Third Street duelists

What would happen if you took the leader of the most powerful and known gang in Stillwater and Stele port and sent him over to dual academy would he play nice or just kill ever he sees thinking they're part of rival gangs of his past? Disclaimer I do not own third street saints or Yu-Gi-Oh GX. Not knowing his real name I decided to name him jack picked it out at all randomness.

In the Saints' HG the leader of the gang enjoy the nice relaxing game of duel monsters with his giant friend Oleg that was until Pierce came running in sweating like crazy.

Pierce: Boss you go see (seeing the cards on the table) what the hell are yow to playing

Jack: what you never seen duel monsters cards before

Pierce: No I just never thought you would be that a person a play that (jack gave him a what are you trying to say look) no offense man

Jack: now taken so what's up?

Pierce: I explained on the way come on we got to go now

Jack: OK just let me finish this up real quick all I need are two move its (Plays meteor of destruction that ookazi to end the game)

Oleg: good game my friend I send the money to your account later

Pierce: ok now grab your cards and come on

Jack: ok ok (grads his cards and follow Pierce to the car) now can you tell me what got you so wrapped up

Pierce: Just look at this (and hands he an envelope)

Jack: what is this dual academy what

Pierce: just open it

Jack: All right (opens envelope) dear Mr. jack you have been randomly selected for a scholarship to dual academy what in the world

Pierce: Your real name is jack

Jack: yaw what about it

Pierce: nothing I wonder why they chose you

Jack: Says it was randomly selected

Pierce: They do now your leader of the most dangerous gang in two cities right

Jack: I guess not

Pierce: If they don't there go to find out sooner or later here we are man (getting to the main docks) just head on in boss they hand everything else inside you get a gun right

Jack: all ways pierce all ways

Pierce: good hand them over

Jack: for what fucking reason

Pierce: it's just a safety thing come on man (walking to the trunk of the car) come on just pot them in the trunk

Jack: fine (pots his guns in the truck) they're done now what

Pierce: now hade in they got someone in their waiting for you good luck

Jack: thanks pierce I try not to kill any one why I'm here

Pierce: that would be a good idea by the way some of the crow are inside they wanted to see how good the boss is in a duel

Jack: I try to give them a good show pierce later (walks inside)

Jack's pov

Me: I walk up the counter find out were my duel field was got to the fields when a friendly voice came up by side me

?: There shore is a lot of people here jack (jack turns to see his friend)

Me: SMLV4 (SMLV4= silent magician lv4) was up man long time no see

Smlv4: it has been some time, are you naves

Me: with you smlv8 and dark magician knight by my side no way

Smlv4: you're going to use ower deck (jack nodded his head yes) yaw (smlv4 throw his arms in the air very happily which mad jack smile) I better get ready see you in the duel jack (smlv4 then vanish back into his deck)

Me: he always makes me smile {I got to where I was spout to duel were I found a weird-looking person waiting for me}

?: You must de jack I'm Dr. Vellian Crowler. Department Chair of Techniques here at duel academy

Me: I heard about you this well be fun so let's get this duel on Dr Crowler



Me: my go (gets his six card) {hey smlv4 dent think I see you this shone. Smvl4: same here} I some silent magician lv4 in atk mode next I pot two cards face down and call it there

Crowler: not bad (gets his sixth card smlv4 atk 1000-1500) first I play jar of greed letting me get two more cards (smlv4 1500-2000) this (the card name was way to long to type down) this let me some two tokens but you get to some one monsters from your hand so how is it going to be

Me: I think I some white magician pakeru in def

Crowler: ok (looks at smlv4) hay how did you silent magician go from 1000 to 2000 atk

Me: his effect when you draw a card he gets a spell counter giving him 500 atk

Crowler: I see he stele not strong enough to stop this I sacrifice my tokens to summon ancient gear golem on the field in atk mode-3000 now he atakes you white magician pakeru even if your monster was in def you stele take damage thanks to his effect

Me: don't think so I use damage mage effect when I take damage from a cards effect I can special summon it from my hand and instade of taking damage I gain life points equal to the damage I took


Crowler: not bad I end my turn

Me: lest see what I get to play with first I well tribute damage mage and silent magician lv4 to summon dark magician

Crowler: so what he no mach for my monster

Me: I'm not done I use my face down knight's title by tribute my dark magician I can some dark magician knight

Crowler: agen so what even he no mach for my monster

Me: I know that's way I going to use his effect shins he was summon by knight's title I get to destroy one card on the field so say good-bye to your ancient gear golem and next i play monster reborn to bring back my dark magician

Crowler: no

Me: yes now both of monster's gets to atk you head on its den fun Crowler


Crowler: welcome to duel (he said in a mad tone then walking away)

Me: hay DMK (DMK= dark magician knight) I get the feeling he doesn't like me

Dmk: look at it like this at lest he not trying to kill you like the others

Me: good pint