Daemons and Angeluses

P/s: Hi everyone! Let me just give a quick blurb about this story. I started this story about 3 years ago and it has been sitting on the shelf collecting dust. Originally, I titled it 'Midnight Children' but I lost my muse after Chapter 30 something and never picked it up after that. I was well over 200 pages and counting but there were bits in it I find (now that I think about it) irrelevant. Chucked it at my editor for a look and she agreed. I was reading through a few fanfics about angels, demons, gods and what not and it crossed my mind that I had something similar sitting somewhere in my laptop. When I read through it again (that took a while) I realize I can pull it off if I set the scenes a little differently and the characters changed a little differently as well (since my current obsession is SIH and Junjou is just a little bible I keep by my side a lot, I'll use them and maybe shorten the chapters a little though) and hence Daemons and Angeluses is born!

P/s: Enjoy? I guess? I doubt many would read this (;p) Sorry about that long winded introduction! Here we go!

P/s: Oooh! Disclaimer! Owns nothing from SIH or Junjou.

Chapter 1: Spawns of the Devil

A wide gaping mouth opened in yawn; jagged and serrated teeth lining its gums. The forked tongue, dotted with bulbous yellow blisters, flicked out, tasting the sulfuric air as it came awake, sniffing for food. The eyes were a pair of midnight orbs, with a hint of red in the depths of the darkness, an everlasting reflection of the fires of hell. Right now, the sleepy eyes roved around the figure of a woman chained to the wall. Ah… food, the creature thought amusingly as the woman stirred a little in what seemed to be a fitful sleep. This woman had psychic ability, but this special race of human beings was dwindling fast.

The creature must find a way to breed these special human beings successfully, he thought, axles in his mind turning, thinking, contemplating; images of his underground laboratories breeding the special human babies for cultivation coming up to the forefront of his mind. They must breed successfully or we will have to endure feasting on common human beings instead. Where will we stand with God if we start coming above ground and munching on His precious humans? He thought sardonically.

The creature stood up on his hind legs, and stretched languidly before stalking his prey. Half man, half goat – with claws for nails, hooves for feet, black horns protruding out of his forehead and curling inwards like a ram's, skin as red as blood, fur as black as night; the creature grabbed the throat of the poor woman, squeezing what was left of her life's essence and pitiful excuse of an existence and ripped her still pounding heart out from her chest. He feasted like the carnivorous animal that he was, on the fresh succulent flesh of the virgin sacrifice, chomping down like a feral beast.

Lucifer. Satan. Iblis. Whatever name he had been called, he is Father of all that is Evil and he is the ruler of the seven levels of Hell and the Underworld.

Once satiated, the mammoth of a monster licked his lips with a smack, wiping a hand across his face, smearing the blood to his cheeks and moved away from his sleeping den. As he exited, he called on the ominous powers within him. With every step he took, he shed his fur; revealing lean muscles and long legs with perfectly formed toes, heels, calves and thighs. Where fiery red skin was; it was now transformed into a near translucent white, smooth to the touch.

The sharp iron-like claws retracted, revealing long, graceful fingers – fingers meant for loving and caressing the skin of another, the fingers of an incubus. The black horns disappeared under a thick canopy of glossy black hair that flowed down to his hips. The only indication that this human was a beast underneath all that handsome façade was the red swirls in his black orbs. As he was casted out by God and His angels from Heaven above, with God's decree, he will forever be seen as the beast he was by his loathsome eyes.

He kept on walking, closing the doors to his den behind him with a singular thought in his mind and headed towards the antechamber. Climbing up the stairs from his fiery bed beneath the ground had always given him the time to muse over his many rampaging thoughts. He liked living as a human. Over thousands of millennia, he had enjoyed the sins of the flesh more as a human than a beast. He had always wondered if this was why God had made humans special. His ultimate creation – the ability to feel so many emotions; love, lust, guilt, happiness, wrath, sorrow… Though they do not possess the unlimited powers of the deities, they persevere through the strongest of odds. He had admired God and His creations, but he had also relished the victory every time a human succumbed to their inner beasts.

As he approached the top of the stairwell, he clicked his fingers and out of thin air, he clad himself in the attires of a human being. The door swung opened to reveal one of the handsomest men in the history of mankind. Black shoes covered his feet, making a slight clicking sound on the floor. Black leather pants hugged his legs, accentuating the muscular physique of his legs and the roundness of his gluteus maximus. His pants rode low enough that his succubus's – who were lazily lounging in the antechamber, beautiful female demons designed to seduced men to their deaths – gazes followed the trail of dark hair from his navel lustfully to the thought-provoking area of his body. His flowing black coat remained unbuttoned revealing taut abdominal muscles and the occasional peak of his nipples. It trailed behind him on the floor as he headed for his viewing room. He had called for his children the night before and he believed, by the whispers of his prime ministers' voices in his head, they were waiting for him in the viewing room impatiently.

The doors to his viewing room opened and he walked in to find his midnight born children arguing heatedly. At sensing his presence, his son and daughter ceased their squabbles and turned around, bowing low to him from the waist and waited until he had taken his seat on the throne before straightening up. His ministers were there as well; their faces coated in a slight sheen of sweat. Wondering what had gotten into his subordinates, he turned his attention to his children who were shooting daggers at each other, figuratively. He sensed the potent tension in the air and the crackle of pure energy; a sure sign that his children were trying to contain their unrivalled powers. Among all his spawns, these were the ones he loved best – if he was capable of loving at all – as they were a result of his union with two human women who had strong psychic abilities. Half demon, half human; they were capable of manipulating emotions and the natural elements of Mother Nature; earth, fire, wind and water. They were his ultimate creations.

He eyed his son and daughter and mused to himself. They were born a year apart from the other and had always been inseparable. His son inherited his handsome, dark looks – a deadly weapon for men and women alike – and his daughter inherited his cunning and charm – as deadly as her brother if she turned them on her unsuspecting victims. To his right, Masamune, Prince of the Underworld, his formidable heir, Head Prime Minister and his most trusted right hand man; stood tall and proud. To his left, Raiu, the High Priestess of the seven levels of Hell, the gifted sorceress with the powers to bend any will to her own and manipulate magic; stood as tall and as proud.

"Papa," both children began together, stopped and glared at each other.

"Now, now, what has gotten under your skins, children?" Lucifer mused. Despite being six thousand years old, his offspring still bear the heart of children.

"Above ground, Papa," Masamune began, "A child has been born to an elderly couple in the city of Tokyo, Japan," he cast a troubled look at his half-sister, Raiu.

"The prophecy, Papa, one thousand years ago, the High Priestess before me claimed that a child possessing the purest of lights– sent by God and His Angels, will be born to an elderly couple, and will be the fall of the Luciferians," Raiu continued, no longer arguing with his brother, and raised her own suspicions.

"This child, you say, will be the fall of our empire?" Lucifer asked her daughter, his black orbs focused on her, "How sure are you, my daughter?"

"Very sure, Papa. That's why Masamune and myself have been arguing what best to do," Raiu replied, undeterred by the sinister tone in her father's voice. She was used to this darkness in her father and she knew she possessed the same darkness as well.

"Masamune, what have you discussed with Raiu?"

"Papa," Masamune started, "Allow us to ascend to Mother Earth and participate in this child's life," he continued, watching his father's reactions closely.

"When he reaches the age of fifteen, Papa," Raiu, looking at her brother and then her father, "We will corrupt his light,"

"What do you hope to achieve?" Lucifer drawled, he had an inkling his children would do this.

"That he fall in love with either one of us, Papa, and consume his light for our empire's gain," Masamune finished, "God's angels would not be able to do anything to stop us once he has fallen for us,"

"At what risks?" Lucifer asked again, knowing the cunning God, he knew the old man had some tricks up his sleeve.

"We might be found, Papa, and it would raise suspicion if the two of us suddenly appear out of nowhere," Raiu answered, she held her hand out to her brother who took it and gave it a squeeze, "We need to be born to the upper world, as humanly as possible, and…"

"And what?" Lucifer was now leaning forward, he didn't quite like the sound of where this plan was going.

"At the risk of losing our memories, Papa. Ascension to Mother Earth will injure us gravely and we will be exposed raw to the humans. However, if our lights, our essences be cast into human bodies, we won't be injured at all but the risk of losing our memories is great," Masamune continued.

"I have in my presence the Book of Deities, Papa. Stolen from an angel who was charged to carry it. I am sure I can at least contain our memories in a safe lock inside our minds but it requires a time trigger," Raiu answered, hesitantly. The tone did not escape Lucifer's sharp hearing.

"No," was his answer.

"Papa! If we don't, we stand to lose all that we have worked for! The Apocalypse is still very far away but this child, in just a matter of years will be able to infiltrate our empire and wipe us all out once his powers awaken! We need to corrupt him before he regained his powers!" Raiu argued, heatedly.

"My answer is still no," Lucifer answered coldly, his eyes pinning her daughter until she clammed shut and looked away, anger swirling in her eyes, "I will not lose either of you! The only children that ever mattered to me!"

"Father," Masamune interrupted, he never addressed his papa as father unless it was serious, "Father, I agree with my sister. The risk is great and I know you do not want to lose us, but I have faith in my sister's ability as the High Priestess. This process… needs a time trigger. Our powers and our memories will be unlocked in eighteen years. This child will be fifteen then. If we turn Father Time's clock correctly, we will be born three years before he does,"

"Masamune," Lucifer started, turning his black orbs towards his son, his brows deepening in a frown, "What if you went wrong? What if your powers do not unlock? You will be human and die a human!"

"Father, have faith in us," Masamune begged in a quiet tone, "We cannot lose to the angels, not after what they have done to us," the anger in that tone spoke volumes of the corruption of the angels. He still had a score to settle with them, Masamune groused.

"Then so be it. High Priestess, you have my permission. Prepare your chambers," Lucifer took a deep breath and exhaled before executing his decree.

He stood and as he did so, bid his children to him. He held out his hand and in a swirling cloud of black smoke, fashioned two identical rings in the palm of his hand. The rings, both gold, with identical blood rubies adorning their crowns seemed to pulsate with life. Masamune and Raiu took their rings and put them on, wondering what it was for.

"These rings, bear my crest, it will remind you of your heritage once you have reached your trigger year. It will be bound to your souls and when time comes, it will appear from here," Lucifer said, putting a palm over his black heart.

In an act completely unlike the Devil, he pressed a kiss on both his children's forehead and whispered safe journey to them. For all of God's humdrum preaching about how he had sinned against heaven and casted out along with the other Fallen Ones, his children was the best gift he could ever asked for. Yes, God had limited his powers and had cut off his wings but God did not take away his ability to breed. He had bred and raised two of the most powerful beings, his secret weapons, and had kept them away from God's little angelus spies.

Like any proud father, he gave his children his final embrace before he let them go venturing into an unknown world. Masamune and Raiu bowed low, their right hands clasped in a fist above their hearts, pledged their loyalty to the Lord Satan and their father, before they straightened, turned around and walked away towards the High Priestess chambers.

Mother Earth was waiting for them.