Soldier Epilogue

Six Years Later

Thirty year old Annabeth Jackson had just gotten off work and she was extremely excited. It was her and Percy's fifth wedding anniversary this weekend, and they planned on taking a long weekend to Montauk. A lot of things had changed since Annabeth and Percy's wedding. Percy was now the head marine biologist at the New York Aquarium, Annabeth and Malcolm owned their own successful architecture business in New York. Luke was now a detective and partners with Nico, Katie still worked for the police force but was now a Lieutenant. Nico had the chance to move up but said he could barely handle the responsibility in his personal life and that Katie deserved the offer more than he did. Frank was still a P.E. teacher while Hazel had become Goode High's newest vice principal. Leo now owned a successful chain of mechanic shops throughout New York and New Jersey, while Reyna was now a partner at her law firm. Jason and Piper lived in New York while Jason worked for Zeus and was slowly starting to take over the company completely, and Piper owned her own design label, something Annabeth and Thalia both loved wearing.

But their business lives weren't the only things that changed although Leo and Reyna still weren't married and didn't plan on getting married they were still very much in love and were expecting their first child. Jason and Piper had three children, a set of four year old twins Aden and Allie, and a one year old son Cole. Frank and Hazel had a two year old daughter named Rebecca or Becca for short. Nico and Katie had a three year old son named Nathan and they just found out they were expecting a little girl, something Nico couldn't be more proud and scared of. Thalia and Luke also had a set of five year old twins a boy and a girl named Callie and Carter, Annabeth and Percy's god children.

Opening her front door Annabeth was assaulted with loud screaming kids/father, silly string and water guns. Her three year old son Jake was standing on top of the coffee table as he tried to hit his sister with the water gun but instead hit his father straight in the face. Their oldest child Lucy who was now five was crouched down behind the couch as she laughed at the look on her father's face. Her family didn't notice her until she shut the door all three faces turning to look at her with wide eyes and panicked faces.

"What is going on here?" Annabeth asked setting her hands on her hips with an angry.

"It's not what it looks like" Percy said quickly.

"Oh really because it looks like you guys are having a water gun and silly string fight in my nicely cleaned home, without me" Annabeth said a smile breaking out on her face.

Jake and Lucy cheered before attacking each other again. Percy smiled as he walked towards her wrapping her into a hug "I missed you wise girl" he said kissing her lightly on the lips.

Annabeth smiled "I missed you to seaweed brain" she said before pressing her lips onto his again.

They broke apart at the sound of their children "Ewww" they said both sticking their tongues out in disgust.

Percy and Annabeth laughed "Well if you think it's so gross what if we kissed you" Percy said letting go of Annabeth and moving towards his daughter as Annabeth moved towards Jake.

"Daddy no" Lucy screamed and ran away.

"Mommy" Jake warned putting his finger out just like Annabeth does when she's warning her children. Jake was the perfect replica of Annabeth, but he had Percy's green eyes and his habit for getting into trouble. Lucy was the perfect replica of Percy except she had Annabeth's grey eyes something Percy couldn't be happier about but she also had Percy's talent of getting into trouble, but thankfully both kids took Annabeth's brains.

Annabeth just smiled at her son "You'd better run Jakey" Jake's eyes widened as he ran off down the hall.

Thirty mintues later the family of four lay on the living room floor with large smiles on their faces and breathing heavy.

"Can we do that again, that was fun?" Jake asked.

"Yeah can we daddy?" Lucy asked

Percy groaned "I don't think so buddy, daddy is very tired now".

Jake pouted and turned to his mom "Please mommy".

"I'm sorry buddy but daddy and I are both tired, but I think I know something that'll cheer you up" Annabeth said with a smile.

Jake and Lucy immediately perked up "What is it mommy?" Lucy asked.

"Well since its mommy and daddy's anniversary were going to stay in Montauk, and you two are going to stay with Grandma Sally, Grandpa Paul and Auntie Gracie.

"Yeah" both of the kids yelled making Annabeth and Percy smile.

"Alright you two go upstairs and clean up your rooms and start packing your bags, while daddy and I clean up down here" Annabeth said.

"Okay" they both yelled jumping up and running up the stairs.

Percy laughed sitting up "I wish I had half the energy they have, I feel so old".

Annabeth smiled patting his shoulder "Don't worry seaweed brain you are old".

Percy glared at her "By one year".

"Still your old sweetie now get up and help me clean this mess so we can go on our weekend vacation" Annabeth said standing up.

Percy instantly smiled thinking about getting away for a romantic weekend for his wife and immediately started cleaning.

Two and a half hours later Percy and Annabeth stood in front of Sally and Paul's front door both carrying back packs full of toys and clothes and each held a half asleep child. After Percy and Annabeth were done cleaning the house they found the kids asleep on their beds. But they both knew once they saw their grandparents and aunt who they absolutely adored they would be wide awake.

"You guys showed up right in time, we just finished cooking dinner" Paul said opening dinner.

"Thanks Paul but were just dropping the kids off, we have dinner plans before we head to the cabin" Percy said stepping into the house.

"Who said I was inviting you, I was talking about my adorable grandkids" Paul said taking Lucy from Percy's arms "Lucy, sweetie wake up" Paul said softly as Sally came into the room.

"Oh my sweet babies" Sally said with a huge smile.

Percy smiled "I missed you to mom".

"I wasn't talking to you sweetie I was talking to my sweet grand babies" Sally said taking Jake out of Annabeth's arms.

Percy pouted "You two really know how to make a person fell loved".

"Don't pout Perce, their just excited" Annabeth said wrapping her arm around his shoulder.

"Are they here?" Gracie yelled from upstairs instantly making Jake stir. Gracie came down the stairs instantly running towards her mother who was holding an almost awake Jake "Jakey Pooh you're here".

Jake's eyes opened wide "Auntie Gracie" he yelled with a huge smile making his sister wake up in Paul's arm and everyone else laugh.

Gracie smiled "Hey buddy. Are you excited for our fun filled weekend?"

Jake nodded his head "I'm real excited".

"Mmmm hey Grandpa Paul" Lucy said with a big yawn.

Annabeth shook her head "Diffidently Percy's daughter" she muttered making Sally laugh.

"You should have seen him as a teenager" Sally said setting down Jake.

"Oh I'm sure I will in a couple of years" Annabeth said looking at her two children.

"Hey now I wasn't that bad" Percy said deffensivly.

"Sure you were sweetie. But we should get going if we want to make our reservation" Annabeth said.

Percy nodded his head "Yeah, thanks again for watching them. Their clothes, favorite toys, and blankets are in their bags. We'll be back late Sunday evening" Percy said.

Annabeth crouched down in front of Jake "You listen to grandma and grandpa and Aunt Gracie okay, I want you to be my good big boy".

Jake smiled "I be your good big boy mommy".

Annabeth smiled wrapping her baby into a hug "I know you will baby, I love you" she said kissing his cheek.

"I love you to mommy" Jake said before climbing onto Gracie's lap to tell her about his new truck.

Percy took a yawning Lucy out of Paul's arms "Sweetie mommy and daddy are gonna now".

"Okay daddy bye" Lucy said.

"That's not how you say bye, you have to give me a kiss first" Percy said.

Lucy rolled her eyes looking so much Annabeth, Percy couldn't help but smile "Fine" she said exasperated, kissing her dad's cheek she said "Love you daddy".

Percy kissed her cheek "I love you to sweetie" he said before setting her down and moving towards Jake and picking him up and throwing him into the air making the little boy squeal.

"Daddy" he said laughing "You're silly".

Percy smiled "Yeah buddy I know but it's because I love you".

"I love you to daddy" Jake said hugging him.

"I'll see you in a couple of days buddy" Percy said setting him down and watched as Annabeth said goodbye to Lucy.

"I see you in a couple of days princess, make sure to listen to grandma and grandpa. And I packed your favorite nite nite book in your bag. I love you" Annabeth said.

"Thank you mommy, I love you to" Lucy said hugging her.

"Alright you two get going so you're not late. And Annabeth sweetie don't worry about everything is going to be fine" Sally said hugging her daughter.

Annabeth smiled "I'll try thank you again".

"See you guys in a couple of days love you mom, love you Gracie" Percy said kissing his sisters head and mom's cheek.

"Love you to bro now go have a fun weekend" Gracie said.

"Alright, alright were going" Percy said taking Annabeth's hand and dragging her out of the house and to their car. Before getting in the car Percy pulled Annabeth into his arms "Relax wise girl let's just relax and enjoy out mini vacation".

Annabeth smiled "I'm trying now come on lets go".

After dinner they finally made it to Montauk where Percy dragged in all the luggage as Annabeth walked around the cabin they owned making sure everything was okay "Were gonna have to buy groceries" Annabeth said looking around the kitchen.

Percy didn't say anything as he wrapped his arms around her waist and kissing her neck "That can wait right now all I see is my incredibly sexy wife with no kids in sight".

Annabeth turned around in his arms smiling at him "And what are you going to do about it husband?"

"This" Percy mumbled before crashing his lips onto hers. Annabeth wrapped her arms around his neck as Percy lifted her up carrying her to the bedroom. "Let's work on baby number three" he said between kissing her neck.

Annabeth pushed on his chest "Unless it's coming out of you, think again seaweed brain".

"Come on babe you know we make amazing kids" Percy said.

"I'll think about it, but right now it's not happening. Now shut up and kiss me" Annabeth demanded and pulled Percy's lips onto hers.

Percy didn't bring up the baby talk again until a month later when Annabeth told him she was already pregnant. Eight months later they welcomed baby boy Connor.