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"…Your skin, oh yeah your skin, and bones turn into something beautiful…"

Edward POV

Bella and I didn't say much else to each other while in the restaurant. I had a feeling that she was upset with me.

I hadn't lied about anything I said to her. The idea of being in a monogamous relationship never appeased me. I never met a woman I wanted to be faithful to, a woman I could see myself spending the rest of my life with.

The thought alone was surreal.

Hell, Bella was the first woman I've ever felt possessive over, and that was enough new feelings and thoughts I was dealing with at the moment. I didn't need anymore.

"Are you going to stay mad at me the rest of the damn day?" I asked her once we were finished with lunch and I paid the bill.

"I'm not mad," she lied as she got up from the table.

"Bullshit," I stated getting a few looks from the other people in the restaurant. I just ignored them as I followed Bella out of the restaurant.

"I'm not mad."

"Are too."

"Am not."

"Are too."

"Am not."

"Are too," I sang in her ear much like she did this morning in the kitchen. She rolled her eyes trying to hold in her smile.

"I hate you," she said as we approached my car. I laughed unlocking the doors. We both climbed into the car.

"Do you still want to go to the mall?" I asked her as I started the ignition.

"Yeah, but I can go with one of the girls. I would hate if someone else mistook me as your girlfriend," she sort of snapped.

Yup, she was pissed.

"I'll take you; we're already out," I informed her pulling out of the parking lot. We sat there in silence again, but this time I wasn't comfortable. The idea of her being pissed at me wasn't sitting right with me.

"I was thinking I could cook us dinner tonight, you know since I'm home," I said knowing how much she liked my cooking. She looked over at me with a brow raised.

"Something with pasta?" she asked sounding hopeful.

"If that's what you want," I answered, and she nodded her head with a smile on her face now. I grinned feeling better until she said, "I'm still pissed though."

"You're mad at me for telling you the truth?" I asked confused about what she was pissed about exactly.

"You put me in the same category as every stupid bimbo you've ever fucked," she snapped at me.

"When the hell did I do that?"

"When I said that I would not be another notch on your bedpost, and you said that's what they all say," she said in a deep voice. I assume she was trying to mimic my voice. "You said it as if I was just like the rest of the bitches you've fucked," she answered sounding extremely annoyed.

"Believe me, you are nothing like the women I've fucked," I informed her. "And not all of them were bimbos," I said, and she rolled her eyes at me. Once again the car went silent. As I drove I debated whether or not I should apologize.

"…I'm sorry?" I said and it came out like a question.

"You don't even know what you're apologizing for," she giggled with a shake of her head.

"You're pissed and I've seen what you do to men when you're pissed. I'm just trying to avoid that," I replied and she started giggling again.

"Just forget about it. I was just overreacting," she replied and then before my mind could tell my mouth to shut up I asked. "Is it that time of month?"

Her head snapped in my direction. "Did you really just ask me that fucking question?" she snapped. I couldn't tell if that was a yes or a no.

"I mean, you're being all moody and shit and…"

"…I'm moody because I'm in the car with an inconsiderate asshole!" she yelled at me. Great – now I pissed her off even more. "If you weren't driving, I would punch you," she continued shaking her head.

"I think I'm going to just shut up," I said paying attention to the road.

"Yeah, that would be a really good idea," she told me turning on the radio. I didn't even bother complaining about her touching my radio. When we arrived to the mall, we climbed out and I tried to think of what I could get her to make her feel better.

She wasn't like normal women so I honestly didn't know what to get her.

"Where are we going first?" I asked as we walked into the mall.

"I need to get me some more clothes. Most of the shit I had was gifts from Aro and I left that at the apartment," she answered. I wanted to ask why she waited until now to go shopping for clothes, but she was pissed enough as it was and I wasn't driving this time.

Meaning she would definitely punch me.

Now, I wasn't scared of Bella. Personally fighting with her was fucking hot and probably one of my favorite activities now. I just loved my dick and would rather she didn't try to break it the hell off.

I followed Bella around as she went into store after store. She asked me what I thought of some outfits and I just glared at her as if she had lost her mind.

"I don't know, the yellow one," I answered earning a glare from her. I sat down as I watched her walk around and try on different outfits. Any outfit she tried on that made my dick stir, I told her to put back.

She was a cock-tease on her own; I didn't need her outfits making the situation worse. I think she started to catch on because she stopped asking me what I thought of an outfit.

Next, she went looking at bikinis. She picked up one and I swear it was just two pieces of cloth. There was nothing else there.

"No, you can't wear that," I said shaking my head.

"Why not?"

"Because it's not a fucking bathing suit. It's a piece of string," I told her. She laughed ignoring me and holding on to it.

Fucking cock-tease.

I started walking around the store to get away from her. I needed some new swimming trunks anyway. As I picked up a pair of trunks I saw that a guy had walked over to her. I don't know what he said, but she laughed, hard.

I didn't fucking like it.

I watched them as they talked, and then she slapped his shoulder at something else I assume he said funny. I had enough. I walked over to them and the guy looked up at me. Bella turned around and looked at me.

"Did you find what you were looking for?" she asked. I continued looking at the guy who was just talking to her and making her laugh.

"No, I'm going to check over here," I said really just trying to keep from punching the bastard in his face. I walked away, intentionally stepping in between them. He was standing too damn close to her.

This possessive shit was really fucking new to me.

I hated it.

"That guy your boyfriend or something," the fucker asked when he thought I couldn't hear him.

"No, we're just—friends," she answered hesitantly.

It sort of stung when she said we were just friends.

We were more than that; we lived together. I mean it was under fucked-up circumstances, but we still lived together.

"He wasn't looking like he was just a friend. He looked like he wanted to kick my ass," the fucker replied. As long as he understood the look on my face.

"Ignore him, here take my number down so we can go out for drinks," she said and my nose flared. Was she seriously about to go out with this loser?

I started to walk over to her and had to remind myself that she wasn't mine.

She wasn't mine.

She wasn't mine.

Then I watched that bastard lean in and place a kiss on her cheek. I quickly walked over and pushed him away from her.

"What the hell, Edward!" she yelled at me. I wasn't even sure what to say. I just got finished basically telling her I've never been in a committed relationship, and that I didn't want to be in one, but was acting like a fucking cave man.

"I'll talk to you later, Bella," the guy said walking away. Bella was still glaring at me. I inhaled a deep breath not sure what I should say.

I didn't know what to say.

"You want to tell me what that was about?"

"I don't like other men touching you," I admitted in a whispered growl. She laughed at me, I mean seriously laughed at me.

"We're not together, Edward, remember–you don't date," she said tossing my own damn words back in my face. She turned and walked away from me.

The rest of the time in the mall I didn't say anything. I just stayed close enough so that the fuckers in the mall knew to stay away from her.

I was carrying pretty much all of her bags.

I felt like a pussy.

But she seemed not to be too pissed with me anymore, so I wasn't going to bitch about it.

"I'm going to take these out to the car," I told her holding up the bags in my hand. She looked at all the bags I was holding and started laughing.

"I'm sorry," she said walking over and trying to get the bags out of my hand. I pulled them away from her.

"It's cool, punishment for putting my foot in my mouth," I told her with a grin. She smiled at me.

"Okay, I'll be in this store," she told me pointing to another girly store. They looked the same to me.

"I'll be right back," I told her. I headed back to the car and placed all of her bags into my trunk.

"Carrying her bags around now?" I heard a familiar voice ask. I turned to see the fucker Jake. He just didn't learn, did he?

A guy came out of the black SUV and I recognized him as the agent Bella called James the day they showed up at Bella's apartment.

"You're like a fucking flea, no matter how many different ways we try to get rid of you, you just keep coming back," I said already reaching behind my back for my gun.

Killing an FBI agent wouldn't be the smartest thing I've ever done, but I wasn't going to let this fucker try to gang up on me either.

"I came to warn you…"

"Warn me?"

"Yeah, if you hit Bella again…"

"…I didn't fucking hit her. From what she told me you're the woman beater," I barked at him. His faced tensed up as if the memory upset him. I stepped closer to him ignoring the guy standing right behind him. "Now, I'm going to warn you. If you touch her again, I'll kill you."

"Are you threatening a federal officer?"

"I don't make threats, only promises," I informed him with a grin on my face. He smiled back at me.

"I can't wait to slap these silver bracelets on your wrist and haul your ass off to jail where you belong," he told me.

"Good luck with that Black, even if you did get them on me, I'd be out before you can say charges dropped," I replied with another grin. "Now I'm going to go find my girl, we have plans later that involves me, her and a bed," I taunted. I wish that was the plans we had later, but he didn't need to know that. I went to turn and walk away when he gripped my arm.

I looked at his hand on me then back at him. He must have lost his fucking mind putting his hands on me. I shoved him off and then he twisted my arm pushing me up against the car.

I tried getting him off of me, but the other fucker came over and helped him pin me to the car.

"I could take you in for assaulting an officer," Jake said into my ear. I knew he was trying to get me to give him a reason to lock me up so it took everything in me not to elbow him in the face and kick his ass.

"Look what we have here, James," he said pulling my gun from the waistband of my pants.

"I have a permit for that, fucker," I growled pushing back against their grip on me.

"I bet if we took this in it would solve a lot of unsolved murders," he said. I actually smiled because there were no bodies on that gun.

It was my favorite gun, but I never used it on a job.

"Let him go, Jake," I heard Bella say. I turned around to see her holding up her phone as if she was getting ready to call someone. "Let him go or we'll press charges against you for harassment," she told him as she came closer.

"He's a rat and you're a screw-up. No one will believe you."

"They will when I show them this video," she said with a smile on her face. I grinned at how smart my girl was.

Yeah, I said my girl.

Jake let me go and I glared at him taking my gun back and placing it back in my waist of my pants.

"You okay, baby," she said walking over to me and wrapping her arm around my waist. I knew she only said it to piss Jake off, but I smiled at her calling me baby anyway.

"Yeah, I'm all good, baby. Thanks," I said and then before I even thought about it, I lowered my mouth to hers and kissed her. Fuck... her lips were softer than I expected them to be. I could feel the surprise in her lips, but she quickly responded kissing me back.

I ran my tongue over her lip needing that extra taste, then I sucked her bottom lip into my mouth. I pulled back knowing if I didn't, I would have probably fucked her right on top of my car. She looked up at me and then quickly turned her attention back to Jake.

"I warned you to stay away from me, Jake, do I have to get a restraining order on you?" she asked him and his nosed flared.

"I'll get you one of these days, Masen. Just you fucking wait," he said ignoring her question and walking away. The other guy James following behind him. We watched them get into the black SUV and then quickly pull out of the parking lot.

"What made you come down here?"

"I was finished and realized you weren't back yet. I figured you were sitting in the car. Then I saw you and Jake," she answered not looking at me.

"Did you really record that?"

"No, I didn't even see all of it, I just knew he would let you go if I told him I did," she replied and smiled.

"You're smart."

"Not as smart as you; he'll be pissed about that little stunt you pulled."

"What stunt?"

"The kiss... nice touch," she said walking to the passenger side of the car. Should I have told her that I didn't actually kiss her to spite Jacob?

No, because my feelings still hadn't changed. I didn't want a relationship, and I had a feeling she did. We headed home and I hadn't realized how long we were out until I realized the main elevator was down for the day.

I grabbed all of Bella's bags and we went up to the penthouse. The minute we walked in, Bella kicked her shoes off and walked into the kitchen.

"Where do you want me to put these?" I asked her.

"I don't want to crowd up your room, so could you put them in my soon-to-be room?" she asked. I nodded and took her bags into the office. When I walked back into the kitchen she was sitting at the bar eating a banana. I didn't even know I had bananas.

I swallowed hard as I watched the way she inhaled that fucking banana. It made me wonder what she could do with my dick.

"Mgh, I'm going to start dinner," I said getting her attention. She looked over at me and nodded.

"Okay, I'm going to go see what Alice, Tanya and Bree are up to. I'll be back," she said getting up. I nodded, as I watched her slip on her slippers and then leave the house.

Was she avoiding me now?

I went into the kitchen and tried focusing on cooking. I called Charlie as I cooked to let him know about my run-in with Jake. He was with Esme, Carlisle and Renee, so he put me on speaker so that they could hear, too.

I explained what happened and Renee said she would shoot his dick off if he kept harassing Bella and me.

"I'll call the bureau tomorrow and let them know if Jake comes within a hundred yards of you and Bella without a warrant again, I want him arrested for harassment," Charlie told me.

"Did you and Bella enjoy your date?" Esme asked and I growled into the phone causing her and Charlie to laugh.

"It wasn't a date."

"You tell yourself whatever lie you want to, dear. Just know I'm not okay with having grandchildren out of wedlock," she retorted and Charlie roared with laughter, and I even think I heard Carlisle and Renee laughing in the background.

Fucking parents.

"You're okay with your children committing crimes for a living, but not us having children out of wedlock? Sounds like your morals are fucked up, Esme," I said earning a laugh.

"Hey... I never said I was perfect," she replied. I told them I would see them tomorrow for Sunday dinner. It was the one solid family tradition Renee, Esme and Grandma Cullen were strict on us keeping.

I also knew that they were on their weekly double-date night. I hung up the phone and continued cooking dinner. Bella came in just as I finished dinner. I made both of our plates and we sat down to eat.

"Were they doing anything interesting?" I asked her as we ate.


"Bree, Alice and Tanya," I said and she nodded her head.

"Alice just went out with Jasper, and Bree had a date, so Tanya and I helped her get ready," she answered. I nodded and finished eating.

Once we finished I cleaned up our plates.

"Want to watch a movie?" she asked catching me by surprise.

"Yeah, sure," I answered, "let me just take a shower," I told her. She nodded saying she was going to do the same. I took a quick shower and then let her know when I was finished.

While she took her shower I popped some popcorn and looked for a movie. I decided on the movie Red. She came into the living room wearing a pair of non-existence shorts and a tank top.

"Do you want to watch it in the theater room?" I asked her.

"Yeah, sure, I was trying to figure out how to use that crap in there while you were gone and couldn't for the life of me," she said and I laughed. We went into the room and I showed her how to turn on everything at once.

"Well, don't I feel stupid."

"Don't... between you and me I needed Jasper to tell me how to use it," I informed her and she giggled. I started the movie and we sat down to watch it. This was probably the most relaxed we've been around each other.

Thunder boomed damn near shaking the windows.

"Shit!" Bella yelled. I looked over at her and saw her sitting in the chair with her legs up against her chest.

"You okay?" I asked her.

"I hate thunder…" BOOM "…storms," she said looking as if she was shivering now.

"Are you serious?"

"Yes, I'm serious. They scare the shit out of me," she snapped at me. I didn't think she was scared of anything.

"You going to be okay?" I asked her. I watched her inhale a deep breath and then damn near jump out of her seat when another louder boom shook the sky. I guess it didn't help that we were on the tenth floor.

"I'm going to go to bed," she said getting up and damn near running out of the room. I sat there not sure what to do. I got up and cut off the movie and then dumped the rest of the popcorn into the trash.

I sat down on the couch not sure what to do now. Deciding I might as well go to sleep, too, I turned off the lights and laid down on the couch. A large lightning bolt filled the sky followed by thunder that shook the windows.

"Ed-Edward…" I heard Bella call to me. I sat up and saw her standing in the foyer.


"Could you please sleep in the room with me tonight? I know I'm being childish but…"

"…sure no problem," I said cutting her off and jumping up from the couch. I followed her to my bedroom and climbed into my bed for the first time in almost three weeks.

"Thanks, Edward," I heard her say into the dark.

"If you forgive me for every stupid thing I said today, I'll never mention your fear to anyone," I said and she giggled.

"Agreed," she said. I smiled and then relaxed until sleep found me. Somewhere in the course of the night, I knew that Bella was no longer on the other side of the bed. The temperature in the room had changed and I felt a lot warmer.

I opened my eyes to see that her head was on my chest now and my arm was holding her against me. One of her legs were thrown over mine. Then her hand on my chest started to move around and I knew this wouldn't end well. "Bella…" I called to her hoping to get her to move over.

She didn't, instead she snuggled closer.


Slowly, I moved her leg and then gently rolled her over to the other end of the bed. She mumbled something in her sleep, then pulled the covers over her body. I rub my hand over my face feeling like I was going to lose it.

I thought about getting up and going back to the couch, but I saw that it was still raining. The thunder and lightning aren't as bad as earlier, but I couldn't bring myself to leave her in the room alone.

I laid there in the bed looking up at the ceiling, trying to figure out what the hell was going on with me. Eventually I fell back to sleep.

I knew when morning came because the sun came through my large window as if it was pissed at me or something. Once again my body felt warmer than before; I knew that Bella was close again. This time her back was against my chest while her perfect ass pushed into my morning wood. I placed my hand on her hip hoping to stop her from rocking back against me.

She didn't want to be another notch on my bedpost, and I didn't want whatever it was she wanted. She rocked back against me again; I inhaled her hair holding her tighter to my body. She seemed to fit perfectly against me. I moved my hand over her hip and debated copping a feel of her ass.

"I didn't believe them when they said you were living with a woman again, but I guess they were right," I heard a familiar voice say. Groggy, I opened my eyes and damn near jumped out of my skin.

"Grandma Cullen, when did you get back?" I asked feeling completely busted though I hadn't actually done anything wrong.

I don't think…

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