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Chapter 13: Rise of A Daemon

The Daemon Prince looked up into the sky with fists and jaws clenched as his eyes kept following the iridescent white orb that glowed so bright, it hurt his unblinking gaze. Yet, he continued watching as the orb – surrounded by seven slightly bigger orbs – disappeared into the clouds. The angel, the Light of God, had escaped his clutches by mere seconds. His eyes reddened not by the iron hot anger that swirled in the pits of his belly, but by the colossal betrayal and the sudden tears that pricked the corners of his eyes. He lifted his fingers to swipe away blood red teardrops.

"Senpai… Do… Do you love me?"

The memory of that blasted question rang through his mind. His lips trembled against his will and bloody tears made their way down into his hairline. His black claws elongated at the unbridled emotions and his incisors lengthened significantly; sharp and deadly; designed to kill.


I love you.

I love you Ritsu and I will find you. I will tear down heaven and earth until I find you. I will find you. And when I do, you are never escaping me again.

I will kill everybody that stands in our way.

You are mine.

With that thought most forefront in his mind, he bent down to pick up the leaden body of his sister who lay cold and unmoving at his feet. Enormous black wings, spanning the length of nearly three meters from point to point, unfolded behind the Daemon Prince. As the ground underneath him broke opened, the strong muscles beat the air, lifting him several feet off the ground and causing dust to circle at his feet. With a final look towards the now empty sky, he dived downwards into Hell, towards his Father's palace.

Towards a renewed revenge against Heaven who had thwarted him yet again.

Prince of Darkness,
Reincarnation of the Demon Child,
23rd December, Eve.

It was a cold winter morning, strangely colder than usual. Masamune had excused himself from Raiu's apartment to return to his house. There was unrest in his heart as he looked to the sky's darkening clouds. A snowstorm was approaching no doubt, he told himself silently and –tsked in irritation. Somehow he had felt even more irritated than usual. There was no reaching his Father, no matter what few spells his sister and himself had tried to conjure, there was always a bloody block cutting them off before the spell had taken full shape. What in Hell's name is going on down there?! Masamune groused. Like an impatient child, Masamune tapped the ground beneath him quite vehemently with the heel of his right foot as though his Father would be able to hear him from above ground.

It didn't help matters when his sister was as irate as he was. He knew Raiu's powers were unlocking with the severity of the spells she was able to recreate from her fragmented memories, but like him, she was incomplete. It showed in the number of foul oaths she spouted every time she exhausted herself. And when dear sister was in a foul mood, she resorted to hitting something out of black rage, and this target was usually aimed at Masamune. The memory of the latest hit resonated freshly to the forefront of his mind and he smiled, wincing a little at the cut lip he was now sporting. Of course, she would apologize immediately once the rage had dissipated but today, he was in no mood to entertain the apology.

Instead, the ravenette headed towards a familiar street on foot. He had called Ritsu ahead and had asked him to come over to his house if his kohai was not doing anything. He knew the answer even before his mind fully formulated the invite. He knew Ritsu would agree. The besotted boy would agree to anything he said and this knowledge only made him smile all the wider despite the pain of his cut lip. Ritsu, yes, his little Oda Ritsu, the only living soul who had somehow been able to calm his tumultuous mind. He wondered vaguely at this idea. How was it that Ritsu was able to bring peace to his mind?

From a distance, Masamune saw the brunette waiting by a lamppost just around the corner to his house. As expected the brunette had beat him to his own house. He was nose deep in a navy blue scarf and was wearing a similarly colored overcoat, oblivious to the presence of the older male who was approaching him quietly. Masamune tucked his own black scarf around his nose and buried his suddenly clammy hands deep into the pockets of his black overcoat. His heart raced a little just by catching sight of the smaller boy looking up into the grey sky as though enthralled by the light dusting of snow that was floating towards the ground. There was that definite glow again surrounding the boy, albeit not as bright as it once was, Masamune thought – a little disturbed, as he watched the slight ethereal sheen, almost invisible to the untrained naked eyes of a human being, pulsating around Ritsu's physique.

Why does he glow unlike the other humans? Masamune's hazel eyes narrowed and for a moment he faltered in his steps. Something is not right here, his thoughts screamed at him to turn back but as though caught in the spider webs of an unseen spell, he all but managed to grunt his mental protest out loud despite himself. Ritsu swirled around towards Masamune's direction at the sound of that strangled noise so fast that the clumsy boy nearly slipped on the slippery sidewalk. Lightning fast, the brunette found himself caught in the arms of a tall boy, looking down grimly at him, worry creasing the older male's forehead. For a moment, Ritsu thought he had seen a red glow around Masamune's hazels and he blinked rapidly, the image disappearing before his very eyes.

"Uhh… Senpai, I'm sorry, but why is your lip cut?" Ritsu managed to say, his eyes had travelled – and lingered – on the nasty cut on Masamune's lower lip.

"Ah… my si – I tripped on the stairs. Are you all right? That was a close call. You could've banged your head on the sidewalk," Masamune caught himself – again his mind was in a slightly confused state as though torn between something unseen and his fragmented memories – before he accidentally mentioned a sister who Ritsu was not aware of.

"Are you okay? Are you hurt anywhere else? Did you break anything? Well, uh, if you did break something you wouldn't be walking around like this. Wait! You didn't break anything did you?!" At that admission, Ritsu immediately launched into barrage of questions, catching the older male off guard.

"W-w-wait! Wait! Stop! Shut up Ritsu!" Masamune snapped, the volume of his voice rising as he grabbed the younger boy by the shoulders in a hard grip, "I'm fine, nothing is broken. Just a cut lip," he continued, his voice softening at the emeralds that had suddenly widen in fear.

"Y-your e-eyes s-senpai…" Ritsu whispered," W-Why are y-your eyes… red?"

Masamune let go of his kohai so suddenly and turned his face and back away. He stood with his kohai standing behind him, as he closed his eyes and heaved in deep breaths to calm his pounding heartbeats. In his rattled condition, he didn't realize he had let slipped a fraction of who he really was. Christmas Eve was around the corner and at the strike of midnight; he would come full circle. He could already feel Hell's pull on his heartstrings, like the calling of a lover missing his significant other, a heavy stone in his heart that needed lifting.

Ritsu was not imagining it this time. He knew he was naïve, he was told often enough, but he was not so thick that he did not notice when he tripped his senpai was a distance away but managed to catch him in a split of a second. He was not so thick that he could not differentiate between hazels and crimsons. There was no doubting it just then. The hazels he had fallen in love with were ringed red, with flecks of gold and green in them. He needed to know why it was so, and on their own accords, his hands reached up to grab Masamune by the waist.

Masamune stiffened at the sensation of those small hands on his waist, grabbing onto his overcoat. What would he say, what should he say? He gulped audibly. He was never one to sweat but this situation proved to be a challenge to him. A small bump rubbed itself just between his shoulder blades and he knew then that Ritsu had rested his forehead there. That small action of trust calmed his nerves down. If Ritsu were afraid of him, he would've run away, right? Masamune tried to reason with himself, hoping to win the war within his heart. Immediately he regretted leaving his sister's side. He was unstable just about now, he should've known better than to walk about on the eve of his coming of age.

"Senpai… d-do you have a b-birth defect?" came the small inquisition, muffled slightly by the younger boy's scarf, "I promise I won't love you any less, I-I just wanted t-to know,"

At that small confession, Masamune heard all he needed to hear. The honesty and truth in that voice was as pure as a newborn babe. He released a breath that he hadn't realize he had been holding in. Opening his now clear hazel eyes, he tilted his head towards the sky and noticed the clouds had darkened even more. With a swift turnabout that startled the younger boy, Masamune grabbed Ritsu's hand and walked him the short distance towards his house. He had… needs to attend to and he would tell Ritsu the truth, about who he was, what he was, just as he turned eighteen. Ritsu would know that the demon child loved him, deeply and selfishly in love with him.

"Ah! Ah! Senpai! Please slow down!" Ritsu whimpered underneath Masamune's stiff assault as he grabbed Masamune's shoulders and dug his fingernails into porcelain white skin.

"I can't," came the strangled ecstasy-filled reply. The older teen sank his teeth into Ritsu's right shoulder and pounded mercilessly into his kohai, earning him the sighs and moans of a lover who was in both pain and pleasure, "Lift your legs higher, Ritsu, I want more of you,"

There was a burning in his soul, if he had any at all, that needed to be satiated by this small frame underneath him. He could not get enough of his lover's tightness and the pin of blood that he drew from his kohai's shoulder was enough to heat his blood into boiling point. There was a buzzing in his head as he kept pounding into Ritsu, and as he neared orgasmic relief, a flash of a memory or a premonition of the events to come, burned bright in his mind's eye; an image of Ritsu – with Heaven's blasted angel wings. Masamune's eyes flew open at the image, and his pounding became erratic. He slammed into his lover, holding his legs up high in the air and came in thick loads, filling Ritsu up with his blasphemous seed. His young charge did the same, and as their semen mingled in the aftermath of their love-making, something snapped in the back of Masamune's mind.

A lock, a mechanism came undone. The pieces fell into place. Not all, but enough.

Masamune looked down on his kohai, who now had his eyes closed, blissfully spent and exhausted, lying spread-eagled underneath him. He watched in wide-eyed fascination at what he had done, what he had committed. He had soiled… an angel… the very angel he was charged to corrupt on his ascension to earth. Masamune, still intact and hard within Ritsu, reached down with his right hand and rubbed their semen together. He lifted his hand to his mouth and licked every last drop of semen that stuck to his fingers. His phallus stirred again, and smiling with every intention to corrupt every last good light of the Light of God, he gave into his suddenly wanton lust, pulled his thick rod out – earning a delicious moan of protest from his charge, positioned it at Ritsu's very opening and pounded into the unsuspecting angel hard and mercilessly, and violently in love.

I never counted on falling in love with you…

Ritsu's back really hurt. His senpai really did a number on him tonight. Was it because of what he said? Did he offend his senpai in any way? Did he say something wrong again? Was this a punishment for doubting his lover? He stole a look at the neon numbers blinking clock next to Masamune's bed. It was nearly midnight and his senpai was strangely quiet, sitting there at the edge of his bed. Awkwardly, Ritsu pulled his own shirt on and whilst buttoning up his shirt, he began contemplating a question that continued to badger him ever since the incident this afternoon. Ritsu swallowed, audibly at that and turned his face away. He could feel the heat rising up to his face, heating up his ears as they pound loudly with his heartbeats.

"Umm…" He began, unsure how to continue. Masamune looked up at him questioningly. There was obviously something on his mind at that very moment. He began to wonder if he should asked but as Masamune kept staring at him, he knew he had lost, "Senpai… We've… we've been going out for a while now. Senpai… Do… Do you love me?"

The question caught Masamune off guard. He was not expecting such direct questions from his young lover. How silly. Stifling his embarrassment behind a sudden fit of laughter, Masamune looked away. Only to feel something hit him square at the back of his head, and he blanked out as he was pushed off the bed. Muttering swear oaths under his breath, he rubbed the back of his temple and looked up. A minute to midnight and Ritsu was nowhere to be seen. He jumped up from his position and was hit by a sudden vertigo. It took him awhile to find his bearings and he rushed down the stairs towards the genkan.

Ritsu's shoes were gone.

Just as he reached for the doorknob, he was hit by the most blindingly excruciating sensation of his skin being ripped piece by piece, into raw strips and shreds. Only that it wasn't just his imagination. He looked up to see sharp incisions in his skin, so deeply cut into his flesh. He fell down on his knees, his breathing became labored as though he was drowning in his own blood and tears filled his eyes at the insurmountable pain. He grabbed the sides of his head, pulling on his hair and screamed to the very pits of Hell as sledgehammers forcibly broke down the walls in his mind. Bent over double, Masamune vomited what was left of the contents of his stomach as millennias of memories assaulted his consciousness.

He crashed onto the floor, relief washed over him at the thought of the physical torture having been ended. It was, however, very short-lived, as the next wave of indescribable pain wreaked havoc within him, opening floodgates after floodgates of ancient powers that his human body could not physically contained anymore. With a roar of pain-laced agony, and the knowledge that his human body must perished in order for his demon being to be completely awaken, Masamune grabbed the sides of his head, pulled at it viciously and snapped his head completely clean off his spine.

"Happy birthday my son,"

With that last whisper insidiously seeping through his consciousness, Masamune's human form lay dead, by his own hands; bloodied, torn and broken on the floor of his home. His demon soul began its outwards exodus, a fiery red orb leaving what was left of a human shell and disappeared completely into nothingness; finally, returning home to Infernos.

The Daemon Prince had risen – angry, betrayed and bent on revenge.