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He was expecting it be rough, violent, but the kiss was strangely soft. Klaus' lips moved over his slowly, like he was savouring it, before that sinful tongue slid across his lips. Stefan's mouth opened without conscious thought and the hybrid happily explored that delicious mouth, tongue sliding over the vampire's.

Before long Stefan was arching into Klaus' body, desperately wanting more. He was giving in after all these months and the hybrid deepened the kiss, tearing at the clothes that kept him away from that gorgeous body. Blunt nails scratched at bare skin as Klaus' lips trailed down to the vampire's neck before he moved up again, tugging Stefan's head towards his exposed neck.

"Do you remember how much you loved feeding on me ripper?" Klaus whispered in the vampire's ear, loving the harsh breaths hitting his neck. "Do you want to taste me again?"

"Damn you," Stefan groaned, feeling his fangs slip out of hiding before he stabbed them into the hybrid's throat, moaning at the taste flooding his mouth. He swallowed greedily, holding Klaus as close as he could and a throb went through his cock as he heard the other's low snarl.

The older caressed Stefan's hair, thrusting against the erection pressing against his own as that mouth on his neck sucked hungrily. The vampire groaned, slipping his fangs out of the pale throat as his head fell back into the mess of wood and glass stabbing into his back.

Klaus looked down at him, blood smeared across his neck, before grabbing Stefan and in a show of hybrid strength and speed moved them both to the couch. The vampire didn't fight, gasping as the other rutted against his erection. When Stefan pushed up against him, trying to get control, the hybrid growled low, gripping the other's throbbing erection in something that was a mixture of warning hold and teasing caress. Stefan's back arched and his legs spread slightly, involuntary reactions he couldn't bring himself to control. He gasped, licking the last of the euphoric blood off his lips as he stopped fighting for control.

When Klaus was sure his vampire wouldn't fight him anymore he quickly got off the rest of their clothes, tossing them onto the floor. There was no need for words now. One look told him everything he needed to know and he draped himself over Stefan's tensed needy body, pressing their lips together in a soft kiss. Their bodies were touching everywhere as he tasted his own blood in the younger's mouth, groaning slightly at the other's tongue pushing against his. Stefan dug his fingers into Klaus' back, pulling him closer desperately.

"Nik," he moaned needily, looking up at the hybrid hungrily.

The older smirked, spreading his vampire's legs and settling between them as he teasingly rubbed their aching cocks together. There was probably lube somewhere in the house but Klaus couldn't bring himself to pull himself away from Stefan for a second.

"Suck ripper," he instructed, pressing his long fingers against his lips before groaning slightly as Stefan took them in without hesitation. He sucked greedily, tongue lapping at the pads teasingly until Klaus decided they were slick enough.

The hybrid trailed his knuckles down the gorgeous body beneath him, nudging Stefan's legs apart before circling his fingers around the tight hole he knew hadn't been filled since he left. Without any hesitation Klaus pushed one finger in, delighting in the noise the vampire made as he lifted his hips slightly. He pushed another one in before too long, scissoring them slightly as Stefan made the most delicious noises, pushing his hips back against Klaus' hand.

"I'll make you feel so good ripper," he growled against the vampire's neck, shoving his fingers in deeper. It had been too long, neither of them were going to last.

Stefan's cock jumped at the husky tone and he fumbled, wrapping his fingers around it in a desperate bid for relief. The growl this time was more annoyed before his hand was pinned next to his head, Klaus' now-gold eyes were filled with a possessive lust before he ducked his head down, scraping his teeth over the defined chest. He was careful not to bite down despite the burning urge to mark Stefan as his, sucking and licking at one of the sensitive nipples until the vampire was squirming for more, pleas dripping from his lips.

"You come when I tell you to Stefan, not before," he instructed, shoving into his stretched hole without any warning, groaning.

Klaus was too turned on, too far gone, and with barely any thrusts into that tight ass he came, eyes rolling up in pleasure. A snarl tore from his chest before he reached down, jerking Stefan's cock roughly, wanting to watch the vampire come apart under his fingers.

The unnecessary breaths sped up, punctuated by the needy moans as Stefan thrust his cock into tight warm fist, so close. When Klaus twisted his wrist ever so slightly that was all he needed, crying out as he spurted his release all over the hybrid's hand.

His eyes slowly went back to blue as he calmed down, leaning forward to kiss the panting vampire lightly. Stefan kissed back, clinging to the hybrid tightly as he came down from his orgasm, barely catching the whispered words over the panting.