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Bad Day at Black Rock

Bobby Singer rubbed his forehead as he stared down at the Colt, lying on his desk. It had been a long few days of tinkering with the damn gun, trying in vain to get it to work. Just as he reached out to pick it up, his phone began to ring. Grumbling, he reached over and picked it up and was now in a conversation with none other than Sam Winchester. Apparently him and his brother, the two idjits, had found one of their father's cursed items, a rabbit's foot, and hadn't had the sense to leave well enough alone. Of course they had to poke it with a stick, and pick it up.

"Now look Bobby," Sam said, "We didn't know."

"You touched it?!" he fell back into his chair. He expected this sort of recklessness from Dean, but Sam was supposed to be the smart one! "Damn it Sam!"

"Well, dad never told us about this thing," Sam tried to defend himself, "I mean you knew about his storage place at Black Rock?"

"His lockup? Yeah I knew, hell, I built those curse boxes for him," he sighed, shaking his head, "Listen, you have got a serious problem. That rabbit's foot ain't no dime store notion, it's real hoodoo, Old World stuff," he paused in thought for a moment, "Made by a Baton Rouge conjuror woman about…a hundred years ago."

"It's a hell of a luck charm," Sam chuckled, clearly not grasping the severity of the situation.

"It's not a luck charm!" he shouted, "She made it to kill people Sam!" Honestly, how had these boys survived so long? "See, you touch it, you own it. You own it, sure, you get a run of good luck to beat the Devil. But, you lose it, that luck turns. It turns so bad that you're dead inside a week."

"Well…so I won't lose it Bobby," Sam replied simply.

"Everybody loses it!" Bobby yelled, standing from his desk and walking out of his office space.

"Well, then how do we break the curse?"

Bobby paced for a bit, finally coming to a stop at a window, staring at his car parked outside. He sighed, "I don't know if you can."

He was about to say more when something else outside his window caught his eye. Walking up his dusty driveway was a young woman, carrying a duffle bag with another strung across her back and a messenger bag at her side.

"Lemme look through my library and make some calls, just sit tight," he said distractedly, flipping his phone shut without waiting for a reply.

He quickly walked towards his front door, stepping outside just as the woman reached his porch, "About time you showed your face round here," Bobby greeted, smiling at the woman as she climbed the steps, "You're late."

"Sorry," she replied, rolling her eyes at his remark.

"Musta been about, what, five years since I saw you last?" he began, frowning as the girl nodded solemnly, her expression turning serious.

"I need your help Bobby."

He nodded, holding the door open for her to enter, "I think I might need your help too…you know anything about a cursed rabbit's foot?"


Bobby waited patiently as he listened to the ringing, waiting for Dean to pick up his phone. He'd tried Sam but received no answer.

"Hello?" a voice answered, clearly the unmistakable, cocky voice of the eldest Winchester brother.

"Dean, great news, wasn't easy but I found a heavyweight cleansing ritual that should do the trick," Bobby said, grinning. He nodded across his desk to the woman sitting at the other end, smiling, with a book open on her lap.

"Bobby that's uh, great, except Sam, uh..." Dean trailed off and Bobby could just tell what Dean was about to day wasn't going to be good, "Sam lost the foot."

"He what?!" Bobby half-yelled.

What? the girl mouthed.

Bobby placed his hand over the phone, "They lost the foot!" he hissed.

The girl fell back into the chair, rolling her eyes, throwing her hands up into the air in exasperation.

"Bobby, Bobby, listen," he heard Dean call through the phone, "This, uh, this hot chick stole it from him. I'm serious. In her mid 20s, and she was sharp you know, good enough at the con to play us. And she only gave the guy she hired a name, probably an alias or something. Uh, Luigi or something?" the last part was said away from the phone, Dean was probably asking Sam for confirmation.

"Lugosi!" he heard Sam call from a distance.

"Lugosi," Dean repeated more into the phone.

"Lugosi?" Bobby asked, confused, "Lugos…"

Bela, the girl mouthed.

"Aw crap," Bobby groaned, nodding his head, it was probably her, "It's probably Bela."

"Bela Lugosi?" Dean asked, laughing, "That's cute."

"Bela Talbot's her real name. Crossed paths with her once or twice."

"Well she knew about the rabbit's foot, is she a Hunter?"

"Pretty friggin' far from a Hunter," Bobby smirked as the woman snorted, "But she knows her way around the territory. She's been out of the country. Last I heard she was in the Middle East someplace."

"I guess she's back," Dean muttered.

"Which means seriously bad luck for you," Bobby shook his head as the girl nodded.


"But, if it is Bela…" Bobby began, eyeing the woman.

What? she mouthed again.

"At least I might know some folks who know how to find her," Bobby smirked.

"Thanks Bobby," Dean said, "…again."

"Just look out for your brother, ya idjit," Bobby answered, hanging up. He waited a moment before turning to the woman, "Think you can reach one of your contacts?"

She sighed, pushing herself out of her seat, "I can try."


Bobby waited for someone to pick up the phone once more as he called Dean back about an hour later.

"Dean," he began as soon as the ringing stopped, "Look, managed to get in touch with someone who knows where Bela lives. So far, she's in Queens."

"You sure?" Dean asked.

"You questioning me boy?" Bobby nearly growled.

"No sir," Dean replied quickly, "Queens it is."

"Damn right it's Queens. My contacts don't lie."

"Alright Bobby, thanks. We owe ya, another one."

"I may be taking you up on that sooner than you think," Bobby replied, glancing at the woman now standing over the Colt, examining it, "Call when you get it back and I'll tell ya the cleansing ritual."

He hung up before Dean could answer, walking over to the woman, "So what's the verdict?"

She let out a low whistle, shaking her head at the gun, "You've got your work cut out for you Bobby…I haven't got a clue."


"…right," Bobby continued, reading from a book on his desk, the one that had been in the girl's lap, "Bone ash and cayenne pepper too."

"And that's it?" Dean asked.

"That's it," Bobby replied, taking the phone from where he'd pressed it against his ear and shoulder to hold it.

"Thanks Bobby," Dean sighed, "We…"

"Owe me, yeah, about that," Bobby trailed, glancing at the woman sitting across from him, "When you're all done there, why don't you two idjits stop by my house. Got something you might be interested in."

"But Bobby, that's like a 20 hour dr…" Dean was suddenly cut off by what sounded like Sam smacking him, "Ow, what was that for?" he heard Dean say to Sam. The next few words were too quiet to hear but soon enough Dean was back on the line, "Yeah, ok, we'll see you sometime tomorrow or the day after. Got a long drive ahead of us."

Bobby laughed at that, "See you then," he hung up and sat back in his chair, eyeing the woman now looking at her hands and sighed, "You want my help?" he began, "You want me to get them here so you can travel with them boys, you'd best tell me exactly what your vision was Michelle."

The woman nodded, took a breath, and began telling him what she had seen two months ago that had sent her on a wild goose chase for the two men, two brothers, two Hunters.

A/N: Really short chapter, I know, this, unfortunately, won't be the shortest chapter, there's only one shorter, but I wanted to start this series off with a bit of suspense. Who is Michelle? What did she see? Why does she want to travel with the Winchesters? Is she a Hunter? What's her story? What will happen? How will the brothers react? All will be revealed as the story goes on. I hope you stick around, because the brothers find out about Michelle in the very next chapter :)

For a reference, I picture Michelle as looking something like Lynn Collins but with a few difference. There will be more of Michelle's description in the next chapter.