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Kaia had lied to him and Elijah wasn't sure how to react to that. It didn't take long for him to decide that he wasn't going to think about it, not now. He could deal with that later. For now he'd just talk to Damon, see what she wanted to do. It was her choice about the spell.

He had a feeling that she would want the spell to get reversed so she would be herself again. Elijah could see that the Salvatore didn't enjoy the spell and nothing he could do would change that. They weren't exactly getting along well, despite his admission, his stupid reckless admission.

It didn't take much to organise for a meeting between them. They chose the same clearing where they met and planned to take the daggers out of his captive siblings. It was nice there, secluded and normally empty and it hadn't taken too much to convince the vampire to meet him there. Just mentioning that there was a chance for the spell to be reversed got her to agree in seconds.

By the time Elijah got there Damon was waiting, dressed simply in dark clothes like this was completely normal, like nothing was wrong. Even in the dark heeled boots she was still so much shorter than him and it made him chuckle quietly as he crossed to her, hands in his pockets. Damon was so petite like this, he kind of liked it.

"Elijah," she greeted, less terse then she had been in the history teacher's apartment.

He inclined his head, murmuring, "Kaia believes she has found the reversal spell for your predicament. Do you want to change back?"

"Yes," she answered immediately, stepping closer to him. "I don't want to be like this."

He couldn't ignore the slight pang her words caused. It wouldn't work between them in any case, the others were probably already planning on killing Klaus for sleeping with Stefan or vice versa. If he wanted Damon to stay safe they couldn't be together and he knew it. Elijah also knew that theory was mostly bull, just another reason not to get attached. Damon never seemed like a one-person vampire.

"Elijah, don't make me say please," the younger vampire snarled with a glower, folding her arms in annoyance. "What do you want in return?"

He wanted to deny he wanted anything in return but stopped himself, thinking for a second before asking, "Was this all a trick or did you actually care? I want the truth this time."

"Is that all you want?" she asked, voice bitter. "We both know it doesn't matter because you would never risk it. You're all about control and I'm, well, not. So even since it wasn't a trick it doesn't matter."

Out of all the words in that sentence the only ones that really caught Elijah's attention were 'wasn't a trick' and in a second he had had pulled her closer, burying his face in her hair. She hadn't been lying to him. She'd done it, all of it, because she felt something for him.

"Maybe, for once in my life, I won't be well-controlled," he offered quietly, looking into the cerulean blue eyes that should have been such a give-away as to who it really was. "I can't promise this will end well. Kol and Rebekah won't be pleased with this turn of events but perhaps Kaia would be willing to each them a lesson."

"You rely way too much on that damn witch," Damon muttered into his shoulder, long hair falling in her face messily. "I mean, really, 'Kaia can do this', and 'Kaia can do that'."

The Original chuckled, rubbing her back as he ascertained, "Your jealous Damon. Kaia is just a friend, she could never be more. Besides, I think Kol has an interest in her. That should end well."

He heard the younger vampire scoff before she pointed out, "A witch and a vampire will end worse than a human and a vampire. It'd be like a betrayal against nature for the witch, wouldn't it? The only thing I can think that would be worse would be a vampire and a hunter, or Slayer if they exist."

"And yet you continue to spend time with Mr Saltzman," Elijah retaliated before thinking for a minute. "From what I've been able to discern the Slayer is just a myth, something to keep fledgling vampires in line."

"Now you're being jealous," she sighed, shaking her head. "Ric is just a friend, Elijah. He's not really my type, never was."

Elijah rolled his eyes at her words even though deep down he was jealous. Damon spent far too much time around the history teacher for his liking but that didn't meant he was going to admit he was actually jealous. For now he would just content himself with getting some time alone with the vampire, without his family or hers intervening. Dealing with the hunter could come later.

'Get out of my head Kol,' the witch's voice hissed, anger boiling in her veins. Kol only wished he could get out of her head. It had been at least an hour since Elijah had left to talk to his little vampire lover and he was still stuck in Kaia's mind. He was really starting to hate it.

'I can hear you, bloodsucker,' she snapped and it was different this time. It interrupted his thoughts, bouncing around inside his skull, like her voice was in his head.

After a second hesitation he asked, 'Will you put this back to normal? I would like to get something to eat at some point.' Kol tried to hide the fact he wouldn't mind her being his first meal.

The silence was different but not entirely unwelcomed change until her irritating voice broke his thoughts again, asking lowly, 'Will you ruin what Elijah might have with Damon if I let you out?'

The Original snarled in his mind and the witch was able to translate his anger into a no. Everything went silent again, reinforced by an annoying static, before he could feel the barrier around his room dropping. He blurred out of the room, feeling the hunger burning in his throat, and attacked the first warm body he encountered.

Her blood was hot and delicious and he drank deeply, not worried about stopping or slowing. He couldn't feel anything from the witch anymore so he didn't care if she died. She shouldn't mess with vampires and not expect consequences. He was hungry and she was delicious. If Elijah got home before he finished with her he'd deal with that then.

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