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Bonnie hadn't been completely truthful with the two vampires earlier in the day. She had everything she needed for the spell but was adamant that she wouldn't reverse the spell unless she knew for sure the witch who cast it was okay with it.

It didn't take long after the sun set for Elijah to turn up, a green-eyed woman next to him. She was jumpy and looked uncomfortable and Bonnie instantly knew, even without using her witch senses, that she was a vampire. One glance at the Original's face proved it and the witch let out a sigh.

"You're Kaia," Bonnie said softly, one hand in her pocket where she'd stuck the ring.

The newborn vampire nodded, asking, "Do you have my ring? I need it." Indecision was written across the darker witch's face and Kaia tried to calm her voice, pleading, "I need to be in the sun. Please. I've lived too long with it to lose it now."

"You don't feel it, do you?" Bonnie questioned, already knowing the answer but needing to ask. At the slight head shake the younger pulled out the ring with the twin stones and held it out. "Take it. I need to talk to you. Alone."

Kaia took the ring and slipped it on quickly, a surprised smile lighting her face before she looked up at Elijah and nodded. The Original sighed before pressing a kiss on her head and walking away from the house, glancing back once before vanishing into the darkening street. A tense silence permeated the air until Bonnie met the former witch's eyes determinedly.

"If you could, would you reverse the spell you put on Damon?" the Bennet witch asked, needing to know if the spelled vampire had been telling the truth.

"I would have done it myself but Kol attacked me," Kaia sighed, looking at the younger sadly. "It's not meant to be this way."

Bonnie sighed before stepping to the side, muttering, "Come inside. I'll need your help getting this to work."

Damon didn't want to think about how she had ended up here. It was comfortable and smelt good and she didn't want to move, even if it was Elijah's bed. She'd been stalking around the town, annoyed about pretty much everything, and had somehow ended up at the seemingly-abandoned Mikaelson manor. She had never set foot in her favourite Original's room before but had still ended up in his room, flopped on the bed and staring at the ceiling.

She was so tired suddenly. It wasn't the normal tiredness she felt, even with all the things that had happened over the past few weeks. An involuntary yawn escaped her lips and cerulean blue eyes fluttered shut as the strong wave of tiredness hit her hard, forcing her to sleep despite the fact ten minutes ago she was wide awake.

At the Bennet house Bonnie had just started the spell after Kaia had taught her how to create the potion properly. It was lucky for them that it didn't have to be administered and Bonnie silently thanked God that this was going to be over soon. Her voice was strong as she neared the end of the chant, hoping it would work, and back in Mikaelson manor the spell started to take effect.

No one was there to see the shimmering haze cover Damon, magic coiling around the vampire's unconscious body and spiralling into her to reverse what had been done. By the time the spell had done its work the same vampire that had attacked Vicki, that compelled Caroline and that befriended Alaric was lying on the bed, the sleep slowly dissipating as the magic lifted.

The same strange feeling permeated the mind as the morning Damon had woken up as a woman. The vampire groaned, lifting a hand to run through his hair and when his fingers touched the black locks he realised what was wrong. It was shorter than he'd gotten used to over the past couple of weeks, shorter and slightly coarser. In seconds he was out of Elijah's room and in the bathroom he'd passed, looking in the mirror with wide eyes.

"That judgy little witch did it," he breathed, grinning as his reflection confirmed his suspicions. "Thank fuck."

Damon hesitated before bolting down the hall, trying to find a room with clothes that might fit him. He wasn't going back home wearing vampire Barbie's clothes now he was back to normal. Eventually he reluctantly settled for grabbing some from what smelt like psycho Kol's room, quickly throwing them on before grabbing his jacket and bolting back towards his house. First he'd tell Stefan and then he was going to drag Ric into having a few drinks. He should probably thank judgy too but that could wait until tomorrow.

It didn't take long for him to reach his house and Damon burst inside, heading straight to the sound of pen scratching against paper. He hadn't expected to find Klaus and Stefan talking while the hybrid sketched but he didn't mind. The Original would find out sooner or later and then he could pass along the message to Elijah. That thought sent a twinge of regret through him for a second before the vampire stubbornly shrugged it off, striding into the room and grinning at Stefan.

"Damon?" Stefan asked in shock, looking at him disbelievingly.

"Little witchy pulled it off," he explained with his trademark smirk, laughing in surprise as he suddenly found himself with an armful of little brother. "Calm down Stef. She was always bound to come around."

Klaus asked softly, "Does Elijah know?"

Stefan froze at the question, pulling back and looking at Damon seriously. The older was silently glad for that, still not completely comfortable with hugging his brother, but was even less comfortable with the looks from the happy couple. No, Elijah didn't know yet. He'd come straight to tell his brother, was that so bad?

"I came here first," he shrugged, stepping away from Stefan's clingy embrace. "I didn't know where he was and I wanted to tell my brother. You going to yell at me for that?"

The hybrid shook his head, shooting his boyfriend an apologetic look before sighing, "I should go find him. He won't take this well."

And right according to plan, Klaus was running off to help his big brother. In some ways all siblings were predictable, especially the Mikaelson clan. They all loved each other in their own ways, no matter how hidden or twisted it was. The hybrid gave Stefan a kiss on the cheek before nodding at Damon and walking out, leaving the brothers alone.

"So, now that we've done the whole bonding bit can I convince you to come with me and Ric for drinks?" Damon asked with a grin, resting a hand on his brother's shoulder.

"Elijah, the spell's been reversed," Klaus sighed, walking through the emptying streets as he explained the situation to his brother. He was lucky the elder had had his phone turned on or he never would've gotten the news to him. "The Bennet witch must have finally agreed."

There was a pause, full of static on the line before a heavy sigh met his ears and Elijah muttered, "I always knew Damon would turn back. He hated that spell."

Klaus kept moving through the town, trying to spot his brother as he promised, "It wasn't because of you. He just wanted to be himself again. I doubt my referring to him as 'little sister' helped."

"You didn't, did you?" Elijah asked, another sigh echoing from one phone to the other. "If he attacked you it wouldn't even surprise me."

"You're stalling," the hybrid pointed out. "What are you going to do about all this? I'm not dumb enough to know you didn't love her. Him. Whatever."

This time the silence was so long Klaus was almost sure his brother had hung up before Elijah said quietly, "I do not wish to speak of this right now. You've never been good with emotions."

Klaus didn't bother arguing, letting his brother hand up without a word of complaint. He never had been good with emotions, it was a fact. If it wasn't for Stefan he'd still probably have no grasp on anything but anger. The hybrid slid his phone into his pocket, ducking into the Grill and looking for his sister's distinctive blonde hair. If Elijah would listen to anyone in the family, it would be their baby sister.

See, Klaus and Kaia and their matchmaking plans are working.

I know a lot of you liked girl!Damon as it made the story unique but I wanted to change him back so Elijah and Damon could work through anything and they'd both know it wasn't because of the spell, see? I have a plan