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Chapter 150

My parents greeted both Alice and Rosalie and I realized that Jasper was nowhere in sight. I thought texting his phone and telling him to run, but he deserved whatever torture Alice was about to put him through.

Emmett and I used to warn him all the time about sleeping with his fans, and the thought that he lied about sleeping with Alice meant he really deserved whatever he got.

"I never took Jasper for the man-whore, I thought it would be Emmett," Bella whispered into my ear and I laughed.

"Nope, Jasper thinks he's the pretty boy. It's about time someone knocked him down a couple," I said with a laugh.

"Then this should be very interesting," Bella replied just as Jasper walked into the room. I grinned at the exact moment his eyes landed on Alice.

"You…" he said pointing at her. Alice looked around the room as if she was trying to figure out who he was talking to. "You're the one from the show in L.A," Jasper said walking over to her. Alice put on her best smile.

"You must be Edward's brother Jasper, it's nice to finally meet you," she said holding out her hand to shake his. I saw the confused look on my parents' face and I mouthed that I would explain later.

"We've met before," Jasper sort of sneered obviously not enjoying this game Alice was playing with him.

"Have we, when?"

"A week ago at my concert in L.A," Jasper tried to whisper. Bella placed her head on my shoulder as we continued to watch the show.

"Hmm, sorry I don't remember. I was visiting Rose in L.A a week ago. Rose did we go to a concert?" Alice asked looking over at Rose now.

"I think so, it was some mediocre band," Rose joked and both of my parents tried not to laugh at the reaction on Jasper's face.

"Oh yeah, I remember now. But I still don't remember meeting you, Jasper. Sorry," Alice said with a smile.

"We met and had dinner…" Jasper said still trying to re-fresh Alice's memory.

"Edward thought I was this woman you are mistaken me for, too. But, he said you slept with her, and I would never sleep with a man I just met," Alice said, then she turned to me and asked where her and Rose's rooms were.

Bella agreed to show them, and I watched as the three of them went upstairs, and Jasper stood there looking defeated.

Emmett was going to be pissed he missed this.

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