Hello! This is Rygel-n, a friend of Air-Head's.

I know we are not supposed to put chapters like this up, but AH has been getting a lot of reviews asking for new chapters, and some are people wondering if his stories have been abandoned.

None of his stories have been abandoned. He will continue working on them.

Right now, Air-Head is very sick, and is currently bedridden. He is afraid to write in his current state, because he thinks his mind is too drugged up to write to the quality you are all used to. He is going in for surgery soon, so please, everyone bare with him until then.

He wants to assure all of you, that as soon as he recovers, he will be back writing ASAP, and misses writing, and misses everyone here on FF.

I will take down this message later, so please no one flag this, I just want to make sure everyone knows that AH did not give up on his stories, and that he will be back as soon as he is well.

Thank you for staying patient with us, and our best wishes go out to all you reader!

- Rygel-n

- Air-Head