bNote/b: This is a story that I wrote with three other people on who go by the names of Falotar, The Archmage, and Cooker. These three authors are writing geniuses. Chapters with an asterisk ( * ) are chapters by Falotar. Chapters with a percent sign ( % ) belong to The Archmage, and chapters with a dollar sign ( $ ) are written by Cooker. Blank ones are writing by myself.

biThe Sovereign/i/b King Riley looked out over his new kingdom. It only consisted of a marketplace, a rogue's guild, the Bread N' Butter inn, an elven guild, a ranger's guild, and a temple to Krypta. It was small, but thriving. There was already about ten houses, and all guilds were full. He had conquered many goblin tribes, Ratmen caves, and even an infamous dragon. Riley always went on the quests with his rogues, to help them. Riley was a very powerful mage. He knew many spells that weren't offered in most libraries. Once he had the money, he planned to construct a wizard's guild. Many of his subjects were very happy here; his marketplace was a perfect place for trading, and of course buying. He wanted this to be a good place for his children to grow up. He had a son of twelve, his only heir. He also had two daughters; his oldest age ten, his youngest, age nine. They were his pride and joy, all three with black hair, and blonde edges. Quinn, his son, had sparkling green eyes, and a lot of color in his cheeks. Adelaide, his eldest daughter had bright blue eyes, that always had a curious glint in them. And his youngest, Carmen, who had been Riley's little miracle. When Carmen was born, her eyes had been white, and she had been announced blind. But she wasn't, she was as healthy as any of her siblings. As she grew, Carmen's eyes had grown color, except she didn't gain just one color; they were always changing. Like a dragon's, they were always changing with her moods, red when she was angry, blue when she was sad, and green, when she was feeling mischievous. She had been a miracle, as she was often called. All of Riley's children already knew what they wanted to be. Quinn wanted to be just like his father; he wanted to be king, and a powerful mage. Adelaide wanted to be a solari, to match her fiery spirit. And Carmen had a strong desire to be a priestess, because it seemed a challenge to her. At nine, she could already wield her own blade, and knew a couple of the monk's moves. She even knew how to cast simple spells, like lighting strike. All that was left to her was to learn the ways of a priestess, and learn their control over powers far beyond others.

Riley sighed as he thought. There had recently been sightings of rock golems, werewolves, and even dyads and deamonwoods. He was worried that they where being controlled by another monarch. Another monarch fighting to take over his kingdom could greatly endanger all citizens, and his family. The other king would try to kill his son first, and then him. The other Sovereign would then be able to take over the kingdom, because, while his daughters would be perfectly healthy, no woman was allowed to rule. Riley sighed again, suddenly feeling like an old man.

"Highness!" came the royal adviser's voice. There has been another rock golem sighting! He's damaged the marketplace terribly, and also a couple of houses."

Riley sighed, and thought, iI guess I'll have to wait on that wizard's guild..../i