Summary-What if Jack finds out that his lover, Amanda Clarke has been lying to him the whole time? Things will boil over. Will Jack fall into Emily's arms or will Emily be too caught up with Aiden? The guy who hurt her? And how will Daniel fit into the mix? R&R

Sorry guys if this fanfic isn't at all that great, I haven't written in third person for a long time so I hope it isn't too bad, and also this is my first Revenge Fanfic so go easy on me if the characters aren't exactly like the characters on the TV show.

Chapter 1

"Jack. I need to tell you something" Amanda says taking a seat at the Stowaway, sitting down at one of the bar stools. Jack shuffles around so he can face the girl he'd fallen in love with way back when.

"Yeah? Whats up?" Jack says concern filling his voice. He hated when this happened or when Amanda said 'we need to talk.' It always ended badly.

"Jack. I'm not who you think I am" Amanda says. Jack looks at Amanda confused was Amanda's point here? "You're Amanda Clarke? Daughter of David Clarke? My childhood sweetheart? The girl I fell in love with? What are you trying to get at Amanda" Jack says confused. Amanda puts her hand out for Jack to hold it, as Amanda squeezes his hand. "I'm not Amanda Clarke, Jack" Amanda says a tear falling down her cheek. "WHAT? Then who are you!? Jack asks anger in his voice as he rips his hand away from Amanda, as Amanda looks at Jack hurt. "Emily and I changed identities. My name is really Emily Thorne" Amanda says. Jack looks at her with disgust; he'd lied to her this whole time.

"What! This whole time it was just a lie!? I thought you loved me!" Jack says anger in his voice as he begins to stomp upstairs.

"Jack. I do love you that was never a lie!" Amanda says pleading. Jack looks at her with disgust but yet so much love. "The only reason you're still bloody here is because of that baby! You hear me?" Jack says angrily. Amanda just looks at him and silence between them as they just look at each other. Amanda was speechless. "Jack that's another thing I have to tell you-"Amanda says keeping as calm as possible. "THE BABY ISNT EVEN MINE? HOW COULD YOU DO THIS TO ME?!" Jack says angry as ever, Amanda moves towards him rubbing his shoulder but he pushes her away and looks away from her. LEAVE! I NEVER WANT TO SEE YOU AGAIN!" Jack says as angry as ever. Amanda just stands there with puppy dog eyes, just wanting Jack to hold her in his arms.

"LEAVE AMANDA!" Jack says giving her a shove out the door. Amanda walks off tears in her eyes, what was she going to do now? Guess she'd head out of town she still had the money that Emily had given her, the new identities. A new start.

Jack looks out the window tears in his eyes, Emily Thorne that he'd a connection to, had been his real childhood sweetheart. He rubs his neck this was definitely going to be an interesting time. Jack blows his nose wipes the tears from his eyes and walks to the door to see Emily Thorne, well really Amanda Clarke. Jack gets out his car keys and drives off to Emily/Amanda's place. He stops just behind and sees a man probably in his thirties standing outside with Emily talking. Jack was confused. He'd never seen Emily with this guy before, and he definitely wasn't a local. Maybe they were just old friends? The man leaves so Jack heads up closer to the beach house and gets out of his car. Emily sees his giving Jack a friendly wave as he heads towards her. Jack reaches the beach house and Emily smiles brightly at him. Jack looks Emily in the eye and sighs.

"I know"

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