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She must have fallen asleep, for when she woke they were flying over the city. She was leaning into Loki and he was asleep next to her. Her mind was fuzzy.

She had met the Queen of England. If only impending doom was not upon them all, she would be happier. But with the shit that was going to happen, she could hardly celebrate. She could lose everything, everything…everyone she loved could be whipped out in mere moments. The world could be left to face Thanos.

"Wake up" A loud voice said. She looked up and Fury was standing in front of her. His eye was worried. "We eat, shower, and sleep. Then tomorrow we meet at 8am sharp." That was all he said before sitting down and strapping himself in for the landing. Beside her, Loki was breathing deeply. Everyone was, the air was crackling with tension, and this could be their last night alive. They just didn't know.

Loki lay in bed with Darcy curled into his side. They were in complete silence. "I will come home" he said quietly, when she didn't reply he wondered if she was asleep. He looked down and he could make out that her eyes were open. He frowned and opened his mouth to speak when she replied.

"You better" she whispered. "I'm expecting you to come back, I'm expecting you to demand a feast in your honour because of course you did some amazing feat of magic that has never been achieved before."

He breathed out a laugh. "Then I will demand the earth to bow down to me"

"I am your saviour" Darcy tried to imitate his powerful voice. He choked out a laugh. "You will name the day Loki day"

"I will" he said, there was a pause. He didn't know how to put what he wanted to say into words. "When I get home…"

When he didn't continue Darcy leaned up on her elbow. "Yes" she said in that voice that he had come to love.

"I love you" he said, he decided against what he originally wanted to say.

"That isn't what you were going to say." She knew him too well.

"No, I will tell you when I come back." Because he was going to come back, he was going to come back and he was going to smile in the victory.

His past mistakes had ruined the future but it had simultaneously made his future. If he had not tried to enslave earth Thanos would not be trying to take revenge. But if he had not tried to enslave earth he would not have met Darcy.

He felt his eyes slipping closed, he let sleep take him.

After Loki had fallen asleep, she untangled herself from his arms, she silently padded to the bathroom. She closed the toilet seat and she sat on it. Darcy took a deep breath and she ignored the tear that spilt down her cheek.

When had all this happened? She was going to have to lose everything. Who were they all kidding, there was hardly any chance everyone would come back, if anyone came back at all. She couldn't help herself. She buried her head in her hands and cried. She cried for stupid reasons, she cried for Loki. She cried for Thor, she cried for Jane, for Tony, Steve, Nat, Clint, Bruce. She cried for the Asgardian armies, the women who might lose husbands. She cried for their mothers and fathers, brother, sisters, children.

But selfishly she also cried for herself.

She didn't know how long she had cried for. It could have been twenty minutes, it could have been two hours. She bunched some toilet paper in her hand and whipped her tears. Looking at herself In the mirror, it was almost a stranger that stared back at her.

Puffy eyes and red nose, hair, ratty and tangled. She looked a mess, she hadn't looked so bad since her first break up, and when Tommy Wilson told her she was fat and looked like a fish.

She picked up the phone and rang her mother. It rang twice before she hung up quickly, realizing the time. Her parents would be asleep. Shit. After twenty minutes, they hadn't called back, she hadn't woken them. Good.

She ran some water, washing her face, she tried to stay positive.

She slowly padded back to bed, and curled up tightly into Loki's side.

Loki woke up when Darcy got up, he didn't move.

He heard her cry and sob, he still didn't move.

He heard her wash her face and cry some more, he still didn't move.

There was no use. He could only whisper words of comfort and hold her. He wanted too, god he wanted to go to her and wrap her in his arms. He wanted to leave, take her somewhere safe. He wanted to live happily ever after with her. But he knew that it meant nothing. What he wanted and what there was wasn't the same. Even if he did hold her, it wouldn't do anything.

He was a coward for not going to her.

But he couldn't bear to look at her. He could bear to see this way. He just couldn't.

When she came back to bed he gave her no indication that he was awake. When she curled into him, he shifted his position to accommodate her. He lay awake for a while until finally sleep took him away from reality.

Throughout the head-quarters, things were far from silent. Behind the sound proofed doors, men in black tested weapons.

Thor and Jane lay entangled with each other. Jane slept fitfully and Thor snored quietly.

Tony and Pepper were lying together. Pepper was sleeping, holding onto Tony's arm for dear life. Tony was awake, staring with blind eyes at the ceiling.

Steve lay alone. Body tensing through his bad dreams of gunfire and war.

Bruce was dozing off at his desk, classical music playing quietly from speakers.

Clint and Natasha were sat at a table, laughing at old jokes and stories. Old memories, good and bad.

In Asgard armies were also preparing, preparing for a war that could be their end. Wives were putting on brave faces, assuring their children that their fathers would be safe.

Frigga and Odin were unguarded with each other, discussing Thor and Loki, discussing their children, their kingdom, and the realms. The future, if there was one.

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