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He was so sore. Stefan groaned as he woke up, trying to stretch out and immediately regretting it as his ass twinged in protest. Despite the ache he smiled slightly, looking up at his hybrid pillow. Klaus was staring at the ceiling, hands behind his head, but when he felt Stefan's head move he glanced down at him.

"Good morning ripper," he said quietly, reaching down to rest a hand on his cheek. "Did you sleep well love?"

He pressed his cheek into the warm hand, murmuring, "Yes. Best I slept in a while."

Klaus chuckled before slipping out of the bed, pulling on his jeans as Stefan whined in protest. The hybrid shook his head, turning to press a kiss on those tempting lips as he pressed a pair of Stefan's jeans into his hands.

"We need to get moving," he reminded softly, standing and pulling on a shirt. "We've spent too long here already, even without your brother's visit yesterday."

Klaus chuckled darkly as the vampire had the nerve to look sheepish, pulling on his jeans without a word of complaint. The rest of the time they spent collecting their clothes and books was silent, only broken by Stefan's occasional noise of discontent.

They were about to leave when Klaus caught the younger's arm, asking lowly, "You could have left with Damon. Why didn't you?"

"I, uh, I just," Stefan stammered, looking anywhere but the hybrid. After a minute of awkward silence as the man in front of him grew steadily more annoyed and the vampire tried to decide whether to trust him the latter finally admitted, "I didn't want to leave you."

He waited for the scything remark but all he got was a smug grin before warm arms wrapped around him, tugging the vampire close. Stefan went willingly, letting the strong arms hold him close as lips brushed his.

"Good answer love," Klaus murmured, smiling. "Very good. And I hope you know, now you're never getting away. Now come on, let's get going. We have a lot of travelling to do."

Three years later

"Nik, where'd you put the blood bags?" the vampire sighed, poking his head into the bedroom to talk to his boyfriend.

"I think your brother drank most of them when he was here the other day," the hybrid shrugged, looking up from his book lazily. "You're the one who wanted to invite him over."

Stefan scowled, leaning on the doorframe as he pointed out, "He's dating your brother and you wanted to make up with Elijah, remember?"

Klaus held out an arm for his lover without looking away from his book, retaliating playfully, "You insisted on actually making up. I thought about it but I wasn't going to risk irritating him. He isn't fun when he's pissed."

The younger gave in, climbing onto the bed and resting his head on Klaus' shoulder as he muttered, "You still wanted to be all friendly. And I still have trouble believing they are together. He always seemed to love Elena so much."

"So did you love," the hybrid reminded, kissing his boyfriend's head. "I think both of the Salvatore boys just got smarter."

Stefan smiled, resting a hand on the other's stomach as he asked, "How long can we stay here for Nik? We'll have to move sometime won't we?"

"I don't think anyone is following us anymore, it's been four years," he mused. "Maybe we can stay here for a little while. I know you love Chicago."

The vampire smiled, leaning up to kiss Klaus softly before resting his head on his shoulder again, letting his boyfriend read. Four years ago he was stuck in Mystic Falls, taking care of a doppelgänger he wasn't sure he wanted anything to do with and now he was here with the hybrid that had tracked him down for ninety years. He was obsessive and overly-bossy at times but it was better than any relationship he'd been in.


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