As the rain poured down from the murky clouds above, he stood there watching the stars shoot across the sky. The moon glistened in the night. Ciel jumped down from the building and landed crouched on the flour. The Bentley of a skeleton parked up on the curb and the white faced man stepped out of the vehicle. "Hey, Skully!" Ciel Falls shouted across the pavement to Skulduggery.

"Don't call me that" he replied as if shocked that no one ever before had called him that before.

"Well, someone's a bit touchy" Ciel raised his brown eyebrows as his vibrant blue eyes widened.

Appalled, Skulduggery turned his head to Valkyrie – who was standing next to him – and gave her a slight nod. A few seconds later a little white box flouted down and tapped Ciel on the top of the head. His hand reached for the little white box and he red the note that was hanging off the side of it. 'DO NOT OPEN'. "What's this? Well, a better question is why can't I open it?" Ciel looked up at Skulduggery with a perplexed glare.

"All I can tell you is 'when the sun does not blind you, you are not safe'" He replied in a whispered voice.

"But what does that mean?" Ciel replied in a wining tone.

"It means... I can not tell you and I won't" said skulduggery in a more clear voice than before.

Looking perplexed once again Ciel turned towards the Bentley and behind him, Valkyrie and Skulduggery. As they all lowered themselves into the vehicle Ciel looked into the night sky and wandered into a dream...

Ciel was a baby again and he was lying in his cot, his mother and Skulduggery. He already knew that he was one of his mother's best friends so it wasn't a surprise to see him there. They were jabbering on about how beautiful Ciel was and then they disintegrated in a pile of ash on the floor.

"Mama, mama, mama" his first words he could ever say.

All of a sudden he was sixteen and looking over the bed of his ever dying grandfather. It was the day of when he died and unfortunately he could remember his last words.

"Don't forget me now, will you?" The old crippled grandfather struggled to get out.

"Never, I love you"

"When the sun doesn't blind you, you are not safe" they were the last words before he pasted away"

Ciel awoke from the dream and screamed. Skulduggery brake so hard any normal living human would have had crushed ribs.

Skulduggery shouted frantically "Why did you scream?"

"Bad dream, sorry" Ciel whispered.