Cover image, Galactic Nova-Colored, courtesy of atoms2ashes on DeviantArt.

~A note from management.

This is an AU fic, which follows the anime more so than any other verse. There are many elements of all Kirby games present, however, but to avoid any confusion, this isn't linked to any one canon specifically. I guess you could say I've mixed KSSU with a touch of Crystal Shards and Hoshi No Kaabii, just for the sake of using my 'artistic liberties'. I probably borrowed a slew of other characters from different games, too…

Some OC characters have been added; they may not be recognized right away, but bear with me! Even some canons may seem a wee bit OOC. I've tried to avoid messing with the original personalities of characters, but with such odd ones like Galacta, Marx, or Meta Knight, it's sort of unavoidable. Hell even Kirby's hard to write for.

Since in both the TV show and the games there seems to be a lack of modern day 'technology', such as cars or computers (save starships and televisions…) I've decided to make the setting somewhat 'steam punk', because really, who doesn't love steam punk?

Also, it's probably pretty important to realize this early on, this takes place on one planet. All planets and entities of the games, such as Popstar, Floria, and even Nightmare have been made into their own nations. (H)NME now stands for Holy Nightmare Empire (like HRE, the Holy Roman Empire, hehe, clever, right? * Shot*)

Because why would a steam punk story have interstellar travel? I mean really.

And, lastly, for those who are only familiar with the dubbed anime, I'm using the Japanese names for characters like Memu (Ladylike), Fumu (Tiff), Bun (Tuff), etc. I believe the only exceptions are for Kirby (Kaabii) and Parm (Pamu). Mainly because I like the way 'Parm' sounds.

And lastly-lastly, shout out to DoceoPercepto. Without having read some awesome fics like "There Are Worlds Beyond This One" or "Leech", or hearing equally awesome advice, I'd have never gotten the drive to write this.

So, check out their stuff, if you haven't already! Quality stuff.

TL;DR, Steampunkish mix of KSSU, CS, and anime, bluh, bluh, bluh.


P.S Reviews are awesome!