I have always loved to take well known stories and make them my own. I am going to do the same with this myth. I won't try to change anything of the well-known myth and try to be as true as I can. I might also make it dark and the rating might go higher. I do love dark stories. Enjoy.


I stretched out lazily on the grass. The grass blades tickled my bare arms and the sun beat down mercilessly on my bare legs. I turned over to face the sky, crossing my legs. As I did so a blue bird landed on my knee tweeting merrily.


I looked at the bird and sighed heavily. "I need a new name."

"Persephone, where are you?"

I sighed heavily as I stood, the bird flying away. "Yes mother?" I called. The sweltering heat made the fabric of my dress stick to me but I didn't mind it, I loved the sun.

I saw my mother calling me from our small house on the other side of the field. The small house was on a hill overlooking a vast valley. It was my favorite place to be. I loved to run in the grass, climb the trees, watch the animals go about their daily rituals. It was much more fun than watching the mortals.

I walked in the direction of my mother.

"Where have you been ? I've been looking all over for you."

Funny, I thought, I was avoiding you everywhere. I only said, "I stayed in the field, mother, like always."

"Just don't wander off!" She walked away and slid inside the small cottage. "I need you to stay close to the cottage I have to leave but I won't be gone long."

Where else would I go? I sighed heavily as I crossed my legs and fell to the ground with an unceremonious umph. "As you wish, mother." As soon as I sat, a small rabbit peeked its head from his burrow and approached. I smiled warmly at the small animal.

Animals loved me, they were always vying for my attention.

When I was around, they would visit. Of course, I was the goddess of Spring.

Reaching over, I pulled a small blade of grass, his favorite. I watched as he approached my hand and fed from it. "You don't suppose I'll ever have my own life, do you?"

The rabbit ran away as if scared. " I guess not."

The day was getting hotter and that only meant one thing.

I stood up quickly and peeked in the cottage. "Mother?"

No answer.

I ran from the cottage to a row of trees. I ran as fast as I could to the trees. Just beyond the trees there was a clearing with a small lake, where I would spend most afternoons, dipping my toes in the cool water.

I placed my hands in front of me, avoiding branches and pushing them out of the way. I looked back to the cottage. Good, Mother wasn't back yet.

I ran faster and when I reached the clearing, I stopped.

A golden chariot appeared before me, the owner of the chariot held to the reins steadily. The golden winged horses pulling the chariot slowed, stopping so suddenly they kicked up dirt.

I recognized the man immediately and as all smile crept on my lips. He had been the only man I met and so far the only interesting thing going on in my life.


The sun god got down from his chariot and bowed slightly before me. "My lady."

I approached his horses, crossing the small clearing. I began to pet their silky mane. The horses melted under my touch and pushed against me happily.

"They missed you."

I giggled, "Only them?"

He shrugged handsomely. "I did as well."

Apollo radiated warmth. He had golden curly hair that Reached to his shoulders. His golden kissed skin always seemed to glow and seemed to blend with his golden armor. He was amazingly gorgeous, his honey eyes never seemed to stray from me when we were together.

"It's brave of you to come here you know, my mother was just out." I mused.

"Was she?" He looked over my shoulder in the direction of the cottage as he approached me. "She will find out about us, in time."

As he spoke, he placed his hand over mine as I combed through the horses' mane.

I blushed deeply. Being the only male friend I had, I had deep feelings for him, had them for a while and he knew it, We had only met weeks before, he was the only male friend I had in my life, my mother thought men trouble and kept me in the vale away from them for my safety.

Of course my curiosity always got the better of me.

Which is why when the god touched down in the clearing one day I couldn't help but feel attracted to him. He was exciting, something new, something I never in my life had seen.

I never even met my father.

Of course, I had friends. My mother let nymphs wander to our vale. But I never met anyone from outside.

But he knew my mother, knew she would never allow any man to be near me, so we had to keep his visits secret.

I moved my hand, "Are they thirsty?" I didn't really wait for an answer, I began to unhook them from the chariot.

He gave a sweet smile. "Sure." He walked with me as I led the horses to the edge of the lake near the field. Once they reached the cool poll, they drank. I loved watching them drink, it was peaceful.

"Let's run away together, you and I.""

I laughed at his joke. "Really, Apollo?"

I watched him move, passion in his words. "Wouldn't it be exciting? To have an adventure of your own, far away from your home?"

"Have you visited Bacchus today?" I joked.

His hand gripped my forearm, pinning me in my spot. "You and I, we can rule the world." He pressed against me and my breath hitched. He pulled me closer but I stepped back.

As I did I felt a wall behind me, when I turned I saw he had me pinned against his horse.

"Apollo." He must know what he's doing to me. I can barely breathe! I'd never been this close to a man before, of course, he had to know. I felt uncomfortable.

When he spoke, his breath tickled my cheek. "What do you say, love? Give me the pleasure of getting to know you like no one else can."

"Apollo!" I looked over my shoulder then his, "what if someone were to hear you?"

He laughed. "Let them!"

"My mother would lock me in a room if she found out about us-"

"Then let us be on our way!" His eager eyes sparkled, his hand gripped mine tightly.

"Apollo," I sighed. "I can't. You know I can't."

"Then you do want to-"

I laughed. "You're twisting my words!"

"Little bird, I love you. Let me show you how much." I blushed. Of course, this hadn't been the first time he said it, but he always caught me by surprise. I knew his love was pure, I could see it when he spoke to me, touched my hands. He leaned closer, his lips grazing my earlobe. "You wouldn't be a little girl any longer."

I swallowed. Little girl, little girl no longer ... He had been the only person outside of the vale that knew how I felt about my mother. He knew how constricted I felt, how I didn't want to be trapped in this jail. My mother for all her intentions kept me prisoner. I knew she loved me saw it in her eyes when she saw me every time. But she didn't know how constricting she was being. I tried to tell her multiple times but she dismissed me. Waved me off. " you don't know what you're saying, Persephone. I am saving you."

Little girl...

He pulled back.

I cleared my throat, staring at his lips. "You really love me? Even though we've only met a couple of times?"

The sun god smiled and his dazzling white teeth made my knees weak. "You are very beautiful." he placed a loose strawberry curl from my face. "Truly, little bird. Come let us be on our way-"


I saw his perfect honey eyes roll, "Gods, Demeter ..." And he trailed on mumbling to himself. "Your mother has an eye on you at all times, doesn't she?"

I laughed half-heartedly. "I suppose."

He smiled one of my curls in his hand. "A kiss before you leave?"


Her scream reverberated through me. I pushed through his arms, "I have to go."

I ran from clearing. When I was at the trees, I watched him take to the skies. The horses' powerful wings pushed through the air, their strong hoofs pushed from the ground.

I couldn't believe the power I could feel from them, standing where I was.


I took a deep breath, wondering how I had been able for so long to keep this from my mother. Maybe I was getting better at lying?

Lying to my mother. Weeks before I thought it would never happen but now …

I was finally starting to see how trapped I really was.

I ran a hand through my hair, "I have to get out of here."