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Chapter 205

Carlie started to get fussy and I knew it was because it was almost feeding time. Alice who's been standing off on the side of the stage this entire time must have noticed, because she came up onto the stage.

First she talked to Rosalie, who nodded her head to whatever Rose asked her, then she came over to Bella whispering in her ear.

Whatever she asked, Bella nodded her head as well.

"I'm sorry everyone, but that's all for today. Bella's little one needs to eat and Rose needs her rest," Alice said in front of the microphone. She became Rosalie's Public rep and was acting as Bella's when necessary.

Everyone moaned in protest obviously wanting to talk to Bella and Rose longer. If you left it up to the two of them, they would have stayed. Bella would have feed Carlie on the stage and Rose would have stayed until she fell asleep.

That's where Alice came in.

Neither Rose nor Bella like arguing with Alice.

"If we are able, we'll be back for next year's conference," Alice assured them. Bella and Rose waved goodbye to everyone. Emmett quickly went over to the stage to help Rosalie down. I walked over just as Bella started to come down the steps.

"You did great, Baby," I told her with a smile. She grinned at me and placed a kiss first on my lips and then one on Carlie's forehead.

"I couldn't have if my two favorite people weren't sitting in the front row," she said smiling down at Carlie as she brushed her hand over Carlie's hair.

"You were amazing, Bells," Charlie said coming over and giving Bella a hug.

"Thanks, Charlie," she replied hugging him back.

"You guys ready to go, it's pretty hectic outside and Seth can only hold them off for so long," Sam said coming over to us. Bella smiled over at him. She always smiled when she saw him.

We almost lost him that day on the island, and Bella calls it a miracle that he lived. I had to agree with her.

"Yeah, let's go home," Bella answered taking my hand.


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