Third Street dullest ch.2

Aright I now that the fist chapter was a little must up I'm sorry about that I'm getting beater at that this I'm not their yet. The only ones from the GX time pirate are Dr Crowler or as jack calls him doc which I well be using instead of his name hay its nicer then the some things he has been called my say at lest. Any why besides doc the other two are Jaden and Alexis. Syrus maybe in some chapters but they be small parts. This story takes after jaden becomes the chancellor of the academy and Alexis is a teacher. Any other chatter are ones I made and their decks are ones I pot together or are ones that friends let me use more or less the deck are the ones I made. Any new people well be inter dose before the chapter takes of for this chapter are May, Ed, and mj. May is a 16-year-old girl in blue 6ft looks some what like Alexis but is not related to her lastly she use a water deck. Ed is a 14 teen year old in red boy brown hair and eye looks some what like jaden but is not related to him he is the younger bro of may lastly he use a six samurai deck. Last but not lest mj is a 16 year old in blue boy how looks some what and acts a lot like chazz and is the oldest son of chazz (not to shore if he had a kid or not but for this story he does) lastly he use a machine deck. And as for jack he is a 27 year old in red but stele in a saints hat black shades and saints shoes on his left arm is a dragon tattoo that looks a lot like red eye darkness dragon on his right is a tattoo that looks like the design on knights title and he use three types of decks spellcasters, dragon, and a powerhouse deck. Now done with that lets get on with the story welcome to duel academy

6a.m. airport in steel Porte the next day it's a nice day quit nobody killing anybody….yet. Into a saint colored hot rod come screaming down the road like a bat out of hell going at lest 310 mpr drifting a 180 and parallel parking perfectly in fount of the airport. Getting out of the driving side laughing like a maniac how less but jack and getting out on the other side the saint's on luncheon angle.

Jack: now that how you parallel park like a saint angle

Angle: yaw so any idea why you had to take the exam at the docks but you have to airport to get to the island

Jack: no idea angle (grabs a bag out of the car) later angle

Angle: later (gets in car and driving off)

(From here on out throw the story I'm going on jacks point of view)

I had in side the airport to get on the plane to duel Academy Island I saw that I was the only one there on the plane so there was no problem getting a good set. The fly their toke about five hours to get to island were their was a boat ducked after the plane landed I got out walked around to see a group of people all just talking to one another I head over there unto I here someone

? hay you're the one from stele port right

Me: hm {torn around to see a man around 30 year's old he was wearing the chancellor jacket so I had a good idea how it was} Mr. Jaden y. {he held up his hand stopping me from saying his last name}

Jaden: pleas call me jaden

Me: if you say so jaden

Jaden: so jack how is stele port I been thinking about taking a field trip there

Me: as long as you don't disrespect the saints you should be fine

Jaden: they relay something there

Me: you could say they own the city (laughs to himself looks over at the others) hay did I miss the welcome part did I

Jaden: yaw but just by a few minutes anyway your room is that way and jack try not to kill any one ok see you around. (Walks off)

Me: jaden! (Jaden looks around at jack) tell yubel an old friend says hi later

I didn't see the look on jaden when I asked him to tell yubel I say hi I when down the path to my dorm I saw a blond haired girl talking to a brown haired boy. They looked like they new one another my phone when off look at it and see pierce hade send me a text we whet back a fore taxing he asked me if I got here in one piece I told him yaw why I was doing this I listened to people talking found out there name and that there brother and sister. The blonde was named May why the brown one was named Ed.

May: hay you (I look over at her) can you come over here please

Me: why sends you said please {I was joking win I said that} what up

May: I didn't see you at the welcoming

Me: my plane came late but not to late the name jack by the way

May: may this is my little bro Ed

Me: hay Ed {he didn't say anything just looks at me am I that imitating}

May: sorry Ed shy around people he doesn't know

Me: its cool by the way I heard yow talking about sowed like a duel was going to go down

Ed: I ages so

May and Ed: duel



May: I start (gets sixth card) I play a legendary ocean this card act like umi it downgrade all water by one level and increase there atk and def by 200 I play one card face down and summon hydrogeddon and atk mode-1800 and end my turn

Ed: me go (gets sixth card) because you have a monster and I don't I can special summon elder of the six samurai in def-0 now I summon legendary six samurai – mizuho in def-1000 and now I have her on the field I can special summon legendary six samurai – shinai in def –1700 I call it with a face down

May: my go (get sixth card) I summon oxygeddon in atk-1800 now he atk your elder hydrogeddon atk mizuho and when hydrogeddon destroys a monster I get to summon another one and that one well atk shinai now I play bonding – H2O by tribute my two hydrogeddon and oxygeddon I can summon water dragon in atk mode-3000 I end my turn there

Ed: my go (get sixth card) because you have a monster and I don't I can special summon unknown synchron in def-0 know I play fissure which destroys your monster with the lowest def which is your water dragon

May: when he destroyed I can summon my two hydrogeddon and oxygeddon atk mode- 1800 all three

Ed: I summon the six samurai – nisashi in atk mode- 1400 now I tune my nisashi with my unknown synchron to synchro summon legendary six samurai – shi en in atk mode-2500 now atk oxygeddon I end it there


May: my go (gets sixth card) I summon amphibious bugroth mk-3 atk mode-1700 and because a legendary ocean out I can atk you head on I send my two hydrogeddon in def-1000 I end it there


Ed: my go (get sixth card) I play call of the haunted to bring back nisashi in atk mode 1400 now sends I have two six samurai on the field I can summon great shogun shien in atk mode-2500 now nisashi effect come to play when there another six samurai he can atk twice he take out your two hydrogeddon shogun atk mk-3


Ed: now ehi en atk her head on

May: I play waboku I take no damage this turn

Ed: I end my turn then

May: my go (get sixth card) I play pot of greed I get to draw two cards I play water hazard when I have no monster I can summon one level 4 or lower I special summon tribe-infecting virus in atk mode-1800 and summon mermaid knight in atk mode-1700 now I use my tribe effect by discard 1 card from my hand I declare 1 type of monster and all monster of that type are destroy I discard cure mermaid and declare warrior

Ed: my monsters

May: now my tribe and knight atk you head on


May: good duel Ed

Ed: thanks sis

Me: hay Ed that could have gone ether way don't hang your head k

Ed: k thanks jack

Me: hay Ed one thing why didn't use great shogun shien and legendary six samurai – shi en effect

Ed: what do you mean jack

Me: I mean why didn't you use their effect shi en effect one per turn you stop your opponent from using a spell/trap card and destroy it and shogun stays on the field caps your opponent can only use one spell or please on face down

Ed: what ow right I forgot

May: it's weird how you always forget those two effects only when you duel me bro

Me: looks like Ed got a soft spot for his big sis

?: Ed your never going to get any where with that stooped soft spot you have

Me, may, and, ed turn to see some guy in blue I hade no idea how this was but may did and see dent seam to like this person that much

May: shot up the hack up mj stop picking on my little bro before I punch you throw the moon

Mj: whatever your just mad because I the best duelist here (leafing then walks away)

Me: someone full of them self are they (looks at may and ed) I just see yow around then later

May: later jack see Ed (hugs ed and walks away)

Me and Ed walked to our domes went are split ways to our room when I got to my room at that point I found out I never did get a key for my room. For some reason my door came open like someone opening up for you but no one was in the room. As I walked in the door closed and soon I felt someone's arms rap around me I look to see how was hugging me to see her yubel.

Yubel: so it was you jaden was talking about

Me: its good to see you to yubel how have you been

Yubel: fine (stops hugging me) can we talk?

Me: ok (later me and her where at a cliff) so what's up

Yubel: I wanted to give this as away to say welcome to duel academy (hands me a pack of cards) don't open yet what into the times right k

Me: k thanks by the way yubel…by the way yubel I'm sorry about what happen

Yubel: its ok jack sees you later

Me: see you

I left and went back to my room to finely get some sleep. Today was a bit something for me but it all work out I just cant get ho that M.J. was and why may hates him so much uh-well mite best if I don't get involved….yet


Just in case any cares YES I know great shogun shien REALLY effect is not a can effect but I'm making it one ok. I'm going to be missing with some of the cards effects I'm only going to miss with some not all so please don't bite my head off. Sorry it's been a long weak for me