He runs away,

He hides,

What would happen

If they saw the real him?

Would they run?

Would they just like Feliciano better?

Is there anyone who could

Put up with him?

He is angry and stand-offish

On the outside.

But he's just afraid and insecure

On the inside.

The older Italian,

The forgotten Italian.

Who wants nothing more

Than to be loved.

Ignored by the world,

Ignored by his brother,

But there is one

Who truly care for him, alone.

Chocolate hair and emerald eyes.

A warm smile,

But Romano waits for the day

The day he'll get fed up and leave him.

The Spaniard smiles

Living with the anger and stubbornness.

Holds the younger as he cries,

Because he truly loves his henchman.

A/N: Hello! Here's a little poem that I came up with while watching some Spamano AMVs. Just a little drabble about Romano and the Spainard that loves him. :) I might make this into something, who knows... I might make a fic out of this and post it as a second chapter. Tell me what you think? R&R please.