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Damon found Stefan and Klaus in the library, the hybrid allowing her brother to cuddle into his side as the older read. Normally such a domestic moment would make her feel ill but this time, with tears still staining Stefan's cheeks, she felt a rush of relief. At least he had someone to look out for him when she was gone. She walked to them, setting the grimoire on the table as the compulsion urged her to pull out her phone and hold it out to the confused hybrid.

"Elijah said to give this to you," she explained, tossing it into his lap as she reached for the grimoire again. The compulsion was still burning inside her, telling her to go to Bonnie and get the spell reversed and Damon knew she wasn't strong enough to fight it.

Before she picked up the book someone was holding her face still and Klaus was far too close for comfort, studying her eyes intently before he realised. "My brother compelled you."

He leant back and Damon nodded, explaining bitterly, "He can't trust me. I had to come back here and forget how to get to him because I'm completely and totally untrustworthy."

She could see the look in Stefan's eyes, the look that screamed he was going to try to comfort her and grabbed the book off the table before stalking outside, leaving her brother and his boyfriend behind. Stefan wasn't going to be able to fix anything this time.

With a tired sigh Klaus got into Damon's received calls and scrolled down until he saw a number he didn't recognize. If Elijah wasn't going through so much he might be tempted to let Stefan yell at him for a few minutes. No matter how easily-irritated his older brother could be the hybrid knew that Stefan could make him feel guilty and when Elijah felt guilty he tended to either kill the object of his guilt or try and fix the problem. Klaus had a feeling that in this circumstances he'd be leaning towards fixing the problem but didn't risk it, waiting for his brother to answer. He had enough to deal with without a guilt trip.

"Niklaus, I understand you don't approve of me causing Stefan pain through Damon but that was not my intentions," Elijah sighed, thinking he had the terse tone in his brother's voice figured out.

"I think you'll find I'm more concerned about your girlfriend at the moment," the hybrid countered, voice low. "Admittedly, my main reason does stem back to Stefan but we have a truce of sorts. She's practically family now."

Uncharacteristically, the elder wanted to point out that family tended to get stabbed around him but settled for, "I need to enlist your help."

"You can't deal with Kaia being in transition and need someone else there to clean up what I suspect is Kol's mess," Klaus translated easily, and Elijah could hear him walking. "I'll make you a deal brother. It's been too long since you've been happy so try and make up with the Salvatore and I'll help."

The vampire struggled not to crush his phone but snapped, "Fine Niklaus. I'll speak to Damon after we help Kaia."

He quickly rattled off directions on how to reach his safe house, silently resigning himself to having to destroy it later. Before waiting to see if Klaus had gotten the directions he hung up, running a hand through his hair before reluctantly heading inside. His witch was waiting for him, curled up on the couch as she watched the doorway.

"What'd you do?" Kaia asked softly, twisting her hair into braids before pulling out with the same nervous energy she had before she snapped her neck. "I thought you were going to talk to her."

"We talked, she left," Elijah explained quickly, looking at her sadly. "I have forever to deal with Damon. You, I have less time with."

The witch looked down, fingers still moving as she repetitively created tiny little braids in her hair before pulling them out and the Original settled onto the armchair across from her, waiting for her to say something. Transitioning or not, her tells were the same as ever.

After a minute of silence and five more braids she ventured, "What would it be like, if I completed the transition?"

For a minute he was happy, happier than he thought he'd be able to be. He wasn't going to lose his only friend. Then he saw the resolve in her eyes and realised that she was going to do anything to help him, even if it killed her.

"Don't think I'm going to grab a blood bag yet," she warned. "I'm not doing this until I know for sure that you'll talk to her, really talk to her."

Elijah protested, "She killed you. She turned you into this."

"And she did it for you."

"Judgy, just do it!" Damon snarled, slamming a hand on the table. The longer she had thought about it the better this idea seemed, compulsion or not. Elijah had thrown the spell at her, it was time to use it and Bonnie was the only witch she knew.

She pushed the book away resolutely, snapping, "I told you when this first happened that I wouldn't reverse it. Someone did it for a reason Damon."

"Yeah, and the reason blew up in her fucking face and I had to turn her so I think you can turn me back now," she growled, shoving the book back towards her. "Trust me, witchy won't care. So, can you just fix this shit?"

Bonnie looked up at her perceptively, too perceptively for the vampire's taste, before asking, "Was it Elijah's witch that did this to you?" At the terse nod something clicked in her mind and she continued, "And she only helps Elijah, from what Ric got out of your rants, so he must have feelings for you."

The amused twinkle in her eyes made Damon want to snap her neck but the Bennett witch sat the book in her lap, opening it to the marked page and reading quickly. The vampire stepped away, leaning against the wall and watching tiredly. This was taking too long. Every time it seemed like something was going right, something might go right, it got ripped away. She was half-convinced the reversal spell would be ripped away too.

"I can manage it," Bonnie said slowly before looking up at the vampire. "It'll take a few days though, I need to find some of the things."

Damon couldn't bring herself to try and talk to the judgy little Bennett, turning and walking out of her house and slamming the door shut. She didn't look up from the path, feeling Elijah's compulsion tug her back towards the house before looking up and seeing Stefan and a car that definitely wasn't his red Porsche.

He gave her a tiny smile but she couldn't talk to him, not now. She thought she could understand why Elena had been so opposed to compulsion, unless it was helping her brother. The feeling of having control pulled away from you was terrible and Damon hated it more than she thought possible. She'd been top of the food chain until the Originals popped up. Sure, there were older vampires and stronger ones but no one could do this to her.

Stefan seemed to understand, calling out that he'd be at the Grill if she needed him before getting in the car, eyes sad. The older Salvatore turned the opposite direction, letting her feet carry her where they would as she tried to sort out all the swirling thoughts. Damon had been so hopeful that things were going to get better and had tried to ignore everything screaming that she couldn't trust him, not yet. Elijah was fucking dangerous and had never minded hurting her before.

Damon couldn't go home and couldn't go back to Elijah to ask him what the fuck he was thinking. She couldn't go to Ric because he was too damn perceptive and too caring. No matter how pissed he was at her he'd still fall into the role of worried best friend. She and Elena were definitely on the outs and that kind of eliminated everyone. Well, that eliminated everyone she didn't hate.

"Being a vampire can be lonely pet," Klaus warned, holding a blood bag as he looked at Kaia. Elijah hadn't been able to bring himself to talk to her, not yet, and was standing against the doorframe and just watching. "If you and Elijah end up drifting apart you could be alone for a long time."

The former witch gave him an 'I am aware' look before snatching the blood bag, looking at the red liquid with unnatural hunger and apprehension. She had no questions left for the Originals and they all knew there was nothing left but for her to make her choice. The room was silent for a few more minutes before she looked up, meeting Klaus' eyes briefly before looking at Elijah.

"I don't want to die," she said, repeating the words from when she had woken up but this time she sounded apologetic. Before he could say anything she had lifted the tube to her mouth and the red liquid was being pulled into her mouth.

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