Not Like I Think About You Constantly

By: Tracy Cook

Disclaimer: I do not own anything; these characters belong to the creators of Glee, One Tree Hill, and The Vampire Diaries.

Authors Note: This is an AU fic that focuses around Glee/OTH/Vampire Diaries. There will be NO VAMPIRES and characters may be slightly OOC, but I will try and keep them in character.

Pairing: Quinn/Rachel, Brooke/Haley, and Caroline/Rebekah.

Rating: M

Chapter Twenty-Seven

Never Have I Ever

"I think I'm finally getting the hang of this." A wide smile spread across Brooke's face as she lifted up one of her newest dress designs. Looking it over, she could not help but feel a strong sense of pride. It was beautiful, and she had created it from scratch. It was something that she could call her own.

They had decided to leave the website closed down until there were enough dresses to sell. They also planned to set up the site a bit differently. This time people would only be allowed to purchase the articles until they ran out of them. Brooke would have complete control over how many dresses she made and sold.

"Wow, that looks so great!" Haley glanced over at the dress and smiled at her girlfriend. "It still amazes me that you've never taken any sewing classes or anything."

Brooke shrugged her shoulders. "Guess I'm just a natural."

"Yeah, you really are." The tutor said, taking a seat next to the other woman on the couch. She reached out and thumbed the fabric of the dress. She truly was amazed by the quality and the appearance of the dresses. "It's a beautiful dress, Brooke. They all are." She turned and caught hazel with brown.

"Thanks." Brooke's voice cracked and squeaked with excitement.

"I really am so proud of you." She wrapped her arm around her waist and nudged her nose against her shoulder, pressing a kiss to the skin.

Brooke felt her heart start to race and a warmth spread throughout her body when she heard those words from Haley. Perhaps to a normal person they wouldn't have meant as much as they did to her. Of course she was proud of her; she was her girlfriend after all. But, Brooke felt like she spent the majority of her life trying to make people proud who couldn't care less about her. She tried to make her mom and dad proud of her, but not once had they ever said that they were proud of her. They never congratulated her or said that they loved her. When she saw them, which was a rarity, they only pointed out all of the flaws in her life.

Over time she lost confidence in herself. She put on a brave face, but deep down she did not feel like she could do anything. She did not feel like she was worth anything aside from the money that she carried in her purse.

Haley changed that though. Haley made her proud of herself, she made her see her own potential. She made her love herself.

She could never thank her enough for that.

"Thanks, Hales." She looked down into her girlfriend's eyes and smiled. Her voice was low and serious.

"For what?" Her eyes widened in shock.

"For helping me with all of this, for believing that I could do it." Brooke paused and swiped the hair out of Haley's eyes, tucking it behind her ear. "It means everything to me."

"I will always be here to help you." She assured and leant into the touch. "But, you did all of this, not me."

"Yeah, but you helped me get there." Leaning forward, she pressed a gentle kiss to Haley's forehead and allowed her lips to linger for a minute. She loved kissing Haley. And ever since she had learnt that she was going on tour, she had been savoring every single kiss.

For a second they sat there holding each other on the couch and drowning in the comfort of each other's embrace. Brooke cast her hazel eyes down toward Haley's hand that was resting against her thigh and she smiled. She was still wearing the promise ring that she had given her and it made her heart leap. It wasn't a wedding ring, but it was still very special. She reached down and started to fiddle with the ring as she thought about their future together.

She still wanted to ask Haley to marry her. Brooke just didn't want it to seem selfish.

Haley noticed that Brooke was playing with the ring and her stomach twisted. She loved that the beautiful woman wanted to marry her, but she was terrified by what it meant. She had contemplated if she should talk to her about it or let it be until she brought it up, and truthfully she still did not know.

Suddenly, Brooke sat up and a smile spread from one ear to the other. "I just got a great idea!"

She laughed a little at her abruptness. "And what's that?"

"We should invite our friends over to see the collection! I can get some of the other cheerleaders on the squad to model the dresses, and we can see what the public thinks!"

Haley didn't even attempt to explain to Brooke that her friends' opinions did not count as the "public" opinion. She did not want to bring down her spirits, and she knew that the public would love the dresses. They had already shown a lot of interest the last time that the site was up. Plus, it would be a lot of fun for all of them.

"That sounds like a great idea."

"Yeah! And then they can stay the night. We haven't done much as a group lately, and soon everyone's gonna be moving on with their lives." Her voice dropped sadly. She was not looking forward to the day that they all graduated and moved away from each other. She still was not ready to grow up.

"It would be really nice to spend some time together before I go on tour." She added.

"So, we can do it then?"

"Yeah, we can do it." Haley smiled and reached out squeezing Brooke's hand. "Call up your friends and tell them. I'll go call Rach."


Quinn's thoughts had been consumed by Rachel ever since their date. She did not know what to think about their current situation. She just knew that she hated it. When Rachel had told her that they were going to take it slow she had been confused. Did she want a relationship? Did she want to just be friends? Now that time had passed and the two of them hadn't even said a word to each other at school, she was even more confused.

Slow was acceptable. She understood slow after everything that she had put Rachel through. But, nonexistent was not acceptable.

She could not handle nonexistent.

Even if Rachel wanted to pursue her career and didn't have time to embark on a relationship, she needed to have the starlet in her life. As a friend, or even just an acquaintance. She missed her.

Quinn had attempted to approach the other woman at school, but she always backed out. She was intimidated. What if Rachel told her that she did not want anything to do with her? What if she decided that there was nothing romantic between the two of them?

Letting out a sigh, she fixated her hazel eyes on the front door of Brooke and Haley's apartment. "At least I won't have to worry about her tonight." Quinn was taking this opportunity to have fun with her friends and get away from her problems. She wanted to just pretend for the night that she was a normal teenage girl without all of the relationship and emotional complications. They could all do makeovers, watch movies, gossip, and just ignore all of the other issues.

She reached up and extended her index finger, pressing down on the doorbell. Then she fidgeted uncomfortably as she waited for someone to answer the door and invite her inside.

The door opened abruptly causing Quinn to jump a little, and then Brooke popped her head outside and smiled brightly at her. She looked excited. "I'm so happy you could make it! Come on in!" She told her, pushing the door open further in order to give the blonde access into the apartment.

Quinn returned the smile and made her way into the living room. She cast her hazel eyes around the room and scanned over the crowd. Santana, Brittany, and Bevin were all talking to each other. Rebekah and Caroline were sitting on one of the couches together. It appeared that Caroline was attempting to throw chips in the air and catch them in her mouth, and Rebekah was teasing her. Then, next to them Haley was talking to—'RACHEL!?'

Her chest tightened painfully as her eyes landed on the petite diva who was chatting away excitedly with her best friend. She suddenly felt sick to the stomach and the strong urge to run out the front door and escape. Tonight was supposed to be an escape from reality.

Now, she would have to spend the entire night with Rachel Berry.

Quinn did not know whether she should be excited or terrified. She was a little of both.

When Rachel finished her sentence she turned to see who had arrived at the party. Her eyes made contact with Quinn's and she froze, staring across the room at her with wide horrified eyes. No one had told her that Quinn would be attending the party. She had assumed that it was a possibility, but she had somehow thought that her friends would be perceptive and realize that something was wrong between the two of them.

Everyone in the room grew silent and stared at the two women. All of them had known that something was different between Rachel and Quinn, but none of them had expected this reaction when they were both in the same room again.

No one knew how to react. Should they say something? Should they continue as they planned?

Rebekah did not care for the awkward silence. She honestly still felt like the two women were pathetically dancing around their feelings. It made no sense to her. They obviously loved each other and yet they chose to be miserable and alone.

Leaning forward on the couch, Rebekah glanced over at Rachel and a wide toothy grin stretched across her face. "Would you look at that?" Rachel turned and stared into her blue eyes. "Quinn is here. Isn't that fantastic, Rachel?"

"Uhh…" She started and then quickly realized that she was being rude. Her intentions were never to hurt Quinn or make her feel uncomfortable around her. She turned her attention to the head cheerleader and smiled brightly. "Yes, of course it is! I am happy to see that you could make it, Quinn."


"Where the fuck is she?!" Brooke growled out angrily, throwing up her hands and looking toward the door. She had told six cheerleaders from the squad to show up and help model the dresses for her friends, and only five had shown up.

"She'll be here." Haley squeezed her arm reassuringly.

"She's thirty minutes late, Haley." She whined. "She's not coming! Now I'm gonna have to take one of my designs out of the show."

"Or—" Caroline stated suggestively from the couch. Everyone turned to look at her as they waited for her solution to the problem. Rebekah was squinting her eyes at her girlfriend. She had a feeling that she was not going to enjoy whatever she suggested.

"Or?" Brooke raised a brow at the blonde.

"Or, Rebekah could model one of the dresses!" She announced happily. Caroline didn't even have to turn and look at the British woman to know that she was not pleased with the plan. And when she did look at her it was blatant. Her brow was furrowed and she was wearing a scowl.

"Pardon me?" Rebekah asked.

Caroline laughed and reached out taking her hands in her own. "What? You could totally do it! I mean you're absolutely gorgeous! And don't even get me started on that body of yours." She bit down on her bottom lip and looked Rebekah over. She loved every inch of her body.

"Please don't." Quinn interrupted disgustedly.

She shot a quick glare at Quinn and then returned her attention to Rebekah, squeezing down on her hands. "Seriously babe, when I first saw you at school I thought that you were a model for Christ's sake!"

Rebekah pursed her full lips and stared directly into Caroline's eyes as she internally debated the proposition. She did not want to model. Suddenly, Caroline stood to her feet and pulled her up to her feet by her hands. "It'll be fun! I can do your makeup and help dress you up!"

"Our definitions of fun are quite different. That sounds absolutely dreadful."

"Whatever! You'll see, it'll be fun!" She turned and looked back at Brooke with a toothy smile. "You've got yourself another model, B. Davis!"


Caroline delivered hot kisses along the back of Rebekah's neck as she pulled the zipper of the beautiful red dress closed. She watched the perfect creamy skin disappear beneath the fabric to her disappointment. Luckily it was a strapless dress, so her shoulders and upper-back were still exposed. She bit down gently on her shoulder and smiled against the reddening skin when she heard Rebekah gasp softly.

"Mmm…" The blonde Brit hummed pleasurably before turning around quickly and staring directly into blue eyes.

Rebekah did not get a chance to say anything as she was pushed roughly against the sink and trapped in a bruising kiss. Her body reacted immediately to soft lips moving against her own and a perfect body pressed against her. "Mmh." She moaned out in pleasure as Caroline bit down on her pouty bottom lip before using the opportunity to invade her mouth with her tongue. Her fingers tangled in blonde curls and she dragged Caroline closer.

She wanted to feel her as close as possible.

Caroline moved her hands to Rebekah's exposed thighs and she trailed her nails along the back of them, and then gripped them tightly and lifted the other woman up onto the edge of the sink. She forced her toned thighs apart and then stepped between them, all the while never breaking the heated kiss.

She could feel Rebekah's nails digging into her scalp and it only surged her on. Caroline dragged her nails down the front of Rebekah's thighs and moaned out when she heard her lover whimper.

Repeating the motion, she dragged her nails up her thighs and only stopped when her fingertips teased the edge of her soaked panties. This time Rebekah pulled out of the kiss and threw her head back in pleasure, moaning loudly and pulling on Caroline's hair. She needed more. Her clit was throbbing and she could feel wetness pooling between her thighs.

When she regained her composure, Rebekah looked down at Caroline and smirked. "If I'd known that this was what you intended when you elected me to model, I wouldn't have been so opposed to the idea."

Caroline grinned playfully and leant in, pressing her lips to her long neck before running her tongue along it and biting down on the sensitive skin.

"Mmm…. Fuck! Caroline…"

"Shh…" She laughed proudly. Caroline loved being the one who got to make Rebekah moan her name every night. "You need to be quiet or they'll hear you." She whispered just below her ear and then returned to kissing her neck gently.

"I don't give a damn if they hear us."

Caroline pulled away from her and eyed her warily. "I do." The thought of her friends hearing them make love or walking in on them terrified her. But, she was too turned on and too excited to stop.

Rebekah tugged her swollen bottom lip between her teeth and cocked her head to the side. "I suppose that we could always save it for later this evening." It took all of her willpower to attempt to move off of the sink. She could feel an unbearable aching between her thighs and she needed her release, but if Caroline was going to tell her that she could not be vocal then she was going to decline.

Before she could move off of the sink, she was held firmly in place by Caroline who dug her nails into her thighs.

"Fuck." Rebekah groaned out.

"Exactly." Caroline flashed her a devious grin. "I plan to fuck you right now. Not later this evening. I don't give a fuck if they hear." Her voice was deeper than usual and dripping with lust. Just hearing Caroline admit that she was going to fuck her, caused Rebekah's arousal to intensify.

Rebekah tangled her hand in blonde curls and dragged the other woman closer to her, crashing their lips together with fever. She needed to feel them again, taste them again. Both moaned out when she bit down hard on Caroline's bottom lip and thrust her tongue into her mouth, starting a passionate dance.

She could feel Caroline's hand inching up her thigh and under her dress and she arched her back in an attempt to get more contact.

"Please, Caroline…" She whispered hotly against her lips. Rebekah needed to feel her fingers inside of her.

Caroline grinned and recaptured Rebekah's lips, pushing the fabric of her panties out of the way. When her fingers came into contact with the British woman's wetness she whimpered. "Fuck…" Rebekah was so wet that it drove her crazy. She could feel her own body aching with need and her clit was swollen, she wanted to be touched, but right now what she wanted more than anything was to touch Rebekah.

She wanted to feel her warmth around her fingers, feel the tightness of her womanhood, feel just how wet she was.

"Mmm…" Caroline felt lightheaded when Rebekah's wetness covered her fingers. Then, without warning, she thrust two of her fingers deep inside of her. Rebekah threw her head back again and dug her nails into Caroline's scalp and shoulder as she rocked her hips against her fingers.

"Mmm… Fuck, yes! Right there, Caroline…. Faster, please?"

Caroline grinned and did as she was instructed, thrusting her fingers deeper and faster. She could feel her walls clamping down on her fingers and she could tell that Rebekah was already close to reaching her release.

She found herself entranced as she watched Rebekah react to her movements. Her chest was heaving, sweat coated her pale skin, her lips were swollen and her red lipstick was smeared down her chin, her eyes were nearly black with desire, and her lips were parted wide as she moaned loudly. Caroline was certain that the others would hear them, but at this point she didn't really care. In fact it sort of turned her on more.

"Come for me baby… Please…" Caroline encouraged.

"I'm so close."

"Are you guys done in here?" Brooke asked as she opened the door and made her way into the bathroom. She was getting impatient with Rebekah and Caroline. "All of the other models are done—WHOA! Whoa! Whoa…" She said the last whoa in a lower suggestive tone. Cocking her head to the side, she examined the scene before her and smirked. "Nice."

"Brooke!" Caroline screamed. "Get out of here!" She turned and slammed the door in her friend's face.

She lost her breath in her throat when she returned her attention to Rebekah. She had expected her to cover up, or at least move off of the sink, but she was still sitting on the edge of the sink with her legs spread and wearing a look of frustration.

"You better bloody well finish fucking me senseless, Caroline." She stated in a deathly serious voice.

The bluntness of the sentence nearly brought Caroline to her own release, and within seconds she was back between Rebekah's legs and kissing her passionately. She returned her fingers to where they had previously been and pushed her panties out of the way before thrusting two fingers deep inside of her once more. She pumped them faster and deeper than before they were interrupted, with the intent of bringing Rebekah to her release.

Twisting her fingers inside of Rebekah, she hit the spot that always pushed her over the edge. "Oh fuck! Caroline!" She moaned out loudly and bit down hard on her shoulder as she moved her hips along with the thrusts. She could feel her climax building and she knew that she wouldn't last much longer. "Fuck—I-I'm going to—Mmmm…"

"I love you baby…" Caroline muttered through whimpers and heavy breathing.

"I love you too, so much Caroline." She bit down on her shoulder again and rocked against the invading fingers a few more times, as her body convulsed and she came all over Caroline's hand and the sink.

Haley walked up to Brooke who was still standing outside of the bathroom and she asked, "Are they coming, Brooke?"

Brooke grinned deviously, her dimples caving in her cheeks and her hazel eyes shimmering dangerously. "Probably any minute now."

"What do you—" Haley paused and her eyes widened as she put two and two together. Brooke nodded playfully and the tutor's face contorted in disgust. "Wait, they were…?" She nodded again, her grin spreading. "In our bathroom?" Another nod. "Gross!" Haley groaned out.

"What is taking those two so long?" Quinn asked from behind them.

Both women turned and stared at the blonde. "Nothing!"


Caroline and Rebekah opened the front door and walked into the apartment. They were both carrying a few bottles of alcohol that they had just gone to buy. Everyone wanted to play some drinking games, aside from Brooke, which Caroline was still baffled by. A year ago she would have been the one encouraging all of them to get drunk.

"We got the booze!"

Brooke eyed the bottles cautiously. There was a part of her that actually did want to drink and play some games. It was their last year being in high school and she should have fun. But, there was another part of her that really didn't want to turn into that person in front of Haley ever again. She would hate herself forever if she embarrassed herself or hurt her girlfriend by saying something stupid while under the influence.

"Are you guys sure about this?" Brooke wondered nervously.

"Yeah!" Caroline insisted, setting down the bottles on the countertop and smiling over at the brunette. "It's like one of our last nights to hang out as a group. Why not have a little fun and play some Never Have I Ever?"

She shot Haley an uncertain look. The tutor merely shrugged and smiled. "It's just one night, Brooke."

"I don't want to be that person again…"

"You won't be that person again." Haley insisted, stroking her thumb over the back of Brooke's hand. "You aren't that person anymore. It won't be a big deal if you just have some fun tonight, it doesn't have to be a common occurrence."

"I dunno, Hales…"

"Would it make you feel better if I told you that I was going to play?"

Brooke furrowed her brow and shook her head. That almost made her feel worse. She felt like she was a bad influence on the other woman, not to mention she would be admitting embarrassing truths to her. "Not really…" Haley gave her a look that said come on, and finally she gave in. "Okay, fine! I'll play."

Caroline let out a happy squeak and skipped toward them, handing them both glasses filled with alcohol. "Here you guys go!"

Quinn moved toward the counter and reached out for one of the bottles of alcohol, but as she did so, her hand came into contact with another person's. She recognized it immediately. Glancing up, she caught Rachel's beautiful eyes and her jaw tightened. "I'm sorry."

"No. I'm sorry." Rachel insisted embarrassedly. "Please do pour yourself a glass first."

Quinn nodded her head and lifted the bottle, pouring it into her glass. She hated the way that she and Rachel were acting around each other. It was like they had erased all of the progress that they had made. No, it was worse than that. At least prior to the progress, they had argued with each other. Now they were simply ignoring each other and acting completely awkward.

After she finished pouring her drink she offered Rachel a smile and headed toward the couch and took a seat. Rachel poured her glass next and then joined the others in the living room. She could feel Quinn's eyes on her for most of the night, but now it was almost unbearable.

"Okay! Who wants to start!?" Caroline asked loudly.

"I'll go first." Brooke suggested. At least this way she could pick on someone intentionally and not have to actually drink the first round. "Never have I ever…" She paused to think of something and then smirked and stared over at Rebekah. "Had a British accent."

Rebekah snapped her head in Brooke's direction and glared at her. She could not believe that she would use such a low blow. Still, she intended to follow the rules of the game. If there was one thing that she was good at, it was getting revenge. Lifting her cup to her lips she took a drink of the alcohol.

Haley went next and she followed Brooke's lead. "Never have I ever been to England."

The British woman's scowl deepened and she lifted the glass to her lips taking another drink. "For some odd reason, I am feeling personally victimized."

Caroline turned to face her girlfriend and giggled. She loved when Rebekah got frustrated, it was so adorable. "You're not being victimized, babe. Anyone here could have had a British accent and have been to England."

"Certainly." Rebekah stated bitterly.

"My turn!" Caroline announced. "Hmmm…" She pretended to think about it for a moment. "Never have I ever been fucked on Brooke and Haley's bathroom sink." She laughed loudly as her girlfriend took another drink of her alcohol, but then something caught her attention. Haley was taking a drink as well.

Everyone turned to look at the tutor who was blushing brightly and looking down into her cup. They all started to laugh.

Rachel was giving her best friend a look of surprise and she quickly defended herself. "What!? It's my sink!"

It was now Rebekah's turn and she knew the perfect question that would force everyone in the room to drink, aside from herself. "Never have I ever questioned my sexuality." Her smile spread across her face as she watched everyone in the room take a drink of their alcohol.

"Never have I ever kissed another girl." Quinn said as she stared directly into Rachel's eyes, this shocked everyone. No one expected her to choose something that would not only force her to drink, but would also force her to admit that she had kissed another woman before. Something had definitely changed. This time everyone in the room took a drink.

Rachel felt extremely uncomfortable now. She didn't know what to think about the way that Quinn had been staring at her when she said those words.

"Never have I ever had a one night stand." Rachel offered. Rebekah, Caroline, and Brooke all took drinks of their alcohol.

Next it was Brooke's turn again. She was already feeling intoxicated. Looking over at Rachel, she grinned. "Never have I ever sent someone to a crack house so that they couldn't steal my solos."

Rachel laughed a little and took a drink of her alcohol. That hadn't been her best idea. "For the record, it wasn't an active crack house."

Haley went next. "Never have I ever done something that I regret." She knew that they would all have to drink, but she couldn't think of anything else to say. Everyone took a drink except for Quinn. She finished the entire drink and dropped it on the floor, her eyes fixated on Rachel as she stood to her feet and walked across the room and out the front door. She had so many things that she regretted, so many things that she couldn't take back, and she hated herself.

Rachel was intoxicated, but she stood and ran out the front door after her.

The rest of their friends were used to this now so they continued with the game. "Never have I ever peed myself in public." Caroline said as she looked over at Brooke and raised a brow at her.

"Caroline! You weren't supposed to tell anyone!"

"I didn't!" She laughed. "You just did! Now drink up!"


Rachel opened the front door and rushed outside after Quinn. Due to the alcohol in her system, she stumbled and nearly fell down the stairs to the apartment building, but she managed to catch the railing as she called out. "Quinn!" It seemed that things were returning to normal. Quinn was running away from her problems and Rachel was chasing her around.

The blonde halted when she heard the other woman call out to her.

"Quinn…" Rachel stated under her breath as she walked around Quinn and stared up at her. What she saw perplexed her. She was crying. And not in the way that Rachel was used to. She was not holding back her tears, she was not looking away from her, she was just allowing the tears to fall freely over her cheeks and down her neck. Her body was shaking and she was holding onto herself tightly. She did not look angry. She looked broken.

Rachel had never seen Quinn look so broken. She knew that it was her fault. Reaching out, she pulled her body closer to her and wrapped her up in an unreciprocated hug. She didn't care that Quinn wasn't hugging her back, that her arms were still stubbornly crossed over her chest. It didn't matter. She was going to hold onto her as long as she would allow her.

"It's okay. I got you."

Quinn pulled away from the embrace and she stared down into Rachel's eyes. She could see tears in them, tears that matched her own. She took in a shaky breath and her lips trembled. "I'm so sorry, Rachel." Her voice was raspier than usual. "I'm so sorry for everything that I put you through."

"Quinn, you don't have to—"

"—Just let me apologize! I have to!" She screamed, her voice cracking. "I keep blaming you for ruining our relationship. I keep getting so mad about everything that you said, about how you won't take me back after everything that I did to you, but it's not your fault Rachel. It's mine. I don't deserve your forgiveness; I don't deserve you in my life at all. I've been terrible to you for so many years—I just—I'm so sorry."

Rachel reached up and stroked away the tears that were falling down Quinn's face. She did not want her to blame herself and she did not want to hear that she was sorry again.

"You don't have to keep apologizing to me."

"Yes I do… Because—you said that us being together was pointless and that's all my fault." She wheezed out. "But, it's not pointless to me. Being with you is all that I want, Rachel."

Rachel smiled a little as she wiped away another tear. "Quinn, I told you that we could take it slow."

"I know what that means! I'm not a moron!" She pushed her away and lifted her hands to her head, digging her fingers into her hair. "That means that we can take it slow until you disappear and move to New York, where you will become a star and I will burn out." She took in a breath and repeated herself sadly. "I'll burn out, Rachel."

"You could never burn out." Rachel insisted stubbornly. She was always so stubborn.

"I will—"

"—Even if you did." She interrupted, reaching out and taking Quinn's hands and staring up into her hazel eyes. "Even if you did burn out, if I am a star and you are with me, then I can always help to reignite you." Rachel's full lips twisted up into a gentle smile and she squeezed down on her hands. Both of them knew what she was implying.

"Are you saying…?" Her voice cracked and died out. She was terrified of the answer.

"I am saying that when I said that I wanted to take it slow, I meant that I wanted to date you and move at a pace that you are comfortable with. You seemed determined not to let anyone know, prior to our date, and I didn't want to be responsible for rushing you into telling them. I didn't want you to tell them and have them hate you and then have you resent me for it later in life." She admitted.

"I could never resent you… I want to tell them. I want to tell everyone and I don't care if they disown me."

"Then we will tell them." Rachel told her.

"Does this mean?" Tears resurfaced in Quinn's eyes, but this time they were tears of joy. She was finally getting another chance. She and Rachel could finally be together again. And this time she would do everything to ensure that it would last forever.

"Yes." Rachel leant up and kissed her gently on the lips. Quinn savored the feel of them against her own for a second and then they were gone. "Now come on, I want to go in there and sing a song with you." She grabbed ahold of Quinn's hand and dragged her back toward the front door of the apartment.


Quinn and Rachel had stolen Haley's microphone and they were currently standing on top of the table singing a duet together. They had their arms wrapped around each other and they were stumbling around and slurring their words drunkenly. At this point none of the girls were remotely sober. Brooke was stripping off her shirt and teasing Haley who was sitting on one of the recliners.

"And that's Brooke!" Caroline announced loudly as she lifted up her cellphone and took a video of her drunken friend. "Whoa! And now she isn't wearing a bra either!" She laughed and shook her head at the other woman as she crawled on top of Haley and started giving her a lap dance.

Then she turned her attention to Rebekah who was lying on the couch and staring over at her with a sly smirk. Caroline watched her through the camera on her phone and smiled. "And that right there is my sexy girlfriend." She walked toward the other blonde and climbed on top of her straddling her waist and aiming the camera down at her face. "Isn't she gorgeous?" She pointed the camera up Rebekah's nose.

"There is nothing gorgeous up there, Caroline." Rebekah scolded.

"She's lying. Everything about her is gorgeous, Camera." She spoke to the camera like it was another person. She twisted it around and looked into it. "She's a model." Caroline winked at the camera lens. She then flipped it back around so that it was aimed at Rebekah who laughed and dismissed the absurd comment.

"I am not a model."

Caroline turned it back around and looked into it. "Yeah, not yet! But she should be!"

When she returned the camera to Rebekah the British woman plucked the phone out of her hand and threw it onto the floor. Caroline gasped, but she did not get the chance to complain. "Shut up and come here." Rebekah pulled her down on top of her and kissed her passionately. It was sloppier than usual, but neither minded.


"God damn it!" Brooke groaned out in pain, lifting her hand to her forehead as she sat up from the awkward position that she had fallen asleep in. It had been a long time since she had a hangover and she decided then and there that it definitely wasn't worth it. She had fun getting drunk of course, but it wasn't worth the pain and lack of memory the next day.

She couldn't remember much after the game. "I feel like ass." She was thirsty and her voice came out raspy and hoarse.

Stretching out her aching limbs, she was suddenly hit with a strange sensation. A rush of air ran against her chest and she felt her nipples harden. 'Wait…what? Brooke hastily glanced down at her chest and realized that she was not wearing a shirt or a bra.

"What the hell!?" She screamed out as she covered herself up.

What was stranger than that was that she was not sleeping on the recliner alone. Sitting beneath her was Haley who was staring up at her with wide shocked eyes.

"Uh, hey Brooke." Haley said with an awkward smile and a blush on her face. She had not expected to wake up in a chair with her half naked girlfriend sitting on top of her. But, she wasn't really complaining. There were worse ways to wake up.

"Hey." She stated uncertainly, climbing off of her girlfriend and searching around the living room for her shirt. When she found it she smiled proudly and lifted it up pulling it over her head.

"God, it feels like I was hit by a bulldozer." Haley said, standing up and stretching out her limbs. She had never been drunk and she had never had a hangover until now, but she didn't really understand the appeal.

"You're the one who wanted to drink." Brooke pointed out.

"I'm definitely starting to regret that decision." She paused and looked around the apartment as she ran her hand through her tangled hair. "Where is everyone else?"

"You guys!" Caroline whispered out from down the hallway. Half of her body was inside of their bedroom. "Come here." She waved her hand signaling for them to come into the bedroom. Brooke and Haley exchanged confused looks, praying that they hadn't also had sex in their bed as they followed the blonde into the room.

Inside of the room they witnessed something that they had never thought they would see. Quinn and Rachel were snuggled up on the bed with Quinn holding onto Rachel protectively. It looked like she had been terrified to lose her the previous night.

"Aww! How cute!" Brooke said, pulling out her cellphone and snapping a few pictures of the couple. She planned to tease Quinn endlessly about it at a later time.

"Must have been one crazy night." Haley pointed out.

"It gets crazier!" Caroline's worried voice startled everyone and they all turned to look at her.

"What!?" They all asked.

"What do you mean it gets crazier, Care?" Brooke asked sternly, staring into blue eyes with concerned hazel.

Caroline fidgeted uncomfortably with her cellphone, staring down at the devise. She didn't think that any of them were going to like what she was about to say. "Uh, well—I—uh—"

"You what?" Haley asked.

Caroline chewed on her bottom lip and looked away from her friends. "I may or may not have uploaded a video that I took with my cellphone while I was drunk."

"Uploaded it to where?" Brooke asked.

"To Youtube." She couldn't meet any of their eyes. She was ashamed that she had done something so stupid.

"Don't worry, we can delete this." Haley assured, leading the way into the living room and opening up her laptop. She nodded her head at Caroline and the blonde rushed to her side and started to type in her password and username. Once she was on her Youtube account, she looked up her recent uploads and saw the video.

"Here it is."

"What are you waiting for, love? Click play." Rebekah encouraged.

Caroline nodded her head and clicked the play button on the video. She was scared to death that the video would be embarrassing.

The beginning of the video featured Caroline singing along with Quinn and Rachel who were dancing on the table and holding onto each other. Then Caroline walked across the room and watched Brooke take off her bra and throw it on the floor, revealing herself for the world to see, literally in this case, before climbing on top of Haley. Lastly, Caroline climbed on top of Rebekah and shared a drunken conversation with her before they started making out and the camera went black.

Brooke let out a loud groan after they watched the video. Her portion had been the worst. She had been topless for the world to see. "Oh my god! You need to delete this right now!"

"I will." Caroline insisted. "But, it might be too late."

"What do you mean?!" Her face contorted in fear.

"It's already been viewed over 6,000 times and downloaded 568 times." She pointed out with a shrug of her shoulders and an apologetic look.

"What!? So some pervy guy has this downloaded to his computer and he's totally jacking off to it right now!?"

"Gross!" Haley glared over at her girlfriend who shrugged her shoulders. "Thanks for those images, Brooke!"

"You guys!" She whined. "I'm internet porn!"


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