The next morning, Sakura stood over the stove as she cooked breakfast. She kept the menu light, sticking with the safe bet of eggs and toast.

She couldn't help but get lost in thought as she started to prepare everything. She was positive Sasuke was on the same page as her. He wanted her to live with him, she wanted to live with him. He was attracted to her and she was very much attracted to him. They got along, he'd open up to her, etc. etc. She couldn't picture herself falling out of love with him and she couldn't help but think about what a future with him would be like.

They'd live here until he finished up with the Uchiha district and then they'd probably move in there. Sasuke was a fairly traditional guy, so there was no telling when he'd propose. Though his version of a proposal was probably going to be terribly laid-back and casual. He wasn't the type of guy to plan out something elaborate and try to surprise her.

No, if anything he'd probably look at her one day and just ask like he was asking her about the weather. They would eventually get married though, and she could imagine them doing this quite often. Getting up, her cooking for him and then simply starting their days. Some day they'd even have kids and that kind of thinking was something she definitely didn't mind pushing off for another day. She wanted kids, but there was a little more drama in that than she could possibly handle right now.

Thankfully the bathroom door opened and she just happened to glance back. The sight was enough to kick all thoughts out of her head besides the fact that Sasuke was standing there with only a towel around his waist. The only thought that came to mind was that she was proud of herself. Sasuke was definitely a very, very handsome man and he was her very, very handsome man. That was enough to bring just a small smirk to her lips before she turned back to what she was doing, finishing up as she divided the food for the both of them.

The Uchiha disappeared into the bedroom for a while before emerging fully clothed, though his hair still looked a bit wet.

"Smells good," Sasuke said as he entered the kitchen.

Sakura looked over her shoulder at him. She could only smile gently at him and shrug as she finished what she was doing.

"You have good timing. I was about to start eating without you though. I think you take longer than me to get ready."

She was obviously joking with him as she went to the table and set him a food of plate down along with her own.

Sasuke rolled his eyes. "Maybe I do. But that just means you should take longer," he joked in return.

"It's alright to admit it Sasuke. You just like to look good for the ladies, I get it. You don't have to be jealous of my natural beauty or the fact."

She was obviously joking with him, her tone sarcastically saying it all. He was right though, it should take her longer than him to get ready, but there had never been an occasion where she felt the need to really put much effort into her appearance besides the usual fixing of her hair and dressing.

She didn't wear make-up due to the fact she usually ran around all day, but on rare occasions she liked to make herself feel noticed. She could only wonder how Sasuke would react the first time she really tried to dress herself up. She knew he'd notice, he was ever the observer, but it was more a question of if he would react, not how.

"Yes, because I have such a vested interest in what 'the ladies' think of me. I like to play the field. Didn't you know that you're only one of my many girlfriends? All those times I pretended to be annoyed by random girls flirting with me were a lie," he answered with a sarcastic scoff.

"So Ino doesn't really believe that we're dating. She's fairly positive I'm full of it," she added with a quiet and shaky chuckle.

She knew she was starting to tread in dangerous waters. If she brought up the fact that she told Ino, it wouldn't be long before Sasuke connected the dots to the fact she told Ino yesterday, only to connect that to her drinking with Ino yesterday and then the lecture was sure to come spilling out. She didn't want to feel the anticipation anymore though and just get it out in the open. Sasuke had been annoyed last night, she knew that, but she was sure he'd forgiven her. If anything, the lecture was just going to be to try and avoid the whole issue again.

"Let her think what she wants. Even if she doesn't see us out together at all, she'll believe you for sure when you move in here," he said with a shrug.

And it didn't slip past Sasuke when Sakura brought up Ino, whom she had mentioned was drunk as well last night.

"Did you and Ino discuss this last night, when you were drinking?" he asked.

It started out as an innocent enough question, but a lecture was coming. "You know walking home alone late at night when you're drunk is dangerous, don't you? And you were loud, yelling things that should have been private. It's inappropriate."

She'd give him the point that she'd been stupid in walking home alone, but he wasn't going to win this argument. She was absolutely positive it wasn't going to be the last time he saw her drunk.

"Okay." She picked up a piece of toast, glancing it over once. "I'm sorry for walking home drunk last night. It was stupid of me, I'll give you that, and I'm grateful that I ran into you and that you took care of me."

She looked over at him as she took a bite, setting the toast down and leaning forward. "But I'm not apologizing for drinking. It was my choice, I wanted to do it and so I did."

The smirk on Sasuke's face quickly faded. She stood up and kissed his cheek before taking her plate, minus the toast over to the sink where she began to wash it.

"When I get so stressed that I can barely think straight, it's a way for me to just stop caring for one night. Don't get me wrong, I'm happy, but I just needed a small time out. I don't want to always think about how much time I have left before you leave for a mission or the fact you may or may not come back. I don't want to think about that patient at the hospital that died because I'm not quite sure what happened or if it was my fault or not. I don't want to think about you meeting my father and the fact you two will probably hate each other." She let out a sigh and put the plate, now clean, aside.

He finished his food and brought his plate to the sink as well. The wheels in his brain were still turning as he washed his own plate and set it aside to dry. She leaned against the counter, well prepared for him to start lashing out the reasons on why she shouldn't drink.

Then he was finally ready to speak. "I will forgive you for attempting to walk home drunk without me. But I have a condition. Next time you feel the need to drink, don't do it in public. Bring Ino here if you have to."

He was actually telling her to bring Ino Yamanaka, someone who he didn't go out of his way to even pretend to like, into his apartment and drink away. It was shocking.

"I think you just proved how much you love me." The rosette laughed as she reached forward and tugged on his shirt, pulling him down so she could kiss him.

"You mean you didn't already know how much I love you? After what we did in the shower earlier this morning? I guess I'll just have to show you again later." he said, teasing.

"Eh, I wasn't really paying attention in the shower."

She waved her hand like it had been nothing, though when she rolled her eyes and started laughing it was clear she was joking. Sasuke was very, very easy to get distracted by just by simply looking at him. He had to of known this, or at least known of the effect he had on her. It was impossible for her to just ignore him. Especially without clothes.

Still, Sasuke deadpanned. "Oh really? I'll bet you pay attention next time."

She looked up at him a humored expression crossing her features. She knew that he'd take that as a challenge, and she wasn't going to lie, that comment alone made her reconsider going for a run, but it was something that needed to be done. Sakura could only lightly laugh.

"I think I could deal with that. Thank you." She smiled at him before tilting her head in the direction of the door. "When you're ready we'll go."

She was thanking him for a lot of reasons, but mainly for the fact he didn't turn the entire thing into a fight. It easily could have, also, something she was sure Sasuke was well aware of.

He nodded. "I'm ready."

He started heading for the door. "What route do you take when you run?" he asked, curiously.

Sasuke wasn't a romantic guy. She knew this and she knew that he knew that she knew this. So she highly doubted the day would come where he would show up at her doorstep with flowers just because or anything like that. Hell, he wouldn't even kiss her in public.

Sasuke made up for all of that though with a different approach. There were those rare occasions he'd do something that would completely floor her and it would remind her how much he cared. Offering to let Ino come to his apartment was huge, as was the fact he was compromising with her and not flat out telling her he was going to get his way. Not that she needed him to prove anything, but it was certainly nice every so often.

"I usually take the main road all the way around. It's a few good miles and it's clear this time of day so there won't be that many people. We can go a different route if you want. I just want to run." She turned and followed him out of the apartment, watching as he locked the door. "If you want, we can go outside of the village. You wouldn't be able to go by yourself, but we can go if you're with me. I occasionally go for runs outside of here. It's relaxing."

Sasuke nodded "Your usual route is fine."

"Okay, usual route it is then."

She smiled at him before turning her attention ahead as they left the apartment building. She knew that Sasuke was just as annoyed, if not more so, by the stares that were coming from the villagers. She wanted to go anywhere else to escape them, but the longer they avoided the public eye the longer it would take for it's attention to fall off of them.

She slowed to a stop as she started to stretch, loosening herself up for the run. Sasuke began to stretch as well.

The last thing she wanted to do was to twist an ankle the first time she was actually doing something somewhat related to training with Sasuke. She wasn't weak, not anymore at least, but he had nothing to compare that too. She wanted to make a good impression, even if it was only running.

"So what was it exactly that I was saying to you last night that was so 'inappropriate?'" She looked over at him and grinned.

She was keeping her voice lowered so the conversation between them could be private but she knew it was still going to bug him with the fact she dared to bring it up outside of his apartment. What could she say though? She enjoyed pressing his buttons.

Sasuke frowned. "Hn," he grumbled, looking less annoyed than she'd expected.

He finished his stretching in silence, then looked at her and smirked. "You're too slow. I'm going on ahead. Try and catch up."

And then he took off running along the route she'd mentioned earlier, not even waiting for her.

"Hey! Sasuke!" Sakura called out in surprise.

She looked up at him, a deadpanned expression on her features before she slowly started to smirk, something she realized she had been doing a lot lately. She'd been hanging out with Sasuke too much.

She knew exactly what he was doing though, his answer having been enough proof. Sakura must have said something embarrassing if he wouldn't even answer her, but she hadn't really been expecting much. Sasuke was definitely not one for P.D.A., that much was clear.

Rolling her eyes, she took off after him, a good twenty seconds passing before she finally caught up to him. "C'mon, if you're gonna run ahead at least set a decent pace."

She stole a glance at him, a small smile on her face before she looked back ahead and started to run ahead just a little bit. She didn't necessarily mean it as a challenge, though he was sure to take it as such, but in all truths, he was taking it a bit slow.

Stamina had always been Sakura's problem in her training. She couldn't ever imagine having as much as Sasuke or Naruto did, but it was something she took extremely seriously whenever she trained for it. The pace she was running now was what she usually kept up but she was sure she could go faster if she wanted too. The last thing she wanted was for Sasuke to see her as weak.

That was one of the reasons she never joined in on his training sessions and never bothered with inviting him to hers. She wasn't as strong as him or Naruto, not by any means, and she was terrified that if he wasn't impressed, if that was the right word, than he'd rethink being with her for future reasons and that'd be that. Even running was stepping out of her comfort zone.

When Sasuke caught up to her, she couldn't help but steal a glance. In the end, she wound up going so far as to take a double take. She had expected him to have a smug smirk on his face, like he usually did when he was about to mock her or challenge her further. Instead, he just had his usual, calm expression, settling into the tempo she had set without so much as a peep from him. It threw her off for one, but in a good way. It was nice, just being with him. Sure she enjoyed a challenge every now and then, but she had no qualms with just being with him either.

Sakura's attention fell to the road ahead, a small smile on her face. There were a few people staring but she didn't care. This was what she had wanted and she was definitely basking in the fact that she was finally letting the world know that she was with Sasuke. Even if they were just running, that act alone was still proof enough that they were together. They weren't even hardly seen together in public before-hand.

"If you want to spar any, we can go to the training grounds. I'm kind of in the mood to train a little," Sakura offered.

She looked up at him and raised an eyebrow. She knew Sasuke was stronger than her and that he'd take any spar seriously, so she knew she'd lose, but still, she wanted to know if she could hold her own against him for at least a little while. It made her feel slightly vulnerable, but she was guessing she'd avoided training with him for long enough. It was bound to happen sometime, with the way Sasuke was.

"I don't want to spar," he answered.

"You not wanting to train? That's a hard one to believe. Why?"

She glanced up at him and raised an eyebrow. It wasn't like he was rejecting her, at least not rejecting her like when they were younger, but something seemed off.

Sasuke was always looking to train and if it had been Naruto asking he probably would of said yes. Maybe he really did see her as something fragile and not worth his energy. She more than likely wasn't even a challenge to him, but still, training was training and he was turning her down.

Sakura wasn't sure if she'd ever be able to answer the question of why Sasuke was with her. He used to hate her, he'd admitted that, too. Sure she'd grown up a lot, but she still had her moments where she did something irrationally or reckless as Sasuke had put it. She had no idea what caused him to think differently of her, but she knew he loved her.

That was the only reason she didn't want it to turn into an argument that he'd turned her down. He wouldn't have without his reasons, yet she could only hope those reasons were something she could agree with. Otherwise, she wasn't sure she could keep that whole 'no arguing' thing up.

"Sparring with you would not turn out well. My preferred style of sparring is more suited to someone like Naruto," he said, frowning as if he knew she wouldn't be happy. "When Naruto and I train together, we're reckless. We go all out. It's common for both of us to end up injured."

As he tried to explain to her as to why he didn't want to train with her, she couldn't help but feel a small blow to her pride. She knew she wasn't as strong as him, and she also knew that he was aware of that as well. If that weren't the case, she would of kicked his ass and brought him home years ago.

Here he was though, simply declining her request to train all because he didn't want to hurt her. Sure, that sounded like a great reason and all in most situations, but when it came to training, being on a level that a guy like Sasuke flat out refused to spar with her made her feel like all the training she had done had been for nothing.

"I'm not the same twelve year old girl anymore."

She slowed to a stop, thankful for the fact they were on a section of the road in a more secluded spot, not a single person in sight. Sasuke stopped with her and turning to look at her.

Running with Sasuke had been relaxing, and if she had kept her mouth shut, it probably would of been after a few minutes of silence, but this was a sensitive topic for her. The only reason she had stopped was because she was trying to keep herself together. She didn't want to cry, not when she was trying to prove to him she wasn't weak.

"I've been trying the past five years not to be like that. I was finally starting to believe that I was catching up to you guys, but I'm not even close. You, Naruto and Kakashi, you guys are the strongest this village has to offer and I... I'm just..." She trailed off as a sigh escaped her, Sakura forcing herself to calm down.

"I know you're not the same little girl that used to practically stalk me."

Sasuke sighed, running his hands through his hair and looking frustrated. "This isn't about you not being as strong as me. It isn't about strength at all. I love you and that's why I can't. I just can't train with you."

It was obvious he was getting frustrated, and that only caused the frown on her face to deepen. Even when he looked so unsure of himself she still couldn't bring her expression to even lighten up a fraction of an inch. It made her uneasy that he couldn't give her a straight answer, even if he did claim it not to be about strength.

"Sasuke, it's not like you're trying to kill me or anything, it's just training. You know, trying to prevent the people out there that actually are trying to kill me from doing so. There isn't always going to be someone to come save me if I get in trouble and I figured you out of everyone else would want me to at least be able to hold my own," Sakura pleaded.

She was the one getting frustrated now, the tears pricking at her eyes evidence enough of that.

"Just forget I said anything," she added.

It was obvious she was mad and upset, but she honestly didn't know what to say to him either. She had assumed he would have jumped at the idea of them training together, or rather him training her for the most part. Clearly she had been wrong, but she just didn't understand why.

"I'm not going to forget you said anything."

He looked away, frowning. "What you said is just it. I did try to kill you. I wanted you dead and even simple sparring reminds me of that feeling. It's sickening." His voice was harsh, disgust in his voice.

It took everything she had not to take a step away from him. She knew he'd read into her body language and the last thing she wanted was for him to think he scared her. She could admit though she was caught off-guard. She wasn't sure if it was his tone or actually what he said that really got to her, either.

"That's why?"

She wasn't mocking his reason, she knew that'd be a very bad decision on her part, but she still couldn't really hide the surprise. All Sakura could do was simply stare at him for the span of a few breaths before she dared to move closer to him.

There was no hiding the fact that in one point in time, Sasuke would of liked nothing more than to see her, and everyone else from Konoha for that matter, dead. This wasn't the same Sasuke though, this was herSasuke.

"When you first came back, everytime I looked at you, that was all I saw. The guy who tried to kill me. I was scared of you and I didn't trust you." As she reached him she placed a hand on his arm, reaching up the other to brush the hair out of his face. "I do now, and I know you wouldn't ever try to hurt me."

"Hn." Sasuke avoided eye contact.

She sighed and gave him a half-hearted smile. She wasn't necessarily angry or upset anymore, just worried. She had no idea he still thought about those kinds of things.

"I'm sorry," she added quietly.

"You don't have to be sorry. Someday I may be able to train with you, but not today," he said, trying to reassure her.

She was still disappointed that he wouldn't train with her, but his feelings on that particular topic were more than clear to her. She didn't really understand why it upset him so much, but his reasons were something that Sakura could respect. It wasn't a secret that Sasuke wasn't the most emotional of characters, and with him anything that involved someone's feelings would take baby steps. Hell, it took him being to the point of complete exhaustion to get him to say he loved her.

He sighed. "We should just run."

Sakura nodded. "We can just run, that's fine."

She paused as she turned his head so he would look at her. "I don't hold any of that against you, I hope you know. You don't have to be sorry, either."

She gave him a soft smile before she leaned up and gave him a short kiss. "I love you."

"I love you too," he said, though more quietly than her.

She slowly pulled away from him as she started to walk back down the road in the direction they had been heading.

"C'mon, I really want a shower." She glanced over her shoulder at him to see his reaction to her comment. "I haven't decided if I'm going to lock you out or not."

She smiled at him, pushing the fact that they had just fought aside. She hated fighting with him, but she couldn't stay mad. She was beginning to think that she really would never win a fight with him simply because she just hated herself when she was angry at him. Stupid Uchiha charm.

He started to walk as well. "If you lock me out this time I just might leave you alone. I'm sure I could find something more interesting to do than you."

"Oh yeah, something more interesting than me?"

"There are lots of things more interesting than you. Tomatoes, for instance." Sasuke retorted.

She let out a scoff and rolled her eyes at him. By his tone, she knew he was joking. Sasuke usually wasn't one to turn that certain activity down, in fact, she could only remember one time where he had, and it was vague. She couldn't really remember hitting on him when she was drunk, but by his brash avoidance of the topic of whatever she said to him, she was assuming she had.

"I have this crazy hunch that you'll change your mind," she taunted.

She knew what she was about to do to him was going to either A. make him rush her home, B. piss him off, or C. both. She couldn't help herself, because it was something that she normally did so often, she wasn't going to think a thing of it.

Before she picked up the pace though, she tugged at her shirt, pulling it off over her head and revealing the sports bra underneath. It wasn't uncommon to see kunoichi training so casually around the village but even she was aware of the view lingering stares she'd get on occasion. Sakura had a toned, nice body, so it wasn't a surprise to her. All she did was tie the shirt around her hips and then took off at an even paced jog.

Sasuke sped up his pace, catching up to her easily then slowed down to match hers. "Are you trying to irritate me?"

She laughed at his question only because she knew exactly what he was saying to her. He wouldn't have even brought up the subject if he wasn't irked by her taking her shirt off. As bad as it was, it made her feel slightly special that he could get annoyed by the fact that other guys were looking at her.

"Me, irritate you? The guy that just ranked a piece of fruit over me? Never."

She laughed again as they followed the curve of the road into a busier section of the village.

Sakura had already lost count of the number of head turns they got by the time they passed the third store. There were a number of reason people could be staring, Sasuke being a big enough reason all in himself. He was a former missing-nin, he was a private guy which got the older gossips talking, and he was definitely not an eye sore, which was the reason for is fan base.

She wasn't bad looking and in the current situation, she was getting more stares than normal. Plus, she was running next to him, further confirming the rumors that had been floating around. There was plenty of reasons and all they could do was try to ignore it all.

She smirked at him. "If it bothers you, I can always put it back on. Just say the word."

She knew that last little comment would just be like rubbing salt in the wound for Sasuke. All he had to do was just ask her and she'd be more than happy to put her shirt back on, but by telling him he had to simply ask and admit to something bothering him was something she wasn't sure he could do. Sasuke was a prideful guy, and the last thing she was sure he wanted was to show he could get jealous. She wasn't sure why; it wasn't like he hadn't proved that enough by the whole Ronan fiasco.

"It doesn't bother me," he answered, sounding casual.

She just rolled her eyes at his statement of not being bothered. That was a flat out lie, because as much as Sasuke was ever the egoist, he was just that much possessive. Those were all due to the fact that he liked to be the dominant male in most settings, and the last thing someone like him wanted was a guy trying to make a move on his girlfriend. She knew Sasuke loved her, and any other guy that tired a pass at her would probably only get a punch to the fact.

Sakura swore she saw a hint of a smirk on his face, but by then it was too late.

Sasuke was very fast, and he used all his speed to completely disappear from sight, reappearing in front of Sakura and catching her as she ran. Then he disappeared again, this time with her, leaving only a whirlwind of leaves where they were. It was so fast that a person could miss it if they blinked.

They reappeared on top of the Hokage mountain, high up about the village and all alone. He still had his arm around her waist, not letting go of her just yet. Instinctively she wrapped her arms around him, trying to get her bearings before she dared to loosen up her grip on him. Her breathing was heavy as she looked around, though she was quite aware of the arm still placed around her waist.

"But maybe I'm bothered in a different way," he muttered into her ear.

"Bothered by a different way, huh? In what way might that be?" She finally looked up at him, a smirk on her face. She knew exactly what he meant, but for whatever reason, she was gettng a kick out of teasing him today. Apparently it was working, too, if he couldn't even wait the length of a run to get her alone again.

"Maybe I'm bothered by your presence in general. I could leave you stranded up here and go back to my nice little run without any distractions.," Sasuke taunted.

He was still holding her close, his other hand also around her waist now. "Or maybe I'm bothered in a way that makes me want to get you alone. Which one do you think it is?"

She laughed. She knew that she didn't bother him, well, at least not enough so that he'd leave her on top of a mountain.

"Well, I'd like to say that second one, but I know better than that. You did say you found a tomato to be more interesting than me. You can't be that attracted to me if that was true." She was tracing circles on his chest before she snaked her arms around his neck, shrugging ever so slightly as she spoke.

"If you want to be more interesting than a tomato, then maybe you should make an effort to be more interesting," he teased back.

"I'm not bothered by being dull. No, what I'm bothered about is the fact that my boyfriend is more attracted to a fruit than to a girl. That has to be some kind of red flag."

She rolled her eyes and shook her head, her hands still running through his hair. Playing games like this with Sasuke was definitely becoming something that she could consider a favored past time.

Sasuke smirked. "I never said I was attracted to the tomato. I just said I find it interesting. You may be dull, but you're much more attractive than any tomato."

"Hah, you best be happy I don't make you choose between me and tomatoes. I'm sure I wouldn't like the answer, but at least I wouldn't be wasting my time anymore." She smirked at him, feeling slightly pleased with her come back.

She noticed Sasuke had a habit of contradicting himself when it came to things like paying her compliments. It was no surprise to her to hear his calling her attractive coupled with an insult.

"Time spent with me is never a waste. Besides, I wouldn't choose the tomatoes right away. I'd have to think about it first. Maybe for a whole minute before I decided I love tomatoes more than you," he teased.

She gave a fake pout. "A whole minute, huh? I'm sure I'll be fidgeting under all that anticipation."

He appeared amused. "It might take me a little longer to make up my mind now. That red color on your cheeks kind of makes you look like a tomato."

Sasuke had an ego on him, and oh what a power she could have if she could just figure out how to manipulate it. Sasuke was not an easy guy to read though, and to tell the truth she really didn't know if anything she said or did had remotely the desired effect she was trying to convict on him.

She narrowed her eyes. She knew he was only joking around, which was the only reason she wasn't actually mad about the slew of insults. If it had been Naruto in this same situation, though comparing a girl to ramen, that would be a completely different story. Sakura would of most definitely kicked the blond's ass by now.

She wanted to kiss him, and this was definitely a secluded enough area that they could, but apart of her also wanted to tease him even further. She wanted to push him to the point where it was driving him crazy, and as much as she wanted him, she could easily put that aside if it meant testing his limits.

"Plus, whatever happened to you being disgusted by me?" she asked.

She raised an eyebrow at him as she slowly ran her hands up his neck and through his hair. Oh yes, her mission was to drive him absolutely insane. "I'd hate for you to have to do anything you don't want to."

"I could say the same for you. You seem to be attempting to seduce me. That's far from being disgusted," Sasuke responded, smirking smugly.

She laughed again. She could hardly call it seducing when he was the one to bring her out here, it was clear that they both wanted the same thing and how this was going to end up. The only question was where they were going to end up

So Sakura didn't hesitate when she slowly brought her hands down from his hair to rest them on his shoulders as she leaned up, bringing her cheek to rest against his.

"Is it working?" Her voice was just above a whisper as she let her breath fan across is ear.

"Of course it's not. You'll have to do much better than that sad effort."

She smiled just enough that she was sure he could feel it before she turned her head, allowing her lips to brush across his jawline though she never applied an ounce of pressure to signify a kiss.

She even went so far as to let the corner of her lips touch his before she pulled back. "No, I couldn't possibly be."

Shaking her head she pulled back as far as his arms would allow, dropping her hands from his shoulders as she looked back to the village. "I better start heading back if I wanna get back before dark since you aren't gonna bring me down."

"And that's why I'm not going to let you go. I'm not above kidnapping, you know. Especially when you're the one I'm kidnapping. You'll just have to stay up here with me." He smirked. "You might have been able to escape if you were a little better at seducing me, but you're clearly not. Honestly, I'm ashamed to have a girlfriend who's so terrible."

His hands never left her waist, showing that he was serious about keeping her there. Sasuke really wasn't above kidnapping Sakura for a little while.

Her smirk didn't last long. She could only frown and drop her hands to her sides, simply looking up at him with a raised eyebrow. "Okay, ya happy? I won't try to seduce you anymore cause apparently I'm that bad."

She sighed and crossed her arms, turning her head towards the village to avoid looking at him.

In all truth, she wasn't done trying to seduce him and she knew exactly what was going on. He was teasing her and in fact she was enjoying it, but Sasuke didn't have to know that. As far as he was concerned, all he needed to think was that she was giving up. He didn't need to know that she was trying to trick him into kissing her first.

Sasuke smirked before he leaned down to whisper in her ear. "You're very cute when you're sulking like this. It's endearing really. Not sexy at all, but adorable none the less."

That caused a blush to form over her features She couldn't help the red tint to her cheeks though. Sasuke's compliments were few and far between and she was so unused to hearing him say things like her being cute or anything of the sorts she couldn't help but blush. Yet him saying she wasn't meant to be sexy caused her flushed out cheeks to return to normal real quick.

His grip around her waist loosened and one of his hands found its way to the small of her back, drawing little designs with his finger.

"But maybe you just weren't meant to be sexy. Being cute is alright too, if you're into that sort of thing. I like my girls smoking hot though," he said, his index finger ever so lightly tracing up her back along her spine, causing her to shiver.

As good as it felt though, she wanted him to take back the comment that implied she wasn't 'smoking hot.' It was a blow to her pride that he would even joke about something like that. Not that she'd ever let him see that, but still, even she liked hearing she was gorgeous every now and then.

So she took advantage of his loosened grip, pulling fully away from him and placing a hand on his chest. "I'm not sexy?"

Sasuke laughed lightly and let her keep her distance. "Not at the moment, no. You're only cute."

The frown on her face wasn't so forced anymore. With most guys, that was usually a compliment to be called cute, with Sasuke though, he had already given her his ranking system and she was falling down in the average zone with every other girl. She didn't want to be roped in with everyone else, at least, not by him.

"Way to dig yourself a hole, Uchiha."

He didn't look bothered. "But earlier, when you were running, that was hot. And when you were holding me so tightly when I brought us here, you looked very pretty."

Then he paused, appearing to think. "But smoking hot... That was when you were watching the fireworks and you looked so happy as you watched all the different colors. That was the first time I really liked you as more than a friend you know."

She couldn't help but to start blushing again, even more so when he told her when he started to see her as something more than a friend.

"Tch. You and your stupid charm," she mumbled.

She laughed gently as she took a step towards him, reaching up and patting her hand against his cheek. "A little word of wisdom though. When you're dating a girl, and you want to keep dating her, you always, always tell her that she is the most beautiful girl you've ever seen, even if they look horrible. You're lucky I already love you."

She leaned forward, though instead of giving in and just kissing him, she instead moved at the last second and placed a kiss on his cheek instead before she pulled away and turned her back to him, slowly walking away from him.

Sasuke merely frowned. He stepped forward and placed his arms back around her waist, pulling her back against his chest. Sakura knew she had him. She loved when he would hold her like this, pulled against his chest. She could hear him breathe, feel his heart against her shoulder and she felt warm. There wasn't a single person that could get to her when she was close to him like this and it was comforting in a way.

"I'm surprised that it's necessary for me to say this. You are the only beautiful girl I've ever seen. And the only one I would even consider cute.," he said quietly.

She couldn't help the smile that damn blush returning to her cheeks tenfold. "It's not necessary, but I like hearing it."

"I'll have to remind you every so often then," he said.

Sakura smiled. "It wouldn't hurt."

Then he leaned down and planted a gentle kiss on her neck, though if he was actually facing her he would have given in and given her a real kiss. "And I'm not done with you yet. I'm kidnapping you for a little while."

She leaned her head back as she felt him kiss her neck, laughing quietly. She trailed her hands down his arms to his hands where she pulled them far enough away from her so she could turn around to face him.

"I think I'm okay with being kidnapped by you for awhile," she answered.

It was safe to say that Sakura was done with her teasing for now as she slid her arms around his neck as she pulled herself up to kiss him. Sure she had wanted him to kiss her first, but that compliment he had given her was enough to turn her to putty in his hands.

It was times like these where she liked being serious with him. She wanted to know what he felt, enjoyed the feeling that it was only the two of them and everything else was blocked out. Right now, she could forget about everything from the stress of her busy routine to the rocky history she had with the said boy. He made her feel alive, and she just didn't care about the rest of the world when it came down to him. She'd choose him every time.

Sasuke laughed lightly, smiling just a little. "I don't think you understand the concept of kidnapping. It doesn't matter if you're okay with it. You have no choice in the matter."

He smirked, looking devious. "I'm giving you warning this time."

Then a split second later he whisked them off, landing on the roof of his apartment building. As before she couldn't help but latch onto him, caught off-guard by her new surroundings. Even with that warning she still hadn't been prepared to move so fast, then again, it wasn't like she had a sharingan to help her see. It was just one moment she was looking at the top of the Hokage's tower and the next she was overlooking the hospital and the sound of the village was bustling right beneath her.

"See, you have no choice," he joked.

"Yeah, but you're the kidnapper who is too cocky in thinking he can kidnap a shinobi, in their own village, in broad daylight. Plus, you're also kidnapping a girl who has a mean boyfriend who could probably kick your lame-kidnapping-ass."

She raised an eyebrow at him but gladly let him take her hand, interlacing her fingers with his as they headed down towards his apartment.