Chapter 3

Emily and Aiden were just about ready to go, putting their shoes on and checking the mirror one last time. "You look stunning" Aiden says out of the blue. Emily just looks at him giving him a small smile.

"We'd better get going; we don't want to be late to a Grayson's party" Emily says as they walk over to the Graysons. Aiden knocks on the door, as Daniel answers. "Hey Emily" Daniel says looking at Emily. "Hey Daniel" Emily says.

"Mr Mathis, good to see you. Come in guys" Daniel says inviting us in. Aiden and Emily grab a glass of wine from one of the waiters and head over to where Nolan and Padma are standing.

"Nolan, didn't expect to see you here" Emily says anger in her voice.

"Calm down Ems, we were invited by the Grayson's" Nolan says. Emily looks at him giving him a we'll-talk-about-this-later look. Nolan smiles. "We'd best be heading to see what the Grayson's are up to" Emily says as they head over to where Ashley and Daniel are situated. "Emily and Mr Mathis, a pleasure to see you here" Ashley says.

"Do you want to dance?" Daniel asks Emily putting his hand out, Emily willingly takes it as they go out onto the dance floor. "Emily, I was wondering if you wanted to go out for lunch with me tomorrow, just the two of us?" Daniel asks. Emily looks at him strangely for a second but smiles.

"I'd love to" Emily says kindly, she looks around and sees that the pair of them have taken centre stage along with Ashley and Aiden. "I'll pick you up at your place around 11:30?" Daniel asks as the pair of them is chest to chest. "Sounds great Daniel" Emily says as the pair pulls apart and moves away from the centre. Emily grabs another glass of wine when Victoria approaches her.

"Emily how nice to see you, I heard that our young Daniel invited you" Victoria says taking a sip of her wine. "It's great to see you Victoria, and yes Daniel did invite me" Emily says taking a sip of her drink. Victoria smiles a wicked smile. "I hope you aren't trying to plant the moves on him again Emily" Victoria says. Emily smiles.

"I think its quite the opposite Victoria" Emily says walking off to find Nolan, she finds Padma and Nolan standing towards the corner, drinks in hand. "Padma, could I please talk to Nolan alone?" Emily asks. Padma smiles walking off. "Emily what do I owe the pleasure?" Nolan asks.

"Have the Grayson's tried talking to you?" Emily asks. Nolan shakes his head.

"Not yet, but they probably plan to" Nolan says.

"See you later Nolan, be careful" Emily says walking off to find Aiden, who was talking to Conrad. I head over and smile. "May I steal Aiden away from you?" Emily asks.

"Emily, great to see you could join us" Conrad says. Emily smiles.

"It's great to be here" Emily says. Conrad smiles leaving the pair to talk.

"So you've been socialising with the Grayson's all night I presume?" Emily asks. Aiden nods.

"And you've been spending some time with your ex fiancé" Aiden remarks.

"Touché" Emily says clashing the two of their glasses together. Aiden smiles.

"Hello everybody! I'd just like to give a toast to Victoria for planning this wonderful event! Hope you guys have fun" Conrad says. The crowd cheers.

Nothing bad had happened.


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