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XxXxXxXxXxXxXxXxXx Hinata's POV XxXxXxXxXxXxXxx

"Hinata we're sending you too a group home."

Pale empty orbs with a lavander tint locked on the figure standing in the door way of the garage. This is were she slept, for she was the disgrace of the family. It was clusterd and umcompftorble, even the maids got better that her. At least they got their own corters. While she litterly slept in a dog bed. Father wouldnt even let her sleep in the backseat of one of the many vehicles.

Hard emotionless eyes stared into her own, she quickly looked down to her fathers feet, remebering never to meet his eyes. He beat that lesson into her at a younge age.

'Their sending me away..?' Hinata felt a shiver run up her spine, what of she didnt know.

Something hit the side of her head, making her flinch. The object dropped onto her lap. It was a bag with the Hyuuga simble on it. "Hurry up and pack. They'll be coming to take you away soon." He hissed, slaming the door shut behind him. Hinata stared at the bag, her shapely lips parting slightly in suprise. Never beofre did her father give her something... It was her first gift from him, it mader her cest warm up. After all, she was never alowed to wear anything that had the clan simbble on it before.

To bad it was the last time she was probaly ever going to be a part of this family.

After all, she was a failure as an heires, her younger sister Hanabi was much more suitible. She matched the roll better than herself. Hinabi was hard, stotic, and cold. A prodagy in her family, much like her cousing Neji. Although Hanabi held some kindness, it was nothing like Hinata. She was the shy, kind one... The one that was to weak to fight.

Her father beat the teachings into her, engraving the matial arts into her body's memory. But she refused to become cold, heartless like them. She still retained that warm aroura of an angle around her. This angerd her father even more.

'Your kind hearted-ness will be your downfall.' Her fathers harsh voice rang in her ears. His most famouse line to her.

Hinata sighed and threw her couple bagy teeshirts and extra large sweats into her bag. She didnt own much, just enough to cloth her. Her father always said if she wanted money to spend she had to win a tornament. She never did. She didnt even try participate in one.

She wasnt the type to fight. The thought of hurting someone else... sickend her.


"This is the girl you no longer want in your home?" A strict looking lady with a tight bun ontop her head and librarian glasses asked. Her emotionless purple eyes glaring down on Hinata like she was nothing but an ant.

Hinata could feel the eyes boring into her, calculating her carefully. The same gaze her father used on her often.

Hinata stared down at the lush carpet under their feet, not daring to look up. Lesson one: Never look directly into your elders eyes, its disrespectfull.

"Yes, I know you usaly only take homeless kids but she's a special case." Her father said.

Hinata felt bile rise in her throat, by that she knew he ment he paid her off. 'It cant be any worst than it is here...' Hinata reminded herself, swallowing hard. The emotonal beatings were worst than the physicle beatings he gave her everyday. The scars he left on her body were nothing compaired to the scares on her mind. She fiddled with the edges of her long deep blue hair. It coverd most of her face hiding her odd eyes from everybody's veiw, even her family. She was well aware it made her look like a shagy dog, but it made her feel comfy. Something that was very rare in the female Hyuuga's world.

"Yes, yes. Lets get going, Child. We have a long drive and two of the other kids are waiting in the van. Any longer and one of them will complain the whole way home." She touched Hinata's shoulder, shocking her with how carefull she was with her. Her hand was like a father carassing her shoulder, it was so different from the harsh grip she grew to know. The lady's hand led her toword the door. She led her with a gentleness she never knew, away from the daily beatings and mental abuse. No more. All her fear, all her shyness, they evaporated from her, filling Hinata's small body with an unknown fire she never felt before. It felt like it was buring her, and she needed to get it out as fast as possible. Her head spun, she felt her muscles tencing wanting to be used. She swallowed hard and turned to face her father.

Hinata's long blue hair fanned out around her, her bangs moving to show her lavender touched eyes. She looked directly at her father for the first time since she was a baby, her head held high and proud, the fire controlling her thoughts. "I am no longer be your beating toy. One day, you will see how strong I truely am. Good bye, Father." Hinata turned, taking quick deliberate steps toword the door and her new life. The lady held the door open, her eyes flashing with emotions Hinata could not name.

The fire withen her slowly burned away, satisfied with her for now.

Hinata steped into the light, feeling the sun beat down on her pale skin. The sun. Something she rarely ever saw... Due to being locked in the garage like a dog.

But no more.


The door closed.

Hinata's legs got wobly, her knees knocking together as she wraped her arms around her torso. She felt like she was being torn up inside, the heat she felt previosly had drained away, leaving her with her emotions doubling tenfold in its wake.

She would not break now. Not afetr the amazing feat she just managed. A soft hand was placed on her shoulder, making Hinata look up, her long shagy bangs fall away from her face. Tears spilled down her cheeks, warm at first, but getting colder as they went down her pale cheeks. The lady gently smiled at her, makign Hianta shy away from her suspisiosly.

The lady reached up and let her hair down, it cascaded around her like black silk. Her glasses were no where in sight, her emotiononless expression now replaced with a much softer one. The lady looked so much different. So much younger. So much kinder.

"It's okay to cry. Your part of our family now, you no longer need to hold everything in." The lady said, a smile pulling at her lips. "My name is Kimi, and from this day forword I will be your mother, Hinata-chan."

A sob racked Hinata's body, making the small girl quake. Kimi took Hinata into her arms, kissing the top of her head soothingly and petting the small girls hair.

XxXxXxxx Kimi XxxXxxXX

Kimi couldnt help but knotice how thin and small the girl was for her age. Usaly a sixteen yearold had more... meat on them. Dont get her wrong, she could feel Hinata's curves while she hugged her, but she felt to thin... Fagile almost.

Her heard yearned to sooth Hinata's, to be able to comfert her.

Kimi bit her bottom lip, holding back her own tears as the small girl shook. She could feel the pain emiting from the girl.

XxxxXXxxXX Hianta's Father XxxxxxxXxxx

He stared at where his daughter stood moments before, a small smile playing at his lips.

"In sorry, Hinata. But you need to get stronger, I dont know how to raise you... Your not like the rest of our family... You will be better off out there." He whisperd to himself, closing his eyes.

He did his best to raise her, even if it was on the... rougher side. Hinata's mother died giving birth to her little sister, so she couldnt help him with being more gentle toword the oldest child. He didnt know when to stop... After all, it was how he was raised. As a child he knew it was wrong, but now it was all he knew.

He wanted her to be the best heires possible... But that was impossible if she refused to fight. So he sent her away. Hinabi would be learning to take over the name if Hinata didnt acomplish her task by the time she was 18. Which is win the famouse Hyuuga tournament.

Even though he was sending her away, he would give her a chance.

Expesaly now.

Moments she left out the door... Her fighting spirit sparked. He would never admit it, but he was proud. Maybe she did have some Hyuuga spirit within her after all...

He chuckled slightly, she looked just like her mother.

XxXxXxXxXxXxXxX Kimi's POV xxxXxxxXxxxxX

"Hinata-chan, are you better?" Kimi held her an arm length away, taking in the dishivled girl. Her long blue hair was frizzy and sticking up randomly. Her bangs coverd her eyes, but she could still see the tear stains on her cheeks. Then there was her cloths. She wore a baggy sweater and a pair of loose sweat pance.

Kimi bit back a bark of laughter due to the sniffling girl, she was going to have to teach the girl about fashion.

"Ye...Yes..." She girl whisperd, her voice bearly above a whisper. Kimi frowned. The girl went right back to being quiet after her little out burst. Well, it was a start.

"Let's get going, Hidan-kun and Itachi-kun are probaly getting imatient." Kimi sighed, Hidan was never going to shut up about being left in the van with Itachi. The Uchiha wasnt to popular amoung her kids, he was to quite and distant, dispite him coming to live with her five years ago.

While Hidan... Well, he just liked to complain.

XxxxxXXXXxxxXX Hinata's POV XxxXXxXxXxx

Her whole body froze. She forgot she was going to live with strangers... She was so use to being alone, she didnt know how to react to this. The most human contact she ever had was when her sister Hinabi or her cousin Neji desided to pity and visit her in the garage. But that was very seldom. So she didnt know how to act, or bearly even talk for that matter.

Now here she was, going to live with a group of stangers. A very small smile played at her lips.

Hinata couldnt help but hope she found a friend, she never had one before.


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