AN: So to start, this story takes a bit of background in DBZ, especially trying to splice together the movies and the anime. According to the timeline of DBZ, Goku defeated Broly on May 25th of the year 767 and was then killed by Cell on May 26th during the Cell Games. I changed it to Goku killed Broly and Yemma sent him to HFIL so there won't be a Second Coming or Bio Broly. Also, as the LSSJ, I figured that dying and being whole again on the other side would have boosted Broly even higher than a normal saiyan being healed after a near death incident. But, on to the story!

Age 767-May 27th


The ogres grunted and heaved at the chains wrapped around the monster that struggled for its freedom. The creature had turned HFIL from an almost happy little field into a true burning Hell before anyone had managed to come and subdue him in just under two days. The chains had been specially forged just to drain off huge chunks of the screaming Saiyan's power even as the spiky haired Son Goku and his green friend, Pikkon watched on in shock and horror but with determined expressions on their faces.

"KAKAROTT," the supposed Legendary Super Saiyan screamed in blind rage as he tried again to attack his lifelong enemy. The chains almost cracked from the amount of energy they were being forced to absorb. Even with the energy absorbing chains a green aura of energy flared around the alien reducing the two ogres closest to him to ash as he dug his feet into the ground. "KAKAROTT!"

"Are you sure this is a good idea," Pikkon's voice sounded as he and his new rival watched on as the ogres, led by King Yemma, continued to pull the monster toward a pair of open doors. "You are basically giving that freak a second chance out there. What makes you think any insanity he has now won't carry over into a second life," the green skin warrior asked as he continued to track Broly's every move. "He almost took us both out at our strongest. I've never seen anything like that."

"Yeah, he nearly had us," Goku said with a grin. "But, I have to thank him for pushing me to the limit like that," the spiky haired warrior said with a huge grin as his right hand lifted to scratch the back of his head. "If not for him, I probably wouldn't have realized that there was a level beyond that of an Ascended Saiyan," he said before giggling, actually giggling. "Now, I have something new to strive for."

Pikkon shook his head, a bit worried about his friend and rival's mental health. "You're insane," he muttered. Soon enough they were floating just outside of the giant bronze door digging into one of the cliffs in the dimension. White light poured out of the doorway causing many of the inhabitants of Hell to try and sneak closer. It wasn't luck that kept them from reaching the doorway leading to a second chance however, it was the fear the inhabitants felt from their newest, and gratefully soon to be gone peer.

"KAKAROTT! I WILL HUNT DOWN ALL YOU CARE FOR! I WILL MURDERER EVERYONE YOU LOVE BEFORE I REDUCE YOUR PLANET TO RUBBLE," the Saiyan raged before he was tossed, chains and all, through the white light and the doors slammed shut. A cry of joy came from the inhabitants of Hell, surprising Goku that it included Frieza and the recently killed Cell practically skipping around holding each other's hands.

King Yemma stood taller than any other being in Hell, even Cell only came up to the red ogre's ankle, but gave his young friend a wary look. "Goku, you realize that we have no idea when that thing will be reborn on Earth. It could be today it could be ten years from now, or it could have been ten years ago. If those chains are ever broken, he'll be a loose cannon upon the living populace."

"Ah, don't worry so much King Yemma," Goku said with a grin. "I'm sure if there's a problem I'm sure Gohan can handle it."

Age 767 -July 31st


"Would you like to see your son," the kind healer asked as she approached the red head lying in the hospital bed carrying a blue bundle of blankets. Tired but excited, Lily Potter held out her arms for her first born son to be given to her. Her pale pink lips parted happily as she spotted the mass of black hair sitting atop his little head and she pressed a kiss to his forehead, right between his eyes. "I must say," Madam Pomfrey began, "I've delivered quite a few children in my day, but none of them have had that much hair on the day they were born."

Lily's almond shaped green eyes fluttered to her husband, the ever present glint of mischief in his eye was practically sparkling and begging to be let loose. "I know you wanted to call him Gary after your father, Lils, but maybe Harry would be more appropriate," he asked his tired wife with a smirk. His hazel eyes lit up as the tiny figure reached upward slowly, testing his arm, as he made a strange gurgling sound. "See, I think he likes it."

"Well, I suppose it is only a letter down the alphabet," Lily said as she glanced down, shocked to see her son open cyan eyes that practically glowed. "That's odd, I thought that babies were born with blue eyes and they darkened over time," she said before glancing at Poppy Pomfrey with a puzzled expression on her face.

Bending over the older woman looked down at the boy in question and her own eyes widened at what she saw. "Oh my. Lily, James, your son's eyes are blue, but they seem to be, um, glowing with green energy," she said in surprise. "I've never seen anything like it. Perhaps I should call the Headmaster, he's seen much more than I have, he'll know what to do."

Turning she strolled toward her office to call the Headmaster over the Floo network and in minutes the aged Headmaster was walking joyfully through the doors into the hospital ward. "What a glorious occasion," he said happily as he walked toward the still beaming, if worried parents. "What seems to be the problem that alerted Madam Pomfrey to need to call me," he asked as he grew closer to them.

"Well, it's Harry," James said already taking to his new son's name quickly. He already knew that he would sign the papers for the Ministry claiming Harry's name as Harry James Potter, leaving the option open in case Lily wanted to change it. He loved his wife but sometimes the woman terrified him beyond belief. "We were sort of hoping you could check to make sure everything is okay with him."

"I would have asked anyway, James. 'As the seventh month dies'," he said cryptically to the married couple and keeping the matron out of the loop. Pulling his wand from his sleeve he cast several quick diagnostic spells on the young boy who hadn't ever bothered to make a sound, only watching everything around him with shrewd and calculating eyes. After several waves he stopped and stepped back in shock. "Well it seems we have a contender," he admitted and quickly conjured a chair for himself.

"What is it, Professor," Lily asked worriedly as she looked between a seemingly shell shocked Albus Dumbledore and her newborn baby.

"To be honest my dear, I'm not certain," the old man admitted as he watched the boy curiously. "I can't seem to lock onto young Harry's magical core. His life essence, or Chi, sometimes pronounced Ki is so overwhelming that his core is lost beyond its recesses. Luckily I was able to determine that a magical core existed which giving the amount of Ki the boy has is remarkable. I would suggest, before he comes to Hogwarts that you find a martial artist to train him. And I don't mean one of those muggles with a space in the local shopping mall but a real master."

"What does muggle fighting have to do with Ki, Albus," James asked, having long sense gotten over using the term Professor for his former Headmaster as a member of the Order of the Phoenix. Something his wife glared at him for, she was always so proper when it came to titles.

"Martial Arts will help him control such immense power," the Headmaster explained, glad that once again he could teach someone something. It had really been to long since he had been in a classroom. "It will teach him discipline, respect and how to defend himself should he ever lose his wand. I was fortunate enough in my youth to meet a man named Master Roshi who trained young fighters in the Turtle Style of martial arts. I was in my teens and he was already over two hundred years old. If I'm not mistaken he is still alive today."

The three other adults in the room sat back in shock at the news. Doing the math quickly in their heads they realized the man would be over three hundred years old. "Oh yes, Master Roshi was trained by the man who died to defeat the demon king Piccolo after the monsters first war on Earth. He then trained the young man responsible for killing King Piccolo twenty four years ago, "Albus concluded. "Maybe I should look into contacting him?"

Lily and James looked at one another for a long moment before the man sighed and nodded. "That would be helpful, Albus. While we plan on naming Sirius as Harry's Godfather, we need a backup plan in case anything should happen to Sirius or… us."

"I'll do my best James," Dumbledore said with a sigh. "However, Master Roshi is not an easy man to get a hold of. For now I believe the Fidelius Charm is our best bet. I will again offer my support by being your Secret Keeper for the house in Godric's Hollow." As the couple shook their heads sadly he sighed. "Very well, I shall begin searching for Master Roshi at once and if I cannot find him before school year begins, I will search while I can during the school year. I will leave the three of you to become acquainted as a family," he said with a smile as he turned to leave, certain now more than ever that Trelawney's prophesy was accurate.

Age 768

November 1st

Two men walked down the street toward the massive yellow dome in the distance. One and aged man with a long beard and white hair wearing a robe of beautiful turquoise while the other was dressed in solid black, his greasy hair hanging down over his hooked nose and shallow eyes. "I don't see the need for so much espionage, Headmaster. Even if the Dark Lord is not gone, as you say, then wouldn't leaving the brat with his mother's sister be protection enough? Why tell Hagrid and McGonogall that was where he was going and the whole show of putting him on the doorstep if we were just going to bring him here?"

"Hagrid is a good man," Dumbledore said as his blue eyes locked on the looming structure as they grew nearer. "However, his fondness for drinking and his loose tongue are well known. Soon the entire wizard world will know that Harry Potter is at Number 4 Privet Drive, well away from West City and the Capsule Corporation."

"I still don't see the point in bringing him here," Severus Snape snapped as he wiped away the tears at the thought of his beloved Lily dying and the brat she had chosen over him being within arm's reach. "I doubt the Potters ever even heard of Hoi-Poi Capsules let alone actually meet the Brief family."

"That is where you are wrong, Severus" Albus said with a slight smile. "It was almost a year ago today that an old acquaintance of mine introduced myself, Lily and James to the Briefs. We originally hoped to meet the Sons, but they had just lost their husband and father a year ago and had a second child. We didn't want to burden them and so we met the Briefs instead. After explaining the situation and err… Mr. Briefs looked the child over they agreed to take him in."

"Forgive me Headmaster, but won't the appearance of Harry Potter on the news being taken in by the Briefs family make the news? Some muggle-born will be bound to see it and spread the word all over the place. Soon enough this place will be under siege by Death Eaters," the black haired man questioned.

"No, not Harry Potter, Boxer Briefs," Dumbledore said with a twinkle in his eye at the naming scheme that ran through the family. "To the outside world, Boxer Briefs will be the son of Bulma Briefs and her husband Vegeta, brother to their son Trunks. However, when he returns to us at the age of eleven, he'll be go by his true name, sadly it's the way Hogwarts Ledger works. No student may be entered under a false name."

As the two approached the yellow building the door flew open revealing a woman with blue hair cut in a bob and a short man with gravity defying hair both dressed in their pajamas. "It's about time you showed up," Vegeta snarled. His attitude made Snape want to step back. There was something about the man that made him think of his former master and it terrified him. "I felt the kid blow that other guy to Hell all the way over here."

"You mean Lily's sacrifice didn't save young Harry," Dumbledore asked. Snape looked at the old man with a raised eyebrow. Why did he think that this guy knew more about the events of the night that anyone else the Headmaster had spoken to?

"Hmph, I've seen millions of mothers sacrifice themselves for their children. I've never seen it accomplish a single damn thing," the Prince of Saiyans said in a way that left no room to question if he had actually seen such things or not. "That blast was pure Ki and the only person in that house capable of it was the brat."

"Vegeta, don't call him that," Bulma scolded as she stepped forward and took the small black haired boy from the Headmaster. She smiled down at the black haired baby, whose hair reached down to his shoulders already. "I guess tonight is the night Harry Potter disappears," she said sadly as she thought of the kind couple she had met just a little over a year ago. She might not have known them that well but they had entrusted her with the care of their son and she would see to that he was ready for whatever came.

AN: Yes, like J.K. I left out the events of Halloween for now. Why? So I can show them later, that's why. After all, what could the fifteen month old reincarnation of Broly possibly have done to the Dark Lord that incinerated his body? Well, probably a lot actually. LOL. I always liked the "Harry raised by someone else" stories and I like DB/Z so I decided to blend them. And please, if someone reads this and wants to d