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"Damon, would you stop treating me like a child?" Ric complained, glaring at his friend. "If I didn't know better I'd swear you were mothering me."

The vampire scoffed, holding out a glass of bourbon and sniping, "Good thing you know better, huh? Now drink. Who knows what Judgy's demands will include?"

The teacher took the glass, muttering, "I doubt it will include not drinking."

"Well, she might turn you into a frog."

"I've already had the herbs once Damon."

"Prolonged use might have side effects."

"Yeah, because you know so much about magic."

"Like you know more than me."

"You two argue like a married couple sometimes."

Both their heads snapped towards the voice, catching sight of an amused Jeremy who was trailed by a clearly disapproving Bonnie. An awkward silence followed his comment as Ric shrugged, quickly downing his drink and standing.

"Well, considering I killed him he wouldn't marry me," Damon snarked, putting her drink down carelessly and watching her friend shoot him a dirty glare. "Even if it would be legal now."

Jeremy snorted, putting Judgy's bag of tricks on the kitchen bench as he commented, "Your dead, even if you are a girl now. Necrophilia is illegal."

"Big words for a little kid," she mocked, leaning on the bench and smirking at the youngest Gilbert teasingly. It was so easy to fall back in the mocking routine she had established, the not-quite-brotherly role towards Jeremy, the annoying sometimes-friend for Ric. It was so much easier than thinking about everything was wrong.

Jeremy scoffed, passing Bonnie ingredients as he pointed out, "I'm almost taller than you, bloodsucker."

Bonnie was mixing some herbs together in a mug, explaining something to Ric as she did and the vampire absent-mindedly filed all the information in case he needed to help the teacher at some point even as he threw out snippy retorts for the Gilbert boy. It was easy like this. Lie and pretend everything's okay.

The smell of the herbs was disgusting, even to her, and the face Ric made when he had to drink it made the vampire snicker. A few more warning from the Bennet witch were issued before Damon and Ric were left in the apartment with nothing to do but drink.

"The Bennet witches' spell won't last," Kaia warned softly, looking at her friend and boss over a table full of ingredients and books.

Elijah nodded slowly, rolling a sprig of rosemary between his fingers. He knew that the spell from an inexperienced witch wouldn't fix something this big, this complicated. It might be temporarily able to repress the effects of this alter ego but not for very long.

"That's why I asked for your help," he reminded softly, pointing down the herb and meeting her warm green eyes.

The witch nodded, looking down at the piles of books littered on the table. So far she hadn't found anything but Elijah wasn't surprised. It had only been a day. She had never failed him before and he was fairly confident this wouldn't be any different.

After a second of silence Kaia ventured, "I was wondering if there was anything else you needed help with."

"No, there isn't," he answered immediately, looking at the ingredients and books.

Her quiet snort caught his attention but the witch didn't push, picking up a book and starting to read again. For a second the Original was torn between asking something and just leaving the room but eventually his curiosity won out. When he noticed Kaia's eyes weren't moving as she 'read' he almost chuckled.

"You know me too well," he pointed out softly, watching her break into a grin. "Please inform me if you find a spell that changes gender. I have an acquaintance who was recently affected by a spell similar to this and do not believe the reversal has been found yet."

"Now, would this acquaintance be the one you slept with or is it a different one?" a mocking voice asked and Elijah looked up, meeting near-identical brown eyes.

"Kol. I wasn't expecting you."

The younger Mikaelson snapped, "Of course not Elijah. You ran away the first chance you got, just like always."

Elijah sighed, standing and getting a firm grip on his brother's should before pushing him out into the hall. He stumbled slightly but straightened quickly, shoving the hand away like it was poisoned or covered in vervain.

"Why are you here Kol?" he asked quietly, unsurprised by his brother's negative reaction. This wasn't the same boy he had carried to the village after he broke his arm.

Kol replied darkly, "You left. You left us with Klaus. Rebekah needs you. She's too dumb to realise it but she does."

The older sighed, chiding, "I know you're upset with Niklaus but he won't dagger either of you again, not now. If you're so concerned about safety then leave."

"It's not my safety I'm worried about!" Kol suddenly exploded, eyes angry. "It's her! She won't listen to a word I say about him even though we all know he's just going to turn on us again. Elijah, you're the only one she'll listen to."

The outburst actually shocked Elijah. The younger hadn't really seemed to care about anyone or anything since he'd gotten turned but here he was, yelling about how they had to find a way to get Rebekah away from Klaus and Elijah couldn't help him. He couldn't help tear his family apart, not after centuries of trying to pull them together.

"Give me a few days, just long enough to try and find this spell," Elijah compromised. "Then we can go back and try and talk to Rebekah."

Kol hesitated before nodding, eyes narrowed and untrusting. Without asking he turned and walked upstairs, clearly planning on staying for a while. Elijah sighed, returning to the study where he had left Kaia to see if he could help. They needed to hurry.

It wasn't working. Oh God, it wasn't working. It was different than last time he'd been locked in his own head. He could see everything. Damon was asleep on the couch, a glass of bourbon resting precariously on her stomach. A stake was in his hand as he approached her, barely making any noise of the wooden floors.

He was trying to say something, trying to stop moving, but nothing was working. He wasn't in control of his own body. Everything had seemed fine during the day. He and Damon had talked while he graded essays and then they had mocked each other and drunk and everything had been going perfectly. No losses of control at all.

Damon was still asleep. Ric couldn't make a sound as he stopped behind the couch, raising the stake to plunge it into his best friend's heart. He couldn't stop his arm from stabbing downwards, watching helplessly as the stake started to tear through the pale skin.

Suddenly he was pinned to the couch, a snarling vampire's face centimetres from his and despite the rage Ric knew his alter felt he was nothing but thankful. He wasn't sure he could live with himself if he killed Damon.

Turns out Damon was right about something. That spell was kinda crappy