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But I have been helping some people with their stories ( Manganimefandom's Kanto Dreams, and SharpieUFP's All I Have To Give ). And its motivated me to try writing again... I will try my best, though the quality may not be up-to-par from what you are used to from me, but yes, I will try my best.

Expect character deaths, torture, and mind control. Rated T for now, but may go up later.

Hexed Time

"You have to stop Ben and Kevin from hacking the Omnitrix."
"Are you sure?"
"You will never forgive yourself if you let this happen."

It all started with that simple conversation… with yourself. No, you are not crazy, though you are sure anyone you told this too would think otherwise. Somewhere in the future, you must have gained time-travel powers. You don't know how, why, or when you do, but whatever the reason, here you are - talking to yourself from the future.

You have no idea why, but this time-duplicate of yourself says its important to stop your cousin and your 'crush's' experiment - an idea you were never too keen on to begin with, but you know boys. Once they get an idea in their heads…

The time duplicate version of yourself nodded and walked away, and the world around you started to move again.

"Let it go Ben." Kevin sneered.

Kevin, the tall dark-haired ex-con. That you have an obvious crush on, and even though he obviously likes you too, he has yet to ask you out… either way, you might as well be going out. He stood in front of a console, typing away at a machine that was suppose to hack the Omnitrix

"Its too risky!" You snap.

"Its riskier not too." Ben replied with a smile, "I've figured out a lot about how the Omnitrix works, but if we can bypass the safeguards…"

…You will never forgive yourself if you let this happen…

The voice of your future-self ran through your head. You could hear the desperation in your own voice. Whatever happens in this experiment must be bad - bad enough you were willing to change time for. What if the experiment did something to the Omnitrix? And the Omnitrix was attached to Ben… is that what happens? Would this experiment hurt Ben?

You could feel panic grip your mind, and you moved without thinking, activating your powers, and sending a beam of energy at Kevin, the man at the controls beside you, and a second beam of energy at Ben, before throwing the two of them against the wall.

"Hey!" Kevin gasped,
"I said, its too risky!" You snap, feeling your own heart pound against your chest as you speak.

…You have to stop Ben and Kevin from hacking the Omnitrix…

"Now promise me you aren't going to hack the Omnitrix!" You snap.
"What is wrong with you?" Your cousin asks.

Ugh. You know these two too well. You know they won't listen. There is only one thing to do. With an angry gesture, you quickly turn and use a beam of energy to destroy the machine they were going to use to hack the Omnitrix. An explosion shakes the room and fills it with smoke.

"Ah!" Kevin groans, "My stuff!"

With the machine gone, you felt yourself calm down a bit. You start walking towards the two boys pinned to the wall. "Promise!"

"Ok, ok! I promise!" Ben replied, the surprise clear on his face.
"Whatever. I was done with it anyway." Kevin snapped.

You cut off your powers, and the two boys fall to the ground.

Ben looked up at you with a confused expression, "You going to explain that?"
"No." You reply.

They'd never believe you if you told them so.

A/N: This story is based off Season 3, episode 15 of Ben 10 Alien Force, where Gwen goes back in time and changes the accident where Kevin and Ben try to hack the omnitrix, and ends up turning Kevin into a monster, which starts a chain reaction which leaves Hex supreme ruler of the world. I love this idea, its one of my favorite episodes for that reason! I only wish that they made it an hour special or something, because they could have done a lot more with it. Anyway, I digress.

This story takes place in the alternate timeline, between 'In Charms Way' and 'Time Heals'


Short chapter, but I've done all I can handle for now, and I thought this worked as an opening...