The World as I knew it

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Chapter I: What's going on?


The hard ground and feeling of rough terrain greeted him as he slowly awoke. A slight panic set in over the fact that he couldn't see anything but that quickly passed as he remembered what had happened and checked to find that the bandages over his eyes and most of his face were still in place.

It wasn't unusual for him to wake up on the ground. Falling off the bed he was sleeping on was quite commonplace and more times than not, when he was sleeping in his apartment, he woke up on his dirty floor tangled with his covers instead of still being on his bed. Sitting up slightly and reaching out for the cot that he had fallen asleep on, he stretched out his hand but found nothing.

Confused, he reached in the opposite direction and then all around but still couldn't find it. 'I must have rolled after falling out of the bed.' he reasoned and proceeded to stand up. His body was mostly healed but still incredibly stiff from the fighting. Despite having his eyes covered and not able to see at all, he still turned his head slowly from side to side as if surveying the tent he still believed himself to be in.

Sighing, he reluctantly began moving forward and blindly searching for the cot with his hands stretched out low towards the ground. Confident he would encounter it eventually, or the wall of the tent, he did this for several minutes and even shuffled in different directions to find the perimeter of his tent.

After stepping on a rock, and cursing because he wasn't wearing his sandals, he decided to just give in and call for help. "Oi! Sakura-chan!" he yelled out and waited for the inevitable angry response. After all, he was in the middle of the Logistical Support and Medical of the Allied Shinobi Forces, and since the medical ninjas considered the area a hospital, he knew he would likely get yelled at and probably hit by his pink haired teammate.

A response, however, never came.

He waited, but no response of any kind came. It was at this point that he noted the breeze blowing against his t-shirt and exposed skin of his face. His heart started beating faster as he slowly realized that something was wrong.

There had been thousands of injured people around him before he had fallen asleep but now he could only hear the breeze and the rustle of leaves from nearby trees.

"Hello!" he continuously yelled out in several different directions, but he still received no answer. "ANYBODY!" he yelled louder still but again was only greeted by the familiar sounds of nature.

Trying to calm himself, he did the logical thing and felt out for chakra signatures. Even when not in sage mode, he could still feel other people's chakra over a good distance. Sensing out in his surroundings, he felt a sinking feeling in his stomach when he found that no one was around him. Not a single person was within a kilometers of him.

'Where did they go?' he questioned and began idling staggering around as his mind tried to piece together what was happening.

Frantically grasping for the bandages covering his head, he tried to rip them off but his struggles produced no results as the bandages remained firm.

'Why won't they come off?' he questioned and was quickly answered with another question.

'You don't remember?' asked the tailed beast sealed inside of him.

"Kurama?" Naruto said out loud and tried to calm himself with the thought that at least someone was still with him. A few seconds later he recalled what Kurama was talking about.

After he had pulled off the first set of bandages from his head because he had an itch, he started bleeding again and Sakura had pinned him down and wrapped on twice as many bandages as before. His pink haired teammate went overboard on the new wrapping and haphazardly covered his eyes as well. She then proceeded to slap a fuinjutsu tag on the bandages to keep him from taking them off again. Then she used more tags on the other sets of bandages on his body.

After the initial conflict with the Edo Tensei was over, sealing fuinjutsu had been passed around on the first night of the war in case the horrid jutsu was used again and reanimated ninja needed to be sealed with fabric or another medium. If multiple people carried them then it would be far more efficient then only having a select few in each battle group. Once all the fuinjutsu was placed and Sakura was sure he couldn't take off the bandages, she told him that he needed to lie down and that he could use the cot in the medical tent she was using.

"Shit!" he cursed out loud as he realized what kind of situation he was in and fell to his knees on the ground. He may not know that much about fuinjutsu but he knew the seals on the bandages were not something that were easy to remove. Only incredible force could destroy it or perhaps a very skilled seal expert could feasibly break the seal. The only person that could remove the seal without issue was the one who placed it and he knew that he couldn't possible remove it on his own. Considering that Sakura had roughly slapped it onto the back of his head where his neck connected to the base of his skull, thoughts of forcibly removing it or breaking it didn't seem very promising.

'Kurama, what's going on?' he questioned the bijuu sealed inside of him and desperately hoped it could shed some light on his current situation.

'I don't know exactly. Use some of my chakra and I'll take a look.' the bijuu and answered.

Summoning up some of Kurama's chakra, the yellow orange cloak formed around Naruto. The portion of the cloak on his shoulder began to distend and a small chakra formed head of the Kyuubi appeared. It's eyes surveyed the area intently and took in every detail.

Naruto was currently kneeling in a grassy clearing with spots of rocks and areas just dirt. Not far off were trees and beyond that were many hills and large mountains in the distance. Kurama could tell that they were clearly still in Lightning Country but there were no signs of any camp. This confused the Bijuu as just hours before, they had been in the middle of a huge camp before Naruto fell asleep. It did appear to be the same area that the camp had been in. There were familiar surroundings and recognizable markers such as the nearby hills but no evidence of a camp could be seen.

The grass was unmarred and unbent except for the areas that Naruto had walked and stumbled. There didn't appear to be any footprints or evidence of the wooden palisade wall that had surrounded the camp. The cloak soon dissolved back into Naruto and the blonde-haired ninja awaited what his companion would say.

'I believe this to be the correct spot where the camp was, but it doesn't appear there was ever a camp here. I don't know what else to say...and I don't have any explanation for what's going on.' said Kurama truthfully. Naruto's jaw set and his hands balled up into fists as frustration set in. Nothing about his situation made any sense. The Allied Shinobi Forces wouldn't just leave him alone or let him wander off. Especially not after the Raikage had been so initially insistent that he and Bee remain out of the war and kept safe from Akatsuki.

"I don't understand." Naruto said in a soft voice.

Kurama was silent and did not answer as he contemplated what was happening. From what he remembered, after a long battle, Tobi and Madara had left the battlefield while taking the statue with them. They had nearly been defeated and everyone they had just run off to regroup later. They still had more of their zetsu army to rely on.

'However, if they finished fusing together the others and the parts of myself and Gyuki, then perhaps Tobi attempted the Moon's Eye plan.' were Kurama's disturbing thoughts. Putting that much power behind a supposedly ultimate genjutsu was not something to take lightly. He had been put under genjutsu before but the Moon's Eye plan went beyond that. Even he couldn't fathom what it could really do.

During Kurama's silence, Naruto tried to calm himself down. Moving his hand to his right thigh, he soon realized that he didn't have his shuriken pouch. A quick movement to his his back told him that he also didn't have his ninja pouch. Slightly panicked, he began checking himself to see what he did and didn't have.

No jacket.

No ninja sandals.

No weapons of any kind.

'I took all of those things off when I lied down.' he remembered. He had kept a kunai under his pillow but that was obviously gone as well. A horrible thought suddenly occurred to him. Both of his hands moved towards his forehead and his heart sank when he realized he had lost something else. When Sakura was putting the bandages on, he had been forced to take his hitai-ate off. She said it had placed it on his jacket which was on a chair with his other items next to the cot he had been on.

'Its gone.' he realized and he began thinking and then saying the words out-loud over and over again.

Frantically, he started blindly searching all of the surrounding area with his hands. He ran them over the grass, through the dirt and over rocks in search of his lost item. "WHERE IS IT!?" he shouted out in the clearing and continued his frenzied search.

'Naruto-kun.' Kurama said as he tried to get the boy's attention.

'I'm sorry Naruto-kun, but its gone too.' the bijuu tried again, but the boy was inconsolable by that point. Kurama knew the importance that Naruto had for the item. It was proof that he had been acknowledged. Proof that he was a shinobi. And proof that he was on his way to reaching his dream. Deciding to stay silent, Kurama heavily sighed inside the seal and let Naruto search in vain until he would eventually tire himself out. There was nothing more he could do.


Jumping through trees and over the rocky terrain, a unit of four Kumo ninja ran toward a source of large chakra that they had felt. Though none of them were appreciable sensor ninja, each of them had felt the powerful chakra from quite a distance and deviated from their patrol route in order to investigate. The chakra had died down shortly after appearing but they could still pinpoint a general location.

Coming to the edge of a tree line, the leader gave a signal and they each landed with a 'thump' on nearby branches. The position gave them a good view of the clearing. What they were expecting to see was certainly not what their eyes were showing them.

In nearly the center of the clearing, a person seemed to be ripping up some of the grass and searching for something. They could hear his shouts. Some were incoherent and others they could make out.

"Where is it." "I've lost it." "I need to get it back." were just a few of the shouts. One of the four turned to the leader and asked, "How do you wanna handle this?"

The leader took a few more moments to analyze the situation before responding, "Cautiously. Three will approach in a semi circle while one stays back. I don't know where that chakra came from and it could be a trap."

With nothing more than nods, three disappeared in a quick movement while one stayed behind.


Appearing behind cover, the three Kumo ninja stealthily moved closer to their target. They kept watch for anything that could pose a threat to them but found nothing.

"Its not here. I lost it. Damnit!" the heard the young man say in a lower voice than before and he became silent and still. The closer they crept, the more evident it became that there was no trap. Only a couple of dozen feet away, they realized that their target's eyes were covered and that he couldn't even see them.

With a few glances back and forth, the leader stood up and began walking toward the target. With stealth forsaken, she stopped right in front of the mumbling person and was slightly to surprised to find him younger than she anticipated. She could hear how out of breath the boy was and something told her that the unidentified person was close to tears or a breakdown.

Moving even closer, it wasn't until she was right near that the boy was even aware of her. As Naruto's head turned and his body tensed, the Kumo ninja quickly struck the back of his necked and knocked him out.

The other two walked up after signaling their final companion and looked down upon their target. Three shadows partially covered his thin body as they examined him. The boy was wearing orange pants and in what looked like a hospital shirt or short gown. Bandages covered most of the exposed portions of his body. His mouth and most of his blonde spiky hair was uncovered as well as parts of his arms and his hands.

"Look at his hands." mentioned one of the ninja and he held up one of the hands for the others to see. The finger tips were bloodied and covered in dirt from searching the ground.

"What do you think he was looking for?" one commented and he was answered by their group leader, "Whatever it was, I doubt it was here. Does he have any identification on him?"

"No weapons but there was something in his back pocket." answered back one of her subordinates and he handed over the book that he had found.

The leader looked over the bound book. 'The Tale of the Utterly Gutsy Shinobi.' she read the title to herself. She flipped through a few of the pages and looked for anything out of the ordinary. A hidden weapon, code, or other messages were all things that could have been hidden in it but, at first glance, it appeared to be a normal book. Unfamiliar with the title, she pocketed it in her ninja pouch and returned to the task at hand..

"Lets see his face." ordered the leader and one of his ninja attempted to remove the bandages on the boy's face.

"I don't understand, these bandages won't come off. I can't even get under the edge of them." one of the ninja said while struggling. Before that ninja could take out a kunai and try to cut them, the leader gave out an order, "Leave it, we'll just take him back to Kumo with us. Someone else can decide what to do with him."


Standing outside the cell, the Raikage and the head of interrogations looked through the one-directional window at the shinobi sitting inside the room.

"Report." barked the Raikage and he folded his arms in front of his chest and stared at the blonde captive. The interrogator flipped through the file folder he was carrying and began going over the information.

"We weren't able to get anything useful out of him. He was rambling about a 'Fourth Ninja War' and Uchiha Madara of all things as well as Bijuu before he eventually just shut up and said nothing. We tried to interrogate but he just retreated into his mind and we haven't been able to get anything else out of him. At one point while he was still talkative, he even asked to talk with you and Bee-sama, Raikage-sama" answered the interrogator.

The Raikage made a sound somewhere between a 'hmph' and growl and then asked, "Have you been able to find out who he is and what his affiliation is?"

"No Raikage-sama. He didn't mention his own name, what village he may belong to, and we can't get the bandages off of him. It seems they were sealed with fuinjutsu tags. The bandages can't be removed except with extreme force or by the person that put them there. We can however tell that the boy was not the person that placed the tags. We've been checking in the surrounding areas by messenger gecko but haven't found anyone fitting his description being admitted to a hospital or mental institution.

I've had a medical ninja come in and even they weren't able to determine anything. The bandages cover over sixty percent of his body and the fuinjutsu actually prevented him from determining if there are any wounds underneath. We can visibly see what look like scars on the exposed parts of cheeks but that's about it. The only thing that I can determine is that he likely is a ninja and his age is around sixteen."

"What about the fuinjutsu? Did that tell you anything?" inquired the Raikage as he was slowly losing his patience at the lack of information.

"I'm afraid not, Raikage-sama. I've had a seal specialist come in to try and identify the origin of the seals present on him. As you know, each country has a specific style of the same general type of seal. Looking at our known records and going by our experts knowledge, the boy has seals from all over the elemental countries on his body." said the interrogator.

The Raikage looked at him strangely and the man decided to elaborate, "He has five sealing tags on his body that are keeping the bandages in place. Two appear to be from Suna, one from Kiri, one from Kumo and one from Konoha. I'll admit, its quite strange Raikage-sama. I've never heard of someone sealing medical bandages onto someone before. It does sound effective for people that would take the bandages off too early, but the fact that they are from so many different places makes no sense. Those tags aren't something that villages, or our village for that matter, would sell or give away."

A silence ensured between the two before the Raikage asked another question that had been bugging him, "If he isn't from Lightning, how did he make it so far into our border?"

"We don't know, Raikage-sama. None of our border stations and guards reported coming into contact with any shinobi in the past week."

"What does the intelligence division make of this? Have our spies reported anything recently?"

"They seemed equally confused, Raikage-sama. This does not seem to be an invasion or a breach of the armistice and our spies havn't mentioned anything about it."

The Raikage gritted his teeth at the lack of answers he was getting and looked back to the boy cuffed to the chair inside the room. Something about the boy looked familiar. He could not recall ever coming into contact with such a person and no memory would surface but he couldn't shake a feeling of deja vu. Despite this feeling, he still had to pass judgment. Though unable to see, the boy was an unknown and possibly dangerous threat. Even after sending out another patrol, his ninja were still unable to determine where the powerful chakra, which the first patrol had felt, had come from. But where else could it have come from. Some of his best people had already come up with nothing.

As the Raikage, he was responsible for the village and keeping it safe. A deranged person with powerful chakra was not something he wanted to deal with, nor wanted to keep on observation in the village. There was no reason to think they would learn anything more by keeping him alive. Making a decision, the Raikage looked to the interrogator and said, "Take him out to the Hill."


Sitting in the metal chair, Naruto suppressed a groan as he felt dull pain throughout his body. When he woke up from being knocked out, he found himself in an interrogation room or at least that was what the Kumo ninja had told him. After trying to reason with his interrogator and tell his story, he listened to Kurama and gave up trying to get the man to believe him. The ninja didn't seem to know anything about what had been recently happening in the Elemental Countries, which made no sense. When the interrogator began to torture him with lightning jutsu for information he retreated into this mind and returned after he was sure the man had left.

Several people had been coming to look at him, probably through a window or mirror. One those happened to be the Raikage and he could feel that the man was currently still standing outside, presumably looking in on him. At first he thought the Raikage had recognized him but the longer the man stood outside, the more he felt that Raikage didn't recognize him at all. This of course made no sense.

'Its like I said, something is terribly wrong. Everyone seems to be affected by it. You should tell them nothing more and try to find a way out of this. Don't trust anyone.' stated Kurama. Though reluctant, Naruto agreed with Kurama's thoughts.

At the moment he could feel his chakra being suppressed and believed the chair he was seated in to be the cause. Testing his bonds, he tried to figure out if he could get at his chakra and escape. Both his hands and his feet were cuffed or at least tightly secured in the hard metal chair. His attention was soon caught by the movement of chakra signatures outside of the room.

'Old man Raikage is leaving.' he realized and then though, 'He really doesn't recognize me at all.' The thought made him feel more lonely than he had been in a long time.

The interrogator soon came back into his room and he could feel two other chakra signatures as well.

'I think they plan to take me somewhere.' Naruto told Kurama.

'You may want to wait on trying to immediately escape. If they are taking you outside then you should have a better chance at getting away.' explained Kurama and Naruto mentally agreed.


A pair of slate gray eyes opened and then squinted in the light of the morning sun. Looking over the room, the eyes landed on the reddish brown hair of the person under the covers next to him in the bed. Memories came back to him and he smiled as he stared at the back of her head.

'Rin.' he thought and a small smile formed on his face. Today was the first time he had seen her in years and he still had trouble containing all of the emotions that he felt. It had been years since he felt any happiness or smiled. In the time since he had witnessed her death, he had imagined her in his dreams, how she might look after so many years and what he might say when he met her again. However, he could only just look at her and didn't want to say anything or wake her up.

Thanks to the Moon's Eye Plan, his dreams had literally become reality. Sitting up slightly, his hand moved out and moved through her long hair. Both of his sharingan activated and he memorized the scene as she continued to sleep with only the sound of her rhythmic breathing.

Madara didn't think it would work without fully sealing the Kyuubi and Hachibi, but had obviously been proven wrong. With the power of the reanimated Juubi sealed inside of him, he had cast the genjutsu on the moon and had watched everything changed into the world of his dreams. It was no mere visual genjutsu and no other jutsu in the world could compare to its power.

The moon had bled to a crimson shade and then multiple rings and tomoe formed on its surface. ,The eery light produced from the moon shown done and altered everything. It infected each and every person that it touched, removed scars on the landscape and remade the world. No doubt that once the moon had rotated around the planet, the light had touched every part and everyone.

Even if a person had been living in complete darkness underground, as soon as they exited and saw the moon, they too would come under the spell of the Moon's Eye plan and be taken in by the genjutsu. Everyone would be affected.

The entire process took a full day to complete. There were no longer any jinchuuriki. There was no wars happening and would never be again. He was back to his original body and no longer the container of the reformed Jyuubi. The woman of his dreams loved him and not Kakashi. The memories of everyone were rewritten, entire portions of history were changed or fabricated, people came back from the dead, and everything was put in place for this moment. It was a new day in Konoha and the beginning of the first day of his new world.

Moving his finger tips gently down Rin's cheek, Obito could think of only one thing as he looked at his fiance, 'This is heaven.'


The wind buffeted the side of his body as he knelt on the hard ground. Listening carefully, he could really only hear the wind and possibly rushing water far down below him. 'Am I on a tall hill?' he wondered and he waited for the ninja standing behind him to say or do anything.

His body was tense and ready for action. Both he and Kurama knew it was likely he was being led off to be killed but it still put him on edge as he was at a disadvantage if he had to fight. It would be difficult to react without seeing what was happening but he could always use Kurama's chakra if necessary. Once he was freed from the chair, he found he could once again access his chakra. There were four ninja around him but he wasn't even bound by any restraints anymore. It was entirely possible, that they weren't even sure he was a ninja.

Standing behind the kneeling blonde was the leader of the patrol group that had found him. The kunoichi glanced around the area, at her fellow ninja nearby, and finally back at the boy in front of her. The 'Hill', as it was locally called, was a spot that enemy ninja, traitors, or others were taken to die. They were on the edge of a cliff that overlooked one of the rivers running through the very outer edge of Kumo. The river was incredibly turbulent and the area beneath the cliff was full of rocks. It was a very long way from the top of the hill to the river and no ninja could survive the fall from the height they were at.

'Save Raikage-sama perhaps.' the ninja noted as she thought about the place she was standing on. She hated coming up to the hill and this was the first time she had gone up there to execute the Raikage's judgment on someone. It wasn't exactly a sacred place but had a mystique about it. At the edge of the hill, a person was given the choice of a quick death through their own choice or by the hands of someone else. It was seen as honorable or at least merciful in Kumo to allow someone the option to end their own life on their own terms.

The Kumo ninja let a few more brief moments pass before she reached back into her pouch for a kunai. Her hand however came into contact with something foreign and she pulled out the item. Naruto was tense during the slight movement that he heard, but couldn't tell exactly what was happening.

'Its the book we found on him.' the ninja realized and examined it once again. The title was not something she had ever read or even heard mention of and she had forgotten to take it to the intelligence department to be analyzed. Mulling over the newly rediscovered item, she made a decision.

"I'm giving this back to you." she said to the bandaged boy and he moved forward, nudging the book against the boy's hand.

For a moment, Naruto thought the voice sounded familiar but put those thoughts aside as he hesitantly took the item being given. As soon as it was in his had, he recognized what it was. 'I still had this?' he realized in surprised and felt the book with his hands, then tightened his grip around it. He would sometimes place it in the waste of his pants or usually in his back pocket and had carried it for so long that he hadn't even remembered or noticed it there when he was looking for his hitai-ate and weapons.

The time Naruto spent thinking on the book gave the Kumo ninja time to reach back into her pocket and pull out a kunai.

"You have a choice.." the Kumo ninja began and Naruto put the book away in the front waist band of his pants to focus on his current situation, " can jump...or I will have to kill you." the ninja finished and Naruto tensed.

Naruto went completely still and the Kumo ninja sighed slightly as she thought the boy had either froze or decided to take the second choice. Steeling herself, she struck out with the kunai, aiming for where the head meets the neck, but the kunai never struck. The bandaged boy jumped only a hair's breadth before being killed.

Standing over the edge, the Kumo ninja felt relief that she didn't have to kill the boy. Waiting for a brief moment, she completed her job and peered over the edge to verify the death. She could clearly see the orange pants of the boy as his corpse moved off the rocks and was taken by the fast moving current outside of Kumo and straight to the ocean.

For a moment before the jump, she had felt a fluctuation in the captives chakra but now felt that perhaps it was just a physical reaction to the decision to jump. 'Who knows,' Yugito Nii thought and she turned to leave with the other members of her team in tow. 'He probably lost his mind and now he's lost his life. Hopefully he'll find what he was looking for.'


Right after hearing the ultimatum, Naruto remained completely still and gathered sage chakra into his body. Mixing it in the correct amount, and in the nick of time, he jumped right before the kunai entered the space where his head had been. The sense of falling quickly overshadowed every other thing he was feeling. The wind whipped at his body and he braced himself for impact, despite knowing it would not hurt.

A brief prayer was all he thought about before he felt the impact. The thud and breaking of the rock which stopped his fall made him cringe but thanks to sage mode, he felt no pain and suffered no injury. To make the scene look as real as possible, he did nothing as the rough current carried him away and made no movements.

Sensing out, he found the chakra signatures of his escorts and made sure they were far away and traveling in the opposite direction before he began to struggle to keep his head above the powerful water.

The chakra signatures faded completely out of range right around the time that his sage mode began wearing off. The second it did, he was finally made aware of how cold the water was. The sudden shock of the cold water made him forget to keep struggling in order his head above water and he found himself fully submerged and swallowing water.

The blackness of his eyesight did nothing to stop him from seeing stars as he struggled to get back to the surface. Putting chakra into his limbs, he tried to grab onto the surface of the water or at least use the water walking exercise to push and pull himself to the surface.

Walking on still water was easy, slowly moving water was harder, on waves was even more difficult, and over turbulent rapids was proving to be nearly impossible. Despite great difficult, he managed to get back to the surface and get a few breaths in before he was pulled down again. While Kurama offered help, he decided not to use it as it was likely that using that power was what attracted the ninja to him in the first place.

For an unknown amount of time, he continued to struggle. His body hit several rocks along the way as he could not see them or even try to move himself out of the way. When the water began calming down, Kurama said, 'Determine which way the water is flowing and move perpendicular to it.'

Naruto followed the instruction and his feet were soon able to touch the bottom. Sticking to the bottom and moving ever closer to the edge of the river, he pulled himself onto an unknown shore. Groaning in pain, he spit up blood and laid sprawled in the sand for a while to catch his breadth.

'I've never been able to not see before. This is so hard.' he inwardly complained. Reaching to his pant waist, he found his book was still there, thought quite wet.

The book and Kurama were the only things he had left. He was frustrated to the breaking point and just wanted the nightmare to be over. There were no end to the questions he had and he had trouble focusing because of the pain he was in. He just wanted to cry or give up.

"This must be hell." he said out loud and Kurama stayed silent.