Not Like I Think About You Constantly

By: Tracy Cook

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Authors Note: This is an AU fic that focuses around Glee/OTH/Vampire Diaries. There will be NO VAMPIRES and characters may be slightly OOC, but I will try and keep them in character.

Pairing: Quinn/Rachel, Brooke/Haley, and Caroline/Rebekah.

Rating: M

Chapter Nineteen


Quinn stared out the window of the bus, watching as the trees passed them by quickly. They were on their way toward Tree Hill, North Carolina where they would be winning sectionals. She had confidence in their glee club to win. They had to win in order to allow Rachel to sing at regionals. Failure was not an option.

The competition would be the next evening. Tonight, they would be staying at a hotel once they arrived in town. Most of the other members were sleeping.

She cast her hazel eyes down to Rachel and smiled gently as she watched the diva sleep. She had spent the majority of the trip rambling on about what techniques they should use to win over the judges, and how to be professional, amongst other tips for the competition. Everyone had been relieved when she finally fell asleep, everyone aside from Quinn. She could listen to Rachel ramble on all day about anything and everything and never grow tired of it.

Quinn stroked her fingers through dark strands of hair and down over her cheek, leaning down and pressing a kiss to her forehead. She smiled against the skin as Rachel let out soft humming sounds of happiness.

She loved making her happy.

Things had been good between the two of them, surprisingly.

Both of them had been terrified to return to school now that they were in a relationship. They were scared that people would destroy what they had built, that Quinn would crawl back into her shell and push her away. It did not matter if she had promised that she wouldn't. Neither of them believed her. Rachel had promised to be discrete, but their meaning of the word had always been very different.

'Rachel doesn't even know the meaning of the word…' She chuckled softly as she watched the other woman cling to her dress. Still, it had not been as bad as she had expected.

Turning, she looked back out the window and smiled as she held Rachel's body close to her own. She could recall their conversation that night at the cabin.

'Rachel chewed on her bottom lip as she stared up at Quinn. "I'm so scared that once we return to school… You will return to the old you again."

"Rachel…" She muttered sadly as she stared down into hurt brown eyes. She hated being the cause of her pain. "I promise. I will never return to being that person." Her voice held spite as she mentioned the person she had been. "I will never return to hurting you."

"I know that Quinn." Rachel insisted. "But… will you actually be proud to be seen with me? Will you actually be proud to be my girlfriend? Or will we be forced to hide our love indefinitely?"

"I can't force you to hide it, Rachel. But…" Quinn paused and took in a breath, staring up at the ceiling. "I would prefer it if we didn't make a spectacle of it… I'm not ready for everyone to know yet."

"I understand." Her voice was soft and weak.

"No, you don't." She said, forcing Rachel to look at her. Her hazel eyes were full of sorrow and seriousness. "It's not because I am ashamed of you, Rachel."

She knit her brows together and shot her a disbelieving look. "Quinn, it is perfectly alright—"

"No, it's not!" Quinn growled out angrily, sitting up on her elbows in order to stare down at her girlfriend. "That is not the reason." She paused. "I love you Rachel. You are the most talented and beautiful girl that I know, I'm proud to call you mine and I am honored to show you off to the world."

"Then why hide it at all…? Why can't I show you off to the world?"


Rachel nodded hesitantly. She was unsure if she wanted the honest truth.

"Because..." Quinn breathed out shakily. "I'm terrified that if they insult me." She swallowed hard and stared away from those large brown loving eyes, tears filling her own. She hated that she was so weak. "If they call me a hypocrite, a lesbian…if they tell me that I am going to Hell, then I will revert to my old ways, and I don't want to be that person. I don't want to lash out at you and blame you for my insecurities, Rachel."

Quinn returned her gaze to Rachel and smiled.

"I just think that it would be better to wait so that I can accept that this relationship is not a bad thing, so that I can be confident in my choices, before we tell the entire school… And before we tell my parents." Her voice cracked and her stomach flipped. Just the thought made her nauseas.

"Quinn, we do not have to tell them."

"We will have to, eventually." She spoke under her breath. "If we plan to make this relationship last, we can't hide it forever."

"I know, but—"

"—Let's just worry about that when the time comes. I can't think about it yet."

Rachel could tell that Quinn was uncomfortable with the thought of telling her parents about the two of them, and she didn't blame her. She was already taking huge strides and she was proud of her for that. Reaching up, she stroked her fingers along Quinn's neck and smiled brightly. "Right. Let's just take it one step at a time." She nodded.

"Yeah… One step at a time." Quinn smiled and leant down, kissing Rachel.'

Quinn was drawn out of her memory as she felt eyes watching her. She quickly turned and was met by familiar blue. Rebekah was one of the few other students who were still awake. Caroline was clinging to her chest and sleeping. The British woman glanced down at Rachel and then back up at her and offered her a smile, before returning her attention forward.

She was staring at the back of the seat. Not really paying attention to what she was looking at. Her mind was stuck on the past week.

' Rebekah stared down at Caroline. "I do not know if this is a good idea, Caroline."

"You don't have to tell her anything that you don't want to. And if you absolutely hate it, you never have to come back." She stated reassuringly with a smile directed at the other blonde. She knew that she did not want to talk to anyone about what happened, but she also knew that it could be helpful in the healing process.

"Fine. I will give it a shot." Rebekah agreed, leaning down and kissing her girlfriend gently. "See you next period."

"Good luck!" Caroline encouraged, before hastily stealing another kiss from her and squeezing her hand gently. With one final smile she turned and walked away.

Turning, Rebekah stared through the glass walls of the school councilor's office. 'They do not seem to offer much privacy…' She noted. Inside was a middle-aged woman with red hair and a polka dotted blouse reorganizing her desk and fidgeting frantically. Taking in a breath and gathering her courage, she pushed open the door and walked into the room. She was not one for opening up to others.

She watched as large bush-baby eyes widened and the councilor stood to her feet and smiled at her. "Why hello there. Pleased to meet you, please do—um—please take a seat." The redhead took a seat behind her desk and waited for her to sit down as well. Rebekah did not take a seat so the older woman continued to talk nervously. "So, um, my name is Emma Pillsbury. What is it that you um—wanted to talk about today?"

"Rebekah Mikaelson, and I am actually beginning to believe that this was a terrible idea." She turned to reopen the door.

"Wait!" Emma exclaimed throwing up one of her hands. Rebekah stopped moving, but did not turn around. "You um, you're new here, right? Are you um—are you having trouble fitting in, meeting new people, things of that sort?"

"Afraid not." Rebekah laughed at the assumption. "My problems are a bit more serious than that. I do not really think that you are qualified to help me. Honestly, it is going to take a lot more than a school councilor to fix me."

"Well, um. You could let me try. I am educated and I can understand most problems that you are going through, and what I don't understand I have plenty of pamphlets for." She smiled.

The blonde Brit turned her attention back to her. "I doubt that you've got a pamphlet for this."

"You'd be surprised." Emma stated proudly as she started to sift through the pamphlets. "I have quite a few, and for almost every situation. I make and order them myself. What is your problem?"

Rebekah clenched her jaw and crossed her arms over her chest, it felt like a challenge. "My older brother slaughtered our parents and had me aid in burying their bodies." She scowled. "Got a pamphlet for that?"

Emma stared up at her from her desk with wide eyes, her hands had stopped moving. She knew that she did not have a pamphlet for that sort of problem. She gave teens dating advice, family advice, popularity and eating disorder advice; she did not know how to handle this. "Um, well, no, I-uh—I don't think so, but let me check."

"Never mind that. This was pointless." She turned and walked out the door.'


"I must once again point out how terrible this idea is. You all have a competition tomorrow night that you must win at, in order to allow me the chance to showcase my vocal talents at regionals. We should not be risking that by sneaking out of the hotel and spending the night "clubbing." Rachel informed them for the fifth time since their arrival at the club. They were still waiting in line, even.

"Rach, we're just going dancing. It is teen night, it's not like we're going to be drinking or anything." Quinn said.

Caroline smiled brightly, she was extremely excited. "Yeah! Besides, we get into town and it just so happens to be teen night at their local club? That's like totally fate or something!"

"It is not fate, it is merely a coincidence." Rachel pouted and crossed her arms over her chest. It was amazing that they had a competition tomorrow and she was the only one who was serious about it, despite not even singing in it.

"Come on, don't you want to dance with me?" Quinn asked with a devious grin as she pulled her toward the entrance of the club. She did not feel nearly as scared in a foreign town. Rachel blushed brightly at the question and allowed herself to be dragged toward the club. That was all that she had ever wanted. At every school dance she had watched Quinn dance with boys, and she had always wanted to be the one. Now she was getting that chance.

Haley turned to look at Brooke with skeptical eyes. "I don't know about this, maybe Rachel is right. Mr. Schuester told us not to leave the room, and we could get in big trouble for this. It could go on my permanent record…"

"Hales, we'll be fine." Brooke insisted with a dimpled grin. She loved pushing her girlfriend out of her comfort zone. "He's not gonna find out that we ever left, we'll be back in a few hours."

"I know, but he threatened to take us out of the competition." She pointed out.

"He threatened to do what!?" Rachel practically screamed from the entrance of the club, her brown eyes wide with worry. She was only along for support and had not been included in meetings about the competition, because as Mr. Schue said, she always had too much input.

"Oh come on you guys! Stop worrying! He isn't gonna catch us!"


The group of girls were sitting around one of the tables talking and laughing, none of them had danced yet. Suddenly one of Caroline's favorite songs came on and her smile spread across her face, and her blue eyes landed on Rebekah who was sitting next to her. She squealed excitedly and jumped to her feet. "I love this song!" She twirled around so that she was facing her girlfriend, her eyes glimmering as she held out her hand to her and asked, "Dance with me?"

It was more of a statement than a question. "Of course, lover." Rebekah laughed taking her hand and allowing her to lead her out onto the dance floor. She knew that she had little say in the matter.

Rebekah placed her hands on Caroline's hips and hastily flipped her around so that her back was facing her front. She moved her body against her back to the rhythm of the music and smirked when she heard the other woman let out a soft moan at the touch. Her fingers traced along Caroline's hips, down over her thighs, teasing the sensitive skin that she found there. Leaning forward, Rebekah ran her tongue along her neck and bit down gently right below her ear, sucking the skin between her full lips.

Pulling back, she whispered hotly against her ear. Her accent serving to turn Caroline on even more. "I love dancing with you."

"Mm…" She moaned out. "Me too." Caroline gasped as Rebekah teased her neck again with her tongue, and she leant her head back to give her more access, reaching her hands behind her head in order to tangle them in Rebekah's hair. She wanted more.

"Do you recall what happened the last time that we danced together?"

She blushed a little as she recalled the night. How drunk she had been and upset with Tyler and what she had done. "Yeah…" The word came out breathily.

"Care to repeat that tonight?" Rebekah traced her fingers over her thighs, pulling her body closer against her own as she rocked to the music.

"God, yes." Caroline's voice came out shaky and needy and her blush intensified. It baffled her how badly she needed Rebekah all the time. She thought about her non-stop, she wanted to touch her, to kiss her, to pleasure her all the time. It was insane. The passion that she felt with the other woman was never there with Tyler.

Quinn stared at their friends as they danced along to the song. Rebekah practically had her hands up the bottom of Caroline's dress, and they were making out in front of everyone. They did not care about the girls glaring at them or the guys gawking. The two of them were trapped in their own little world. She envied them for that.

"Wow… They don't hold back, do they?" Quinn asked.

"No they do not." Rachel affirmed with a nod of her head as she stared at the two blondes on the dance floor with wide eyes. She turned her attention back to Quinn and smiled. "But, enough watching those two, I thought that we were going to dance."

The blonde cheerleader looked down at her drink and blushed brightly. "We are."

"Sometime this evening?"

"I don't like this song."

"That is what you said during the last three songs, Quinn. I am well aware that you are avoiding dancing with me and I do not like it at all." She stood to her feet and held out her hand to her. "Now, come on. I love this song."


Rachel gave her a look that told her she had better do as she was told. "I will not take no for an answer." She reached out and grabbed ahold of Quinn's hand, pulling her toward the dance floor in typical diva-fashion. She did not care to play games any longer. It was her turn to dance with Quinn Fabray.

Quinn glanced around the room insecurely for a minute, looking for anyone who might know her or might judge her, but she quickly realized that no one was. They were all dancing with each other and having a fun time, or staring at Rebekah and Caroline. No one even cared that they were dancing together. She let out a sigh and smiled placing her hands on Rachel's small hips and pulling her body closer, as Rachel wrapped her arms around her neck.

They swayed along to the music and stared into each other's eyes. It was nothing too dirty, just simple dancing. Still, they were content just holding each other in public without a care in the world.

Quinn felt truly happy.

"This is nice." Rachel pointed out with a light blush.

"Yeah, this is nice." Quinn agreed, finally allowing herself to relax in the other woman's embrace. Rachel smiled and leant forward kissing her shoulder and resting her head against it.

"I love being out in public and being allotted the opportunity to show off my gorgeous girlfriend."

So many of the starlet's words caused her body to tense. She had said that she was her girlfriend, called her gorgeous, and pointed out that she was in public with another woman. Taking in a few breaths and calming her racing heart she returned to a calm state and smiled. "Yeah, me too. It is nice feeling like I can be free to be…to be with you."

Across the room at the table, Brooke was pouting and staring at her girlfriend. Haley had her arms crossed over her chest and was growing annoyed. She was insecure with herself and she hated dancing.

"Stop looking at me like that. I'm not a dancer."

"Me either."

"You're a cheerleader." The tutor pointed out.

Brooke stood to her feet and knelt down in front of Haley, placing her hands on her thighs and smiling up at her. She wanted to convince her to get over her fears of dancing. "Come on Haley-baby, dance with me?" Her bottom lip protruded in a pout and her hazel eyes filled with longing and need, she knew that she could always convince the other woman to do anything if she pouted.

"Fine." Haley sighed and stood to her feet, allowing Brooke to pull her toward the dance floor. "But I warn you now; I am the least coordinated woman on the face of the planet."

"I don't mind." Brooke smiled smugly. She had won again.

"You will." She laughed.

"No, I won't." She turned around and twirled Haley into her arms. The shorter woman suddenly tripped over her feet and nearly stumbled over, but she caught her. Haley blushed brightly and gave her a pointed look.

"See, I told you I'm a terrible dancer Brooke."

Brooke pulled her body closer to her own and led the dance, holding onto her tightly so that she would not trip and fall again. Staring into large brown eyes she grinned. "I wouldn't care if you were the worst dancer in the world, which you just might be, I'd still be proud to dance with you."

"Thanks." She rolled her eyes sarcastically.

Brooke laughed and leant forward capturing her lips in a sweet and loving kiss. Pulling back she whispered hotly against her lips. "Just follow my lead."


Rebekah smiled as she stared down at Caroline who was lying on top of her naked. "Are you excited for sectionals, sweets?" She wondered as she idly traced her finger along her ear, watching as the other woman shivered at the light touch.

"Yeah, actually I am." She smiled, kissing her shoulder. "I've found that I really love singing, and I just know that we are going to win this thing."

"Rachel Berry would be proud." Rebekah teased playfully.

Caroline laughed and nodded her head. It was true, she would be. "You know, it's crazy how much things have changed between everyone this year." She paused and ran her fingers down Rebekah's toned abdomen. "I remember when we started our senior year, I told Brooke and Quinn that I just wanted it to be the best year ever…and it has been."

"How so?"

"Well, Rachel and Quinn are FINALLY getting along! God, I swear they have been into each other forever! And Brooke seems to be a lot happier ever since she got with Haley… Haley has been really good for her… and…" Her voice trailed off shyly and a blush painted her cheeks and pale shoulders.

"And?" Rebekah smirked with a raised brow.

"And…" Caroline glanced up at her and smiled. "I've never been happier. This, what we have together, it is so much more than I expected to ever find. Like, I really didn't want to like you."

They both laughed at this comment.

"I just kept telling myself over and over, God I hate her! And yet somehow, you started to consume all of my thoughts, and I just…I've never felt this connection with anyone before. It's more than just sex… it's…" She did not know how to explain what she was feeling. It was all too overwhelming and new.

Rebekah watched her closely as she waited for her to finish her sentence. Her heart was pounding violently in her chest and she could no longer breathe. 'She couldn't possibly admit that she loves me… it's too soon…'

"It's just more than that." Caroline concluded due to lack of words.

"That it is."


Niklaus picked away at the food that they had given him to eat. Tonight was his last night in Lima, Ohio. He was being transferred to a larger prison where it would be impossible to escape. So, tonight he would put his plan into motion. His eyes were focused on the guard's keys connected to his belt, he listened to them jangle with each step that he took. Within a few minutes those keys would be in his possession.

"I am finished eating!" He announced to the guard. His serious and deadly eyes fixated on the prize at hand as the guard heard him and turned around, walking toward his cell.

When the guard leant forward to collect the tray, Niklaus reached through the bars of the cell and grabbed ahold of him. He did not give him a chance to scream or retaliate, within seconds he snapped his neck and the man was lying on the cold cement floor, dead.

Kneeling down, he moved the body so that he could reach out and get the keys. Pulling them off of his belt with little care to be gentle.

"Thank you very much, kind sir." He smirked and stood to his feet, unlocking the gate and sneaking his way through the corridors.

The first part of his plan was complete.

Next, he needed to find his sister.


The New Directions had just finished competing at sectionals and Rachel Berry knew that they had the competition in the bag. She was forced to watch from the crowd like everyone else who was only there to support the groups. It was pure torture for her, but she was proud of them all. Caroline had done a wonderful duet with Finn, and Haley had even had a few major parts despite her stage fright.

Now, she was stuck sitting impatiently and waiting for them to announce the winners.

All of the competitors were standing on the stage, watching the host closely.

"Now for the moment you've all been waiting for!" The host announced excitedly into the microphone. "Third place goes to…" He paused for necessary dramatic effect, causing all of the teams to stare at him with anticipation. "Tree Hill High!"

Rachel smiled and held back her screams of excitement. She was competitive and she could often be a poor sport, but not when she was winning.

Rebekah looked over at Caroline and smiled reassuringly, taking her hand.

"Second place goes to…" He paused. "Dalton Academy!"

This was it. There were only two teams left which was terrifying. It meant that either they were going to go on to regionals, or their year was over.

"And first place goes to…" He paused and they all stared at him, Rachel was standing and making her way closer to the stage as if it would cause him to announce it faster. "The New Directions, from Lima Ohio!"

Rachel screamed loudly and rushed up the stairs onto the stage as they presented the small trophy to the group. She wanted to be there with them and congratulate them; she was so proud of them, and so happy that she would get a chance to compete at regionals. "Congratulations you guys!" She announced with a bright smile, hugging Quinn and then hugging everyone else as well. They all joined in a group hug and laughed and talked excitedly.

This was their first competition and their first win as a glee club.

"I am so proud of you—" Rebekah started as the excitement calmed a bit, but she paused mid-sentence as she realized that Caroline was no longer standing beside her. She furrowed her brow and looked around the stage. She was nowhere in sight. "Caroline?" Her voice rose as she started to grow worried. "Where is Caroline?"

Everyone was still too excited to notice as they talked loudly over the British woman.

Rebekah's ears perked up as she heard a very faint and familiar ringtone through the laughter and chatting. Her head snapped in the direction of the cellphone. She did not see Caroline anywhere. "Shut up!" She growled out angrily. When they did not listen she spoke louder, this time her voice nearly threatening. "Shut up! Shut up!"

Her entire group of friends grew silent and most of the crowd was exiting the building or had already left, so it was fairly silent.

Silent enough for her to make out the ringtone clearly.

It was the tone for Caroline's mum.

'It could just be someone else's mobile phone, it's a popular song… or perhaps she is around here somewhere…' Her mind attempted to reason as her heart pounded painfully in her chest and she followed the direction of the sound.

When she found the source of the ringing, her blue eyes landed on the phone. It was definitely Caroline's. And it was just lying on the ground. Kneeling down, she frantically clicked the send button and held it up to her ear.

"Caroline!?" Liz's voice blared through the speaker of the phone and her heart sank. She felt nauseas. She knew that something bad was happening. "He escaped." Rebekah nearly dropped the phone as she gasped out. "Warn Rebekah, apparently he snapped the guard's neck and broke out… I—I'm worried. He could be anywhere and you and Rebekah are not safe."

She felt like she was suffocating as she forced out the words, "This is Rebekah."


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