Saved, chapter 10

Zeelee-Vallen: A short chappy. Important AU at the end. READ IT!

Hinata stared up at Pein, her eyes wide at his disgruntled expression. He rubbed his temples, his eyes narrowed at her in... A emotion she hated to think of. The same emotion her father looked at her with. Disgust, with a little bit of confusion, like he didnt know who think.

Hinata's lower lip quivered, her eyes shutting to keep back the tears. She never wanted to be looked at like that again. Yet, here Pein was, looking at her with such eyes. For some reason, it hurt her more than her father.

"Im... Im... Im..." She paused and took deep breath, trying to steady her franticly beating heart. "Im sorry..." Her hands fisted in her cloths, clenching the excess fabric.

"Hinata." Her eyes snapped open to lock on Pein . His voice was low, like thunder. "Why did you run away?" She straightened her back, her head high, despite her oncoming tears. She blinked them back, remembering she had to be strong.

"You...You... You... Didnt want... Me here..." She whipserd, her voice full of pent up emotions. Hinata couldn't place was she was feeling, it was switching to much. There was sorrow, pain, and even a little bit of guilt. It was starting to make her dizzy with the intensity.

"Your a Hyuuga." Pein stated, as if it was some wort of disgusting bug. Hinata lowered her head, her gaze on his feet. Pein was right. Lots of Hyuuga weren't exactly... The best. Her fathers harsh training was a prime example.

Yet, there was some good in them. Like her little sister, and Neji. They cared for her. It was the only kindness she knew in that world. Perhaps that's why Pein's disgusted loom hurt her so. He was kind to her, she knew what it was like to feel kindness from him. Unlike her fathers pure hate, his strict training. There was no kindness from her father.

"I... Was...Was...Was..." A lone tear drifted down her cheek, her little sisters face in her mind mixed with Pein's anger was to much.

Hinata really hoped her father wasn't training her like he trained her. Hinata may have escaped, but that left Hinabi vulnerable.

She really hoped.

Fire built in her chest. Her eyes widened. Not again! No, not this time. She took a deep breath, trying to focus the building fire carefully. It was like confidence flooded her, taking over her docile nature.

"I..." Her voice was smooth, not quite Dark Hinatas low hum, and not her usual whisper. It was a mix in between. "Im no longer a Hyuuga. I was disowned by my father." She swiped the hair out of her face, to show her much hated eyes, Pein stared at her blankly. A small bitter smile pulled on her lips, her eyes were the only Hyuuga thing about her. "My father would train me, which is where I got these." She lifted up her shirt to show her stomach. The scars made Pein's eyes widen slightly. She touched a pale finger to one of the worst scars, the pink flesh sticking up with little ridges. It was disgusting.

"Those aren't real." His tone held slight disbelief. Hinata tilted her head. She grabbed his hand swiftly, touching his fingertips to the marred skin. Pein's eyes widened further as he took a step back, releasing his hand from hers. She smiled sadly. He knew thy were real for sure.

"These are only some of the wounds he inflicted apon me." She pointed to her head with her free hand. "The rest are here." Her voice faded, the fire that gave her confidence dimming.

Hinata blinked. Pein stared at her, his expression now unreadable. With the fire gone, her docile emotions returned, rather than the fearless person she was moments before. With that, a blush littered he heels at her actions. She gulped, waiting to see his reaction.

"Hinata." Hinata meeped at his low voice, her wide eyes were locked on his . That's when she noticed that he still had his eyes on her stomach. That she was also still holding up her shirt. Blushing madly, she pulled the hem down. "You..." His eyes locked with her. "Why did you hide this from us?" He asked, his voice dull. Hinata meeped again, her heart beating at a unbelievable rate. She knew it was going to be bad. She should have expected it.

"They... Are...My... Scars..." She looked to her feet, her fingers touching together in a nervose habit. She was aware no man would want her because of them, but it was part of her just as much as her eyes. It was something she would have to live with.

"Hinata..." Arms wrapped around her, making her eyes widen. She blinked, her eyes filling with tears for an unknown reason. Peins arms tightened around her, as if creating a barrier of himself around her small form.

For once, Hinata felt at home. "You don't need to carry such a burden when you have us..." Hinata closed her eyes in contentment.

Akatsuki was her home now. She no longer had to live so caged. She had people she could trust now.

A small smile pulled onto her lips as she clung to Pein.

That's why she was crying. Relief.

"Thank you..."


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