

She asks about him, and he goes into his life directing and the movie's he's worked on and the actors and actresses he's worked with. She listens to every word, only breaking their stare to take a sip of her drink. She focuses all of her attention on him and that only makes James feel more confident, but more nervous at the same time. He doesn't understand how that's possible but long ago, he's come to realize that with Camille, nothing makes sense. And he kind of likes that.

"Do you mind if I ask a personal question?" she asks him when he's finished talking.

"Go ahead," he encourages her, taking another sip of his beer.

"Are you dating?" she blurts out, her cheeks flushing.

James sighs softly. Technically, he's dating, but it's nothing serious and can be stopped at any time. Especially if she wants him to. So he replies, "Nope." and then casually asks, "What about you?"

"Free as a bird," she says with a slight giggle. And James smiles. That was exactly what he wanted to hear.

He isn't sure but somewhere between his third and forth beer, and a few sips of Camille's drink, the two of them are walking clumsily down the street, back to his apartment. The bar isn't far from where James lives and he insisted that Camille comes home with him because she's in no condition to drive. And honestly, she isn't; he's not trying to try anything for once.

Of course, it's only a perk that she's coming back to his place.

Her heels in her hand, Camille laughs at nothing as the two of them walk upstairs to James' apartment, and between his own giggles, he shushes her, telling her that she'll wake up Old Mr. Bitters. But that only seems to make her laugh more and by the time James fumbles with his key enough times to get them inside, she's absolutely breathless with giggles. She collapses down onto his couch and James tries to do the same, however he misses completely and falls on his ass on the floor. Okay, maybe he's had a little to much to drink too.

Camille is in hysterics, wiping tears of laughter away and she extends her hand to him, helping him up on the couch. "You haven't changed a bit, Diamond."

James chuckles. "I don't recall being so clumsy when I was eighteen."

Camille shakes her head. "No, no, I mean, you still make me laugh. You've always made me laugh." she sobers up for a moment and gives him a shy smile. "I should've snagged you up when I had the chance."

James' eyes widen. "Excuse me?" was he seriously hearing what he thought he was hearing? Was he dreaming? Did Camille just admit to liking him?

She shrugged, her cheeks flushed red and it wasn't from the drinking. "What? You were hot and I had a crush on you." she muttered. James smiled wide, he was certain his cheeks were going to pop. "What?" she asked. And then he just did it.

James presses his lips to her, something he waited to do for damn near seven years. She tenses up initially but it only takes a second for her to relax and start to kiss him back. And James realizes something beautiful about their kiss: the way that their lips come together in perfect harmony was like the way two pieces of a puzzle are a match made in Heaven. In short, they fit together. Perfectly.

The mold of James's mouth wraps around hers and she can feel the slight smile, the way his lips curve up against hers. She opens her mouth just slightly, inviting him in, and he slides his tongue in between the gap of her open lips, sliding it against her teeth and the inside of her cheek. She moans into his mouth, gripping the sides of his shirt tighter in her whitened knuckles. He moves his hands to the sides of her face and holds onto her as if she would float away - and right now, she felt like she could.

Camille closes her mouth against James's lip, and bites down on it ever so gently, but all the same so erotically they his eyes snap open in surprise. Sighing deeply, he kisses back rougher, harder, more passionate than before. He moves his hands from the sides of her face, down to her hips and holds her against him, grinding ever so lightly. She holds onto him tighter, pressing herself into him, and it was like their bodies were molding into one; the two of them were a beautiful painting come to life.

Moments later, they finally stop kissing and James rests his forehead against hers. "You have no idea how long I've wanted that," he whispers to her. Maybe he was a little too blunt, because she kind of looks scared and confused, but despite that, she smiles and presses her lips to him again, pushing him down so he's laying down on his back and James can just predict where this is going to go next. And he likes that, not because he likes sex, but because it's with Camille. He couldn't have wanted anything more. Yeah they're both drunk, and yeah they might not remember this tomorrow morning, but James will be damned if he lets Camille slip away again. And something tells him that she feels the same about him. And he likes that even more.

He waited seven years for that goodnight kiss, and he predicts many more in his future.

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