Benny's Boy

Chapter 2: Patry Time?

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"Benny, Stop eatin the food, it's for the guests." Ethan snapped as he crossed to room to finish hanging the confetti streamers. Benny put down the plate and followed Ethan into the living room.

"Come'on E, chill out, everything's gonna work out, I mean look at this place." Benny said holding his hand out to all the decorations. The celing was draped with confetti shooting streamers, giant colored balloons covered the floor, there were three tabels of food, and a disco ball above the dance floor. Ethan smiled at Benny slightly as he walked out of the room to get some final decorations.

"Good point, I just want this to work out, do you know whats on the line here?" Ethan asked. Benny rolled his eyes and followed Ethan pumped for the people to start showing up.

"Our social lives," Benny asked jokingly, "Dude we have people coming here all the way from Hollywood in America, I think it'll be fine." Benny laughed as Ethan began running arounf frantically looking for the mix CD he made for the party.

"People from Hollywood! What? Who?!" Ethan said concerned. Benny smiled and handed Ethan his phone. Ethan opened Benny's texts and saw a list of people from a school called Hollywood Arts. Tori Vega, Trina Vega, Jade West, Beck Olliver, Cat Valentine, and Andre.

'THIS IS MY OATH TO YOU!' Began blaring out of Benny's speakers. His face turned pink as grabbed his phone from Ethan, "You got Benny, who dis?" Benny listen to the line for about a minute, " Yeah see yah then Cat, and no we don't have Bibble.

A loud pounding sound came from the door. Before either of the boys could open it Jesse burst through the door, Benny and Ethan tensed up and took a step back. "Calm down boys, I'M HERE TO PARTY!" Jesse yelled slamming two twelve packs of Bud Light Platnum onto the table. Benny and Ethan exchanged looks of confusion as Sarah burst through the door.

"Jesse, get out. NOW!" Sarah yelled. Jesse turned towards her and began laughing uncontrollably. Sarah grabbed him by the arm and threw him out the door. Benny burst into laughter as Sarah kicked Jesse across town towards the Vampire Council.

Benny's phone began to ring again. 'THIS IS MY OATH TO YOU!' "You got Benny."

"Hey Benny, it's Spike." A shy voice whispered over the phone. Benny couldn't contain his smile. Ethan looked at Benny curiously as a blush grew evident on his face.

"Hey Spike, are you gonna make it to the party?" Benny asked his voice shaking nervously. Ethan rolled his eyes and went to lock his parents stuff in Jane's room. Benny listened as Spike asked him for a ride to the pary. He agreed quickly and ran from Ethan's house to his own, to get the keys from his grandmother.

"Where are you driving to?" Grandma Weir asked curiously, her arms crossed. Benny began stammering over his words. "Spit it out Benjamin." Benny looked down defeated.

" I'm picking up this cute guy named Spike for the secret party we're having at Ethan's house tonight." Benny said with a sigh. His grandmother handed him the keys and walked back to her room with Benny's spellbook in her hand, "Grandma, no fair! What if i need that?!" Benny yelled

"Oh shutup Benjamin, your gonna be late picking up your boyfriend." Grandma Weir replied. An expression of shock spread across Benny's face as he walked out to the car. He got in the driver's seat and navigated his way across town. He pulled in front of Spike's address 1630 Revello Drive.

"Hey Benny." Spike said shyly. Benny looked at him in his nerdy black glasses, wearing a pair of tight white jeans, a green and white striped shirt, a white vest and a pair of green and blue shoes. Benny smiled as Spike sat next to him in the car.

"You look great." Benny said with a blush plastered across his face. Spike looked down at the floor, obviously thinking pretty hard. "What's the matter?" Spike looked up at Benny and shook his head.

"I, uh, I." He looked down embarrased and defeated. Benny pulled the car over in a vacant parking lot and stopped the engine.

"What is it?" He asked, devoting all of his attention to Spike. Spike looked down and began crying softly. Benny pulled him into a hug.

"Rory Vamp- uh Umpire ninja!" Rory yelled noticing Spike's presence. Benny shot up and stared at Rory.

"Rory if you don't get out of this car, now I will kill you!" Benny snapped. Rory jumped out of the car and walked away. Benny turned on the engine and drove the car back to Ethan's house. As they got out of the car Benny got a glimpse of the most beautiful red-haired girl he had ever seen in his life. He looked between her and Spike.

"Benny, I think i love you." Spike muttered as the red haired girl walked up to them.

"Hai, i missed you. So did my brother. But he's in the hospital cause he bite a kangaroo and it kicked him." She smiled at him expecting a hug or at least a reaction.

" Uh, I, Uh." Benny said as he ran off to find Ethan. What was he going to do?

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