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"Don't you have to check on Kaia?" she asked, tilting her head up to look at the vampire.

Elijah shrugged, rubbing her stomach lightly as he looked down at her. He'd actually suggested sitting out in that clearing, leaning against a tree, which had surprised Damon a bit. He was always so proper and neat and was considering sitting on the grassy and dirty ground. She hadn't complained though, knowing it was better than going back to her house with him and leading him right into Klaus' hands.

"She can take care of herself, she always does," he answered, pressing a kiss on her cheek. "What about you? Don't you have to go to Stefan?"

"He has your brother looking over him," she shrugged, running thin fingers over his hands. "I stormed out this morning when Klaus and Stefan were being all domestic. He won't want to see me for a little while."

Elijah chuckled, vibrations travelling into her back from his chest, before he asked, "Then would you like somewhere else to go tonight?"

"Are you asking me on a date or trying to get into my pants?" Damon asked shrewdly, smirking slightly.

The Original gave her a look, replying, "Maybe I'm just offering you a little time away from my rather extravagant brother doting on yours."

"I'd call him eccentric," she argued playfully. "Insane, murderous, psychotic maybe but extravagant seems a little too nice."

Elijah chuckled, gently pushing Damon up and standing after her. The younger vampire rolled her eyes as he picked up his suit jacket, slipping it on over the creased shirt. It made Damon want to grin, that for once he didn't look perfectly neat and composed, but she kept a straight face as he offered her a hand.

"We're going to hold hands and skip through the flowers?" she teased, yelping in surprise as she was suddenly scooped up and cradled to his chest.

"Well, I was going to let you run to my house but if you're going to be so snippy," he chuckled, suddenly blurring off. "You might want to learn to control that mouth of yours."

The house Elijah carried her to was nice, if a little plain, but the younger vampire didn't voice her thoughts. After being carried there like a damsel in distress she was a little moody and she could see clearly that he knew it and had done it on purpose.

"I preferred you better when you were annoying and stuck-up," she griped as he put her down with a little grin. "I can walk, you do know that?"

The Original chuckled, heading to the door. Everything seemed fine, good even, until they got a bit closer to the house and the scent of blood assaulted them. Elijah was inside in seconds, leaving Damon with no choice but to follow him. Even if she didn't like the woman that much the scene still hit the younger a vampire a bit harder than she wanted it to.

Kaia was lying unconscious on the floor, neck savagely bitten into and her heart had almost stopped. Damon had never seen Elijah freeze before and darted past him, biting into her wrist and jamming it into the witch's mouth. She wasn't really sure she could swallow even if she was conscious but tried anyway. Jealousy aside, witchy seemed like she might be an okay person and from the looks of things Elijah didn't have anyone else.

It wasn't healing her quick enough. There was too much damage and Damon knew it, internally blaming Ric and Elena for this irritating hero streak. This was meant to be Stefan's job for crying out loud. He had the hero haircut and everything. Even as her mind ran through these useless thoughts the vampire was trying to remember the trick someone had shown him to get someone to swallow reflexively. After another second she remembered and bit into her wrist again, pouring enough blood that witchy's mouth was full before trying to get her to swallow.

"Elijah, there's too much damage," she admitted, looking up at his pained expression. "If we don't turn her she'll die, even with my blood."

"She's a witch, if she gets turned she'll lose her connection with nature," he protested hollowly, eyes tortured. "I promised I'd never turn her."

In a split-second decision Damon snapped Kaia's neck as gently as she could before explaining lowly, "I didn't."

"Ric, is Damon with you?" the worried vampire asked, pacing around his room as he listened for the shower stopping. Klaus had insisted not to worry about Damon but he couldn't help it. "She left this morning and hasn't come home yet."

The history teacher sighed audibly before admitting, "She called earlier but I told her I was busy grading essays and wasn't exactly in the mood to get smashed again. She hung up and I haven't heard from her since."

"She's still not home and I'm worried," he mumbled, still pacing. "She was going to look for a witch to reverse the spell and she's still out."

"Maybe she went to see Elijah and his witch, she's quite good," Ric suggested, hiding the worry easily. Damon was more likely to kill Kaia then to ask her for help, he had noticed the jealous look. He would have had to be blind not to. He also would have had to be blind to notice the protective look on Elijah's face.

The vampire could hear the shower stopping and hung up without saying goodbye to the confused teacher, tucking his phone away hurriedly. He could hear his lover getting dressed and quickly sat at his desk, opening his journal and starting to write.

"Stefan, don't start, I know you were on the phone," he heard Klaus chide. "I know you're worried about Damon but you need to give her space. This can't be easy for her."

"No one knows where she is Nik," he protested, scared of losing his brother after they were almost getting along. It had been too long since they were close to being family again. "I can't just sit here and wait for her. What if she's hurt, what if…"

He couldn't finish his question, unsurprised when warm arms wrapped around him and held him tightly. Stefan leant into the touch, needing the comfort desperately as his mind went through everything that could have happened despite how hard he tried not to think like that. When a pained sob escaped his lips the arms tightened and he closed his eyes, letting the tears fall. Damon being dead was one thing, something he didn't think he could handle fully but that wasn't the worst option. What if she had just left him again?

Kaia still wasn't awake and Elijah still wasn't talking to her. The burning jealousy was gone, replaced by sadness. The Original had been running from his father for a thousand years, Klaus for at least five hundred from what she could figure out. He didn't really have anyone he could trust besides this witch.

"Why did you turn her?" he asked, voice pained and low.

With a sigh Damon admitted, "I know she means a lot to you. I didn't want you to lose someone you trusted, someone you cared for."

That made the Original look up from his vigil next to the witch, meeting the sad blue eyes with his tortured brown. In seconds Damon was by his side, wrapping her arms around Elijah as something in the normally composed older vampire broke. He had lost too much. He couldn't lose Kaia too, not now. Hendrick was dead, Finn and Mother were dead, Katherine had turned around and hurt him, Rose-Marie had died saving the very vampire holding him and he couldn't bear the thought of losing the one person that had only tried to help.

"I'll stay with you until she wakes up," he heard her promise as he wrapped his arms around her, too tired to hide this vulnerability. He needed to trust her right now. "I'll call Stefan, say I won't be home, and then I'll wait here with you."

Elijah buried his face in her slim shoulder, not able to bring himself to respond. All he could do was wait and hope that Kaia woke up. He had Damon now but he needed his witch. She was the only friend he had.

Kol hadn't meant to kill her. He loved killing people and that would never change, but he hadn't meant to take so much. He had planned to heal her up once he'd taken a bit and head back to Mystic Falls to check on Rebekah. Elijah clearly wasn't going to help so he decided to take matters into his own hands but then he'd taken too much.

He hadn't expected this look in his brother's eyes, like he had just lost one of the most important things in his life. He couldn't lie and say that didn't hurt, seeing the same sort of expression he'd had when Hendrick died but he understood. Everyone did something. He killed people. Nik drew and killed people. Elijah got attached to people and then got hurt. His was definitely the most self-destructive coping mechanism Kol had ever heard of.

He shouldn't have killed her and he knew it but he couldn't fix any of this. The youngest surviving Mikaelson waited until he was sure Damon wasn't going to leave Elijah before running off, heading back to Mystic falls. He had nowhere else to go.

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