The Princess and the War Hero

Chapter 1: Autumn's Arranged Marriage

Ambala and Ga'Hoole's relations have been going downhill. They have been having a few political issues, as usual when it comes to relations with the kingdoms. Boron, King of Ga'Hoole, is trying to restore relations, but he doesn't know what to do. Aaron, the King of Ambala, seems to hate on Ga'Hoole only as he has a few problems with the kingdom on political reasons.

As Ambala has been with the United Kingdoms of Owl (UKO), the organisation that was started by Ga'Hoole to discuss relations, he thinks that Ambala has no authority of any kind. Also, they had asked the Guardians to help them deal with a group of thieves and that hasn't happened. There are a few other problems, but they dare not deal with the rest.

Allomere has an idea and the Guardian Parliament rules in its favour, as there are no other ideas and all are baffled of any way to end this hate, using political reasoning. They agree to draw up an agreement with Ambala. Peace talks have been organised and Boron and Allomere leave to go and discuss the agreement with Aaron, To stop the war before it becomes all too real. Knowing that there has to be a way, the citizens of both kingdoms hope that the agreement will work as since they know what Pure One wars are like and it would be far worse devastation that what they would think.

When it is presented, Aaron and the governor-general merely frown upon it. Aaron says that it is merely saying that Ga'Hoole has more power than Ambala and if needed, they will combine force, they will have an established trading market better than before and both kingdoms shall not cause a war. Aaron says that he will sign an agreement, if he is the one who writes it.

The Ambalan Cabinet meets and they discuss options. Aaron decides to make the deal stronger by adding one thing to the agreement. Ambala writes the agreement and it is handed to Boron and Allomere. They read it and see that Ambala gets to be second in command when it comes to the UKO and also that they will have to do one thing to make it official.

Aaron remembered that is younger sister had her debutante ball not too long ago and she is almost 17 years old in three months' time. She is practically a member of the high society and is the only thing in Ambala that is precious enough to protect. Aaron Orders to someone from Ga'Hoole tie the knot with his sister, or he would end up going to war with them. The pair of Ga'Hoolian dignitaries are baffled on why has ordered this.

In Aaron's mind he has thoughts of getting rid of her, one way or another, as he is getting sick of living with her and raising her since she was an owlet.

Boron says that he and his betrothed, Barran have not got a prince (simple answer: Josh hasn't been born yet, in fact, he hasn't married Barran and yet he rules the Ga'Hoolian Monarchy) to marry the Ambalan Princess off to. Aaron says that he will call war of someone doesn't take his younger sister off his hands. Allomere then says that he will marry the Princess (even though we all know that he would be after her throne, being the power-hungry traitor he is who makes deals with Pure Ones)to make sure the agreement is signed.

Aaron orders for them to bring in Princess Autumn, who is his younger sister. She then is forced in. Aaron orders the skittish young female to step forward. She is nervous and then is forced forward.

The young spotted owl is the colours of amber, orange/brown, dark chocolate, scarlet red and gold with a hint of black in her plumage. Her eyes are golden brown and she has eye markings around them. She is hearing a translucent white scarf that acts like a hood on her head, which is over a beaded piece that hands over her forehead and a beautiful lavender cloak on her back with a necklace around her neck.

Then under an absurd amount of ochre, Boron sees the bruises upon her face and says to himself "By Glaux, what has Aaron done to this poor girl? He looks like she had been beaten senseless."

Aaron says to his sister that she will be marrying Lord Allomere. Allomere steps forward and takes Autumn's wing and is about to kiss it before she then runs away. They look at Aaron who is smiling an awkward look, seeing as he will not mention what is up with Autumn. Boron decides to see what Aaron is really up to and why his younger sister, who is known as the most beautiful girl in Ambala and is as beautiful as a goddess, has swollen bruises and purple marks on her face.

The agreement is aligned and Autumn tries to run away, before she is caught and is locked in her room. She has dragged through the palace when they found her, causing a ruckus yelling swears and other gibberish that sounds like Naya'va, but badly spoken, at the top of her lungs. Then her age is revealed and Boron starts to criticise him and he specifically points out that he cannot marry off a 16, almost 17 year old girl. Allomere is a bit surprised to hear that the bride that he has been arranged to marry is barely even an adult.

Aaron is about to call war and Boron wouldn't care less if he has to kill him then and there in a bloody duel to the death, however, for the good of Ga'Hoole and Ambala and the peace of the kingdoms, without causing a war that has clearly has nothing to with the Pure Ones, he has no choice but to let the wedding happen. Not even Allomere has a say with it. Ga'Hoole has been somewhat duped when it comes to the agreement. Autumn is basically the item of value as she will prove that the two kingdom's relations won't turn to war.

The wedding day come and Autumn is forced down the aisle. They placed her in a long white cape and a crown. They have the young Princess by the wings and someone behind her back and they forced her down the aisle. She kicks and screams, begging for them to let her go. Her brother silently threatened to hit her if she didn't go through with this and she is cowering in fear. Boron hears this and he would say something to stop the wedding, but when kingdoms are on the brink of war, some might think that it was a sacrifice willing to take.

Boron curses Aaron under his breath for doing such an immoral thing and says he shall burn in Hagsmire for all he has done and all that he thinks he had done to the young female Spotted Owl who is being threatened to stand at the altar.

When it comes to Autumn saying the two words that make or break this situation, she tries not to say anything. Aaron is going to go off at her as she is taking too long just to say the two words. She gets stuck on the "I" as she doesn't want to say the next word. Aaron is getting tired as she clearly is having enough of all of this. He then raises his wing and the frightened and traumatised female screams "I do" loudly in fear. Then the authority says that they are now married and when Allomere leans in for the kiss, Autumn runs off.

After seeing all of this unfolds, Boron realises that she has been beaten from a young age, causing her to be in this traumatised state. He pities Autumn and would want to make sure she gets as far away from her brother as she can. The princess is in her room, crying when Boron goes up to speak to the young princess that has had to deal with an ordeal like this. He wouldn't send Allomere, since she would avoid speaking to someone that she was forcibly married off to, seeing as she is like his wife, Barran in the traumatised state she is. Besides, Boron himself has had to deal with Barran she is a depressive alcoholic who has a few anger issues when she reaches her limit. However, everyone still loves her no matter what.

Autumn is sitting at her window ledge as she stares out the window and still cries. Boron knocks and enters, seeing as her crying can be heard from everywhere. As the sun rises and the young female's beautiful autumn coloured feathers are lit up by the rising orange sun. She is once again wearing her purple cloak.

"What is it?" Autumn asks before she adds "I am sorry to say, but I am in no mood of talking, so if you don't have any business and are bugging me, please go away."

"I am sorry for disturbing you, but yet It is regulation or some crud. We haven't properly met, as of yet. My name is Boron. I am the King of the Great Tree of Ga'Hoole. I see that your name is Princess Autumn." He says, while introducing himself

"Yes. My name is Princess Autumn. I will ask again for the final time, but not to be rude, what is it you want?" She asks again while turning to face the snowy owl

"I have come to inform you, princess, that You will be returning to Ga'Hoole, accompanying your husband." He says with a roll of the eyes to what Aaron had done. "I have one thing to say when it comes to saying that is that I would never allow such a marriage to take place. Truth be told, I tried to stop it, but for the good of your kingdom, you had to marry Lord Allomere. I know you would have wanted to stop it also." He then says; encouraging Autumn to have a expression of hope that someone also didn't support of the idea.

"I see…" She says while hiding her inner delight of finally parting her brother's household "Please explain, if you may. I am sorry for asking for an explanation, but I am befuddled on what you mean." She then says as she had confused herself

"Well, Autumn, since you have married from outside of your kingdom and under an agreement, your brother says that you will have to leave Ambala. Also, I suggest that you, or your attendants, end up packing your things. We will be leaving after dusk tomorrow." He replies

Autumn falls silent and she looks out the window. She then asks, without turning to face Boron, "May I ask one thing?"

"What is it?" he replies

"I am willing to leave Ambala, but, I have to ask something. What is Lord Allomere like? I had only been around him twice in what has been a few days and well… I would like to hear some things. I don't know how to explain it." she asks

"Well, Princess Autumn, he may be sometimes a bit uptight and serious, but once you get to know him he is pretty good to get along with. Also, I trust him as he is a very good diplomat and is loyal and devoted." He replies

"I see." She says

"I am going now, ok. I bid you a good morn, Princess Autumn." He then says with a bow of respect

"Good morn to you, also." She replies

Boron then leaves the room and Autumn's attendants then start to pack her things as Autumn goes to sleep. Heavily weighing her down is the thought that she will have to leave her home in Ambala. She has mixed feelings and heavy thoughts that keep her up until the middle of the day. She then falls asleep, Which is clearly unbeknownst to her.