Goten and Trunks watched the black haired boy fight with slightly wide eyes. "Wow Trunks, you're brother is kinda scary," the seven year old said. They had been watching Boxer's match against the Poong boy and while not really worried about the level of completion the Shaman was posing, Boxer's intensity and obvious desire to humiliate his opponent was frightening.

"Yeah, he's been spending way too much time with dad," the lavender haired boy answered as they listened to the youngest of their group count the third blow he gave the braided haired teen. "Do you really think he'll get all the way to one hundred without killing that guy?"

"I dunno, but my big brother said to never underestimate someone," Goten said wisely as he parroted Gohan's words of wisdom. "Maybe that guy's got something up his sleeve," the orange gi wearing son of Goku finished scratching his head. Though both boys had watched the older boy throw his ki wave, neither were prepared for the suddenly explosion that enveloped the smallest of them and shook the arena. "Oh crap, oh no, oh crap. Trunks that guy just killed Boxer!"

Trunks' blue eyes were wide as he stared at the smoke that filled the ring. His fists clenched as his entire body shook with rage. "That… that creep! Come on Goten, let's get that guy," the eldest Brief child growled as he began to power up. But as the smoke cleared, revealing Boxer to be fine the boy breathed a sigh of a relief. "Oh good, he's alright. But, why is that ki blast still ther," his question was silenced though as a second and stronger explosion ignited, nearly blind him.

"Oh my," old man Roshi said as he gazed at the fighters in the ring. The explosions had been something and so far his glasses were protecting his vision but he knew soon enough he'd be as blind as the others. "Young Boxer might have escaped had he erected a barrier, but now it's too late," he explained to Bulma and the other none fighters in the group.

"He'll figure something out," Chi Chi said to her worried looking friend beside her. Bulma hadn't done much since the battle began at first worried about the dark smile that had sprouted on her baby's face during the fight. But now her worry was doubled as the attack he had caught was set to continuously go off. "He, Vegeta trained him didn't he? Surely he taught him something to get out of this. I know Goku and Gohan can slap away most attacks with ease."

The blue haired woman shook her head. "He didn't want Vegeta to train him in attacks," she whispered as the second explosion began to fade away. "He wanted to make him proud and decided to learn his own attacks and defense. I should have known he was too young to be competing in something like this."

The crowd though went quiet, straining their ears to hear what the boy's below were saying to one another. "Nothing can protect you now from the Ten Fold Splendor, brat," Poong said as he and the rest of the crowd saw the determination set on the young boy's face. "Face it, it's all over now."

A smirk appeared on the youth's face as a green mist slipped from between his teeth. "Then, I'll have to do something else," he said casually. A flame of green energy erupted around his body, twisting and writhing in the air. A feeling of dread slipped down the spines of everyone watching as a twisted, demonic visage appeared in the aura above the boy's head. "AAAAAAGH," the seven year old cried out as his outstretched hand, still clutching the ki blast, clenched. The sound of glass breaking filled the air as the white orb began to crack into pieces before it rained down into the ground.

"Wha… what… NO WAY," Poong screamed as he stepped back from the kid he had been fighting. Sweat poured down his face as he tried to think of something, anything that he could do to put the kid down. His mind drawing a blank, he knew the only option he had left to do was to surrender the match. With revulsion twisting in his gut, he turned toward the stunned announcer. "I… I gi" but his words were cut off as three tiny ki blasts struck his chest. His mouth wouldn't move, his eyes wouldn't open wide. His body refused to respond to him in any way.

"Not so fast," Boxer's voice rang out as he stepped forward, his foot crushing the remnants of the Ten Fold Splendor into dust beneath him. "At last count, we still had ninety seven more blows to go," he reminded the Shaman master with a feral grin as he began to float off the ground until he and the other boy were at the same height. "So just grin and bear it, FOOL," he called out the last word before he smacked the older boy across the face so hard it drew blood once again. "Ninety six to more go."

Vegeta smirked as he watched the paramedics take off the pathetic teen who had dared to challenge his youngest son. He knew that Boxer had been training, but that had simply been too much fun to watch. It reminded him of the old days, before he had decided to fight Kakarott, and ended up moving to Earth. The desire to toy with one's opponent to truly teach an enemy who had the upper hand in combat lived on in a child that wasn't even his flesh and blood. It was nearly pure bliss to watch.

"Wow Vegeta, Boxer really can dish it out huh," Krillin said with a nervous chuckle as his black eyes caught sight of a head of blue hair standing and walking away from the crowd below. "I'd say he's well on his way to joining you, Gohan and Goku at the top of our illustrious group. If the other two are as strong as he is, it won't be long until they surpass us, am I right?"

Goku laughed and gently slapped Krillin on the shoulder, nearly sending the poor guy over the railing. "Oh, don't worry about it Krillin, I'm sure they have a while to go before they can touch you," the saiyan said with a reassuring smile at his old friend. He was really happy that Krillin had finally settled down and begun a family. He had wondered if the former monk had taken his vows of celibacy before he even met him, though there were rumors of him having a girlfriend before Cell had arrived.

Piccolo merely grunted, knowing that besides Goku, only he and Vegeta had kept up their training over the last seven years. Sure he had felt Tien out there somewhere with Chautzu but the two had fallen well behind, possibly having hit a plateau in their strength years ago. His eyes though followed the kid they had just been rooting for walk off into the distance, hardly a care in his mind about his opponent, something he had once tried to instill in Gohan ages ago. Perhaps training with Vegeta did have its benefits when it came to teaching a young warrior.

Boxer happily stuffed his face in the cafeteria reserved for fighters. While he wasn't born a saiyan, he still ate like one. Pizza, lasagna, ice cream, nachos, egg rolls, a couple legs of lamb, hamburgers and tacos were stretched out before him as he ate to his heart's content. He was so focused on his dinner he didn't even notice as a shapely figure appeared behind him, well not until pizza paddle came down hard across his head. "AHH," he yelled and grabbed the top of his head. Turning quickly he was surprised to see his mother standing behind him. "What I do mom?"

"That's for whatever you did to that poor boy out there," she said with a glare that almost sent him scurrying under the table. "Between the three of you, I never expected that sort of behavior from you, Boxer Briefs! You could have killed that poor boy," she continued to yell before grabbing him by the ear and dragging him out of the cafeteria. "Now we are going to go to the medical area so you can apologize to him!"

"Come on mom, it's all part of the tournament," the boy cried as he was unceremoniously dragged out into the sun. "He was planning to do the same thing to me, Trunks and Goten. I just got him before he could get any of us," he tried to argue but all it seemed to do was fall on his mother's deaf ears. "What am I supposed to say, 'Hey, sorry you got beat up during a martial arts tournament'?"

Bulma suddenly stopped, turning her head slowly, the light only seemed to catch her mouth and chin as the top half of her face was hidden in shadow. Her blue eyes sparkled with something touching on malice as she looked back at her son who gulped loudly and turned his attention to the floor. "Are you back talking me, Boxer? Well, I think poor Poong Chun can wait a few minutes for his apology," she whispered dangerously as she began to pull the reincarnated boy toward the women's bathroom.

Seeing where they were going Boxer's eyes opened wide. "No Mom! I'm sorry! I'm Sorry," he screamed as she shoved the blue door open and began to pull him through. With a small bit of hope he grabbed the side of the doorway and latched on with all his strength. "No please! Someone! Anyone! HEEELP," he cried before even his strength lost out to his mother's and he was pulled into the bathroom.

Red faced and with tears in his eyes, Boxer looked over the young boy lying in the hospital bed. His hands unceremoniously rubbed his burning backside as he sniffled. "I'm sorry I beat you up, Poong Chun," the little boy said quietly, but loud enough for his mother to hear who was standing in the doorway with narrowed eyes. "It won't happen again, I promise."

"Well that was certainly interesting," Dumbledore said as he popped some more popcorn into his mouth and chewed away, his blue eyes twinkling. Since it was the summer holidays at Hogwarts he had decided to take a day off from the Wizengamot and use a portkey to watch the World Martial Arts Tournament after hearing young Boxer would be in it. Next to him a wide eyed Severus Snape looked at his employer and blackmailer in horror.

"Interesting? Headmaster you can't be serious, he almost beat that kid to death," the greasy haired potion master said in shock. "You can't seriously be considering returning him to Hogwarts in a few years when he's capable of that sort of violence. I fear for my Slytherins should that boy become a Gryffindor. Malfoy's brat will be in his year, and you know he can't keep his opinion to himself even at this young an age."

"Nonsense my boy," Albus chuckled with amusement. "Why, young Mr. Potter hasn't even begun to tap into his true strengths as of yet. The plans myself and the Potters made for young Harry's training will continue once the Briefs believe he is ready for an adventure away from their home," he said, not bothering to look at Snape as he picked the popcorn from his beard. "As for the Slytherins, well hopefully a few good whacks will bring them closer together with the rest of the school."

Severus huffed quite huffily. "That sort of attitude didn't work back when the Marauders were making us the butt of their jokes, or trying to feed me to a werewolf."

"As I recall, Mr. Black merely told you how to follow young Remus," Dumbledore said with a glare toward the younger man. "It was your own fault for breaking curfew and heading into that passage," the old man reminded the younger. "Then there was the incident where you used that slashing hex on James Potter's face barely missing his neck. You isolated yourself quite well before you decided to use that disgusting word on Lily Evans."

Severus could only sit in silence and fume at the truth behind the Headmasters words, even if he refused to take them to heart.

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