Because I couldn't get it off my mind I decided to write a sequal so enjoy remember to R&R...

Four years after Archangels Downfall

Agent Robin 'Jaywren' Sanderson/Harrison.

Condition: Retired in two months

Status:Returned home from mission at warehouse

Further infomation: Brother Gary 'Roach' Sanderson still in task force 141, daughter Kristine Harrison four years old and started preschool.

Robin placed her key in the door. She opened up the house smiling. She recived a text on her phone. Picking it up she read 'trouble!' it was Dingo's number.

She texted back. 'What's up?' she asked.

'I have to stay tonight at the office no special treat tonight' His message came back

'And how is that a treat?' She responded sarcasstically.

'You'll see' His response made her laugh.

He and Black were at the warehouse practising and training with rookies and seniors for the paperwork. She and Dingo had both decided to retire from legacy as soon as this year finished.

Radar had excepeted that and Black was going to be premoted to Nova Teams captain as soon as they left. He deserved it, Shotgun was also staying and was helping him chose two new agents they would need.

After all of that was done then Robin's life would start and become boring, she decided because of her jobs as a legacy agent she could go anywhere and she decided to go as a cafe owner and Dingo was applying for a job in the police force.

Kristine however had limited her work. She and Dingo didn't want to have her lose a parent at a young age. They were very cautious and to look like a normal family Robin had joined the 'mothers who are really stuck up bitches and slutts club' as she called it which was really the mothers club. Dingo had started working on the football team as the juniours coach they were in the finals now.

They both participated in street barbaques and other things which Robin and he actually kind of enjoyed going to, when they weren't being asked about questions on their lives before moving to the country town.

Robin started to panic she remembered her training. Sliding into the kitchen she placed her bag down. Robin reched into the cutlery draw pulling out a knife and keeping it in a defensive position.

Kristine would be safe and sound in her room. Dingo and Robin took precautions and bullet-proofed the windows and door incase of a breaking and anything else that might of happened. What can they say? Old habits die hard.

"Good evening Mrs Harrison" A voice called.

"Can I help you?" She asked charmingly making herself nearly vomit.

"I'm Robert Darno from the CIA. We need to have a talk" he said flicking on the lights a man in a suit stepped into the lounge of her room which was just of from the kitchen.

Robin placed the knife down, CIA posed no threat to her. Or her family for that matter. Robin saw him look at the picture of her family Dingo hugging her while she had Kristine on her lap Kristine had her eyes and physical features but she had her fathers temper and eyes. Definately an interesting combination.

"Excuse me, for a sec. I need to get something" Robin said walking down the hall to Kristine's room.

"Yor daughter is okay and sleeping very well indeed Mrs Harrison. No need to worry but check if you'll feel better" The man said.

"Thank-you Mr Darno may I ask what does CIA want with me?" She asked interested she sat down on the sofa and he sat opposite of her.

"America is in trouble" He started.

She sighed. "Always is and someone has to deal with it" She answered.

"And we have been informed by a past aquatiance of yours that you can help" He continued.

"Let me guess Terry Woods" she said getting it right.

"Served in Rangers, CIA, NSA and was honourly discharged. Callsign Trouble, and trouble he was. What do you know about him?" Darno asked.

"You want the truth?" Robin asked.

"I want nothing else," Darno expected.

"He is the only one who can match me when it comes to bad guys" Robin answered honestly.