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Chapter 10: Eating with my best bro

I think John is one nice motherfucker. I'm also really motherfucking glad that Karkat found such a nice guy. I smiled. We were together a couple years ago but it didn't work out. Though we didn't work out we didn't stop being the same as we were before. We've been best bros since, shoot, um well I don't know, I'm no motherfucking good at math and shit, but the way we became friends was motherfucking miraculous because without each other we might not have still been here an' that is the exact opposite of a miracle…

"Call 911! Call 911! DAMNIT I SAID CALL 9-1-1!" I heard a woman yelling.

She was my mother and she was yelling at my father who had just beaten her and probably killed the lil' motherfucker inside of her. I heard her and my father getting in an argument about who the fuck knows he probably wanted her, not the maid, oh no never the maid to get him a sandwich. I left when it got violent. Off to my room where I could get the headache that had come to me when they were fighting, to go away. The way I did this was pills or pot. I didn't have any weed so I settled for the pills. I wanted the pot, it worked better but I ran out. Pills it was. I sat down on my bed and swallowed three pills. I waited. The headache was still there. I waited it was still there! It wouldn't go away! I took three more pills and waited, then three more, until I fell asleep on the floor as I was walking to the horn pile. Next thing I knew I heard in the distance my mother yelling, a slap, then a punch and the buttons of a phone. I couldn't wake up though so I just tried to relax. It was going to be ok, it had to be for my mother, for my new lil' bro.

I heard the AMT trying to wake me up but I couldn't. I was lifted up to what I couldn't only guess was a gurney and wheeled away from my house. I felt the cold air hit my body, but I didn't shiver. I couldn't shiver. I felt something on my face and I felt air go into my body. It was weird, I wasn't holding my breath but I felt relief from the air going into my body. I wasn't breathing. I heard them talking about some stuff I didn't understand. I felt the ambulance going fast and stop abruptly. I felt my gurney being moved out of the ambulance and move quickly to the warmth of the hospital.

They did lots of tests on me and finally put me in a room with somebody already in there. I heard the person talk to the nurses.

"Why are you putting him in here with me?" he asked bewilderment clear his voice.

"The hospital is too full at the moment and he needs to be in a room with room for the equipment he needs to survive. I hope you don't mind. If you want you can move to another room with somebody else," she replied sweetly.

"Oh, it doesn't matter. A roommates, a roommate," he said "What's wrong with him?"

"He's in a coma," she said.

"Oh," was all the boy could say and with that she checked on me one more time and left the room.

Coma? I'm in a motherfucking coma? I thought and felt the need to cry but my body didn't do anything.

I got no visits from my mother at all. I was working so hard every minute of every hour of every day to move with no improvement until…. I took a breath. Wait? Did I just take a breath? I smiled, opened my eyes, laughed and tried to move but I couldn't do that.

"Great! It looks like the fuck-ass is awake. I'll call the nurse," I heard the boy say. I didn't remember what his name was because I was so busy trying to wake up. The nurse had said it a lot but that didn't jot my memory at all so I stopped trying to remember.

"Good your awake" I heard the nurse say once she got back.

She tried to tell me what was going to happen but I didn't comprehend what she was saying very well. She smiled and tried to spoon feed me. I was a bit embarrassing because I was having a hard time eating the food. She gave me some medicine and left coming back with a doctor who told me I was in a coma….

Be John

Gamzee had been staring at Karkat and I for a good ten minutes and it was starting to get creepy.

"Karkat," I said, "why is he starting at us?"

Karkat was in the middle of taking a bite and he shrugged and pointed to his mouth. He chewed, and chewed and chewed until he swallowed. (In the end he decided to get some food) Took a drink of his soda and looked at me.

"He's deep in thought. He does that a lot. Don't let it get to you he's been through a lot you know?" he said and I nodded understandingly.

Return to being Gamzee

It took months for me to get back to normal. Karkat helped me every step of the way. He was not that bad. He gradually became my best bro until he could go. He had been beaten by his dad and put in the hospital. I told him about my dad, how he beat my mom and me. He had killed my mom in fact while I was in a coma. Karkat's mom was in the hospital too and on the verge of death. I guess if our dad's weren't motherfuckers we would've never become bros. It gave me comfort to know that good can come from bad but this was Karkat's last day at the hospital and I would be alone with no one to be there for me.

"Why do you got to up and leave me?" I asked.

"Because I'm ok now but don't worry, I'll see you every day," he said.


"Really, and if I don't just text, call, or message me," he started to write something down. "This is my phone number, Trollian account," he said and hand the paper to me. On it read the following, 253-555-7439, carcinoGeneticist, I looked at him and closed my eyes. I felt liquid roll down my cheeks and a warm embrace. I smiled.

"Thank you," I whispered and the nurse came in with a crabby looking man.

"Come on you little fucker," he said to Karkat.

Karkat frowned and looked at me. He waved. I waved back he turned and went with the crabby man with no more words but I knew I would see him or hear from him tomorrow. It was just that tomorrow wasn't soon enough. I closed my eyes and fell asleep. Soon I would be out and able to see him of my own free will. With that thought I slipped into a deep sleep….

"Hey Fuck-ass! Wake the fuck up!" Karkat was yelling at me and snapping in front of my face.

Was he already back to see me? Oh wait, no, this is the present. This is now. We are in Taco Bell with his new boyfriend (they never said they were but I could only assume they were boyfriends since they acted like it) and we are eating tacos and burritos.

"I didn't motherfucking all up and fall asleep, I was just thinking," I said trailing off at the end.

John was giving me a weird look. I could understand why though, when I think really hard or get really focused I tend to stare at people; I must've been staring at him.

"I'm sorry, John. Was I all up and staring at you, I didn't mean to," I said and he smiled.

"It's ok, Gamzee, I understand. Sometimes I space out too," he said reassuringly. He sure was a nice motherfucker.

"Why, thank you motherfucker" I said and took a bite of my burrito.

Although Karkat wasn't smiling I could tell he was happy so I looked at him. I looked at the way he was sitting next to John and his body language towards John and me. I laughed out loud.

"Why in the ever loving FUCK are you laughing?" he asked in the most polite way possible.

I shook my head, wouldn't want to tell John out right. I winked at Karkat. He looked at me with an eye brow raised as if to say what? Silently, I looked at John quickly looking back at Karkat. Karkat looked at John and blushed knowing what I meant. Yep, he did. That little motherfucker wasn't dating John. Oh no, he was crushing on John. He kicked me under the table I got up gesturing to Karkat with my body language to get up with me. He rolled his eyes.

"John, I got to get up and make sure this dumbass doesn't do anything stupid," he said and walked with me to the bathroom.

"You are all up and flushing for that motherfucker," I said when we entered the bathroom.

"No," he said not making eye contact with you.

"Yes you are,"

"No I'm not,"



"Yep motherfucker, you are,"


"You don't know that until you try," I said smiling.

"It's too soon," he whispered.

That I could agree on. I hadn't heard of this motherfucker before and I only saw Karkat a few days ago, plus the fact that we're best bros and he tells me everything.

"Ok, I can believe that motherfucker," I said and hugged him.

"Why the fuck would you hug me in the bathroom?!" he yelled right as a man left a stall to wash his hands. I laughed and shrugged.

"I don't know just seemed right," I said and with that we left the bathroom.

John was looking at us funny. He had is eyebrow raised, hand on his chin and was squinting at us.

"What?" Karkat asked nonchalantly.

"Why were you yelling?" he asked.

"I wasn't," was Karkat's response.

"Uh, yeah you were, that was defiantly you. Nobody else could yell that loudly," he said with a giggle.

Karkat blushed and looked at me for help but I gave none and just laughed.


Karkat face palmed and looked at John then at his burrito, groaned, picked it up and headed to the garbage to throw it away. John looked at me, then looked at Karkat, then at his burrito, then threw his away as I continued to eat the rest happily. Once finished with mine I threw all the rappers away as John and Karkat came towards me to ask if I was finished. I nodded. We all headed to the car to go back to my home. They dropped me off and I went into my house. I sighed and giggled. Karkat is one weird motherfucker.