A.N. 1/5/13 due to recent events I had to add an additional number of universe with fighters, I'm sorry if that confuses you but I will try my best to not screw up this time! Please enjoy!

The Rules

Starting a Fight:

-When your name and your universe are called, get in the ring.

-The fight starts when the two challengers have touched the ring.

-If a challenger takes too much time coming, that's a forfeit.

While in the Fight:

-If you specifically attack people that aren't your opponent (the audience, someone from another universe...) the referees may call you a cheater and you'll lose.

-You can't receive any exterior help, including materials, magic, energy, or sound. For this reason don't fight near your space, where you will look suspicious.

-Any kind of technique is allowed. You can come with equipment but must be alone.

End of Fight. You Lose if:

-You're unconscious or dead, for 30 seconds.

-You disappear from the referee's sight for 30 seconds. So stay near the ring.

-You tell with a clear sign that you forfeit.

-You receive an exterior help or are called out as a cheater by the referees.

When not in a Fight:

-It's forbidden to fight, even far from the arena.

-Any problem will result in the expulsion of the whole group of the universe.

-Any need (food, drink, conveniences, meditation space) will be given at demand as long as the organizers can do it.

-Hurt people can receive healing from the organizers in the limits of their capabilities but dead ones will have to wait for the end of the tournament.

Signed by the Multiverse Organizers

Next year's competitors, in order by the number universe and their chosen team names.

Universe 0: Time Force Fighters.

Universe 1: Supreme Kais

Universe 2: Team Toriyama.

Universe 3: Bardock, Tapion, Raichi and King Piccolo.

Universe 4: Super Buu.

Universe 5: XXI.

Universe 6: Bojack Gang.

Universe 7: The Super Namek.

Universe 8: Cold Family.

Universe 9: Earthlings.

Universe 10: Saiyans and Namekians.

Universe 11: Babidi Forces.

Universe 12: Future Trunks and Android 16.

Universe 13: Super Saiyan Warriors.

Universe 14: Androids 17 and 18.

Universe 15: I'K'L.

Universe 16: Vegito Alt. Universe.

Universe 17: Cell.

Universe 18: DBZ.

Universe 19: Helior.

Universe 20: Broly.

Universe 21: DBZ Alt. (A.N. This one has my chracters from the Dragon Ball Z and Gt Retold Saga in it I hope you like this).

Universe 22: King Kento Universe. (A.N. These Fighters are from Greymon Leader newest Fan Fic read all his before I release this one same with the Retold Sagas.)

Universe 23: The Demons. (A.N. This one has Armageddon, the Master, Towa, Miira, the Demon Saiyan Kento (that's right an all evil Kento) and Demon Saiyan Nero.

Universe 24: Goheta Universe. (A.N. Another of Greymon Leaders stories check it out before I put up the first official chapter.)

Universe 25: Saiyan 4 (A.N. A universe of four young heroes created by SSJ5 Kiezen who will release their adventures very soon!)

Universe 26: The Saiyan Amazons (A.N. A universe of Saiyan women warriors, this year six of them has entered.)

Universe 27: The Saiyan Assassin Guild (A.N. One of these Assassin has a connection to one of our heroes past.)

Universe 28: The Shadow Dragons. (A.N. a Universe where the seven Shadow Dragon defeated Goku and all the Z-Fighters and now have entered to spread their evil to other universe.)

Universe 29: Turles Crew (A.N. Turles and his men defeated Goku in their universe and now want the dragon balls for their own.)

Universe 30: Lord Slug (A.N. Slug and his men entered and want the dragon balls to rule the multiverse.)

A.N. now then the first chapter will be up in January of 2013 so it gives me time to focus on work, school you know important stuff but the Christmas fic will be up first in December so until then enjoy the holidays and keep on working to make your goals a reality! Never let imagination die.