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"It's been one year since Klaus made me leave Mystic Falls. I truly thought I could find a way out of this and back home but I can't. It wouldn't even be home now. I can't keep thinking about this. I still have forty-nine years of service before I'm free. If this past year is anything to go by I don't think I'll survive all forty-nine years."

Stefan shifted uncomfortably, hands deep in his pockets, as Klaus looked at him scathingly over the open book. He didn't like the fact Klaus had found his journal and now he was reading it. It made Stefan want to attack him, take his journal back, but he knew he couldn't.

"Is spending time with me really that bad, my Stefan?" Klaus asked, his accented voice rolling over the younger. They both knew that 'my Stefan' was a taunt, something the Original only used when he wanted to remind Stefan that he had no free will.

He quietly replied, "I just want to go home Niklaus. Is that so bad? You may have considered me a brother but you aren't my brother. You're the vampire who killed my girlfriend and made me leave everything I cared about behind to save my brother's life."

Klaus frowned, snapping the book shut and throwing it to Stefan. "You made a deal. Fifty years of service for your big brother's life. I did it to help you."

The eye roll aggravated the Original more than the words he had just read. He knew when he first decided to take Stefan away from Mystic Falls that it wouldn't be easy to convince Stefan that he genuinely did it for him. But he did. Against all his instincts Klaus had missed the other, especially since he'd been forced to dagger Rebekah and now Stefan treated him like a kidnapper.

"What did you really have left Stefan? A brother who hated you, who promised to make your life a living hell, and a dead girlfriend. You had nothing left for you there," Klaus pressed on, moving closer to the green-eyed vampire. "I knew it and more importantly you did too. You chose to leave with me and you would have even if it wasn't to save your brother."

Stefan's eyes narrowed before he snapped, "You really think I want to be here? Do you have any idea what you've ruined? I have spent years trying to control my bloodlust and you've ruined all my efforts!"

Klaus laugh was low and bitter and echoed slightly in the mostly empty room. The noise seemed a lot more sarcastic then Klaus may have intended and it made Stefan's temper rise. He had been making progress and he had been controlling his cravings pretty well until Klaus had thrown blood bag after blood bag at him and demanded that he drink.

"I'm going out but I'll be back soon. Don't leave the house, my Stefan. I don't want you wandering off," Klaus commanded, the slightest hint of teasing in his voice before he walked out.

Stefan glared at the closed door, hands tightening on his journal. He hated being treated like a slave but he couldn't do anything about it. He knew exactly what Klaus was going to do. It was a routine for them after the year of service. Whenever Stefan annoyed the hybrid he'd go out and find someone who just happened to look like Elena. And then he'd screw her and kill her right in front of the Salvatore.

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