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Tyler ran his finger between his neck and collar and cast an upward side-glance. Even though Dad didn't look uncomfortable, he did seem a little stiff. Mom had been right about his inherited dislike of suits – even if her voice had borne a hint of contempt.

At least it wasn't hot, like the last time he'd worn this suit – one of Mom's friends' wedding. Besides, today was more interesting than watching strangers go mushy-mushy.

Dad hadn't told him a whole lot about today, but then, what more would he have needed to say? All Tyler knew was that this was a very special ceremony – hence the suit – and that his dad was going to sign a paper with the promise to be a good dad. Tyler didn't know what exactly the paper had to do with anything – couldn't you just promise out loud? –, but it was obviously important enough to Dad and his friends. And if it was important to Dad, then it must be so.

"Shane, would you stand before me?"

Tyler snapped to attention and stepped forward with Dad. Dad stood before the black man – Nathan's mentor, Dad had said – while Tyler situated himself at the man's left side, hands clasped in front of him while a small, crooked smile played on his lips. Just like Dad.

The black man cleared his throat. "Are you ready to make this commitment before God and your son?"

Tyler caught a flicker of something – he wasn't sure what – in his dad's eyes. "I am."

"Then repeat after me. 'I, Shane Fuller, do solemnly resolve before God….'"

Tyler's smile widened just a little as Dad spoke the words of the Resolution. It sounded great. And it was his dad making this promise.

Then Dad stepped up to the table behind the black man; Tyler watched as he reached for the pen and scratched his name onto the framed paper before him.

Tyler beamed. If this was important to Dad, then it must be so.