Magic's Call by Dreaming of a Bright Sky

May contain spoilers for both seasons. Some swearing. Canon level violence.

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Chapter 25 of 25

Working for Dr. Morrell was certainly an interesting experience. Stiles never knew who, or what, he'd be working with at a given time. Stiles talent was very versatile and people were willing to pay a lot. To prevent problems, Stiles only worked in conjunction with Dr. Morrell and limited his services to saving lives. He gained a lot of knowledge for the pack's bestiary.

Derek wasn't entirely happy with the arrangement and Stiles understood why. It wasn't always safe. It meant working in dangerous situations, with creatures and people who were volatile, and it was making Stiles a commodity in the supernatural community. Stiles was enjoying the work, though. He was tempted to switch majors, but medical school would take too long, and it would require years away from the pack.

Everybody was home for the summer. One more year of college and they'd all be back for good. He'd been wary around Erica and Boyd at first, but Erica had called him "Batman" and hugged him. Boyd had slapped his back so hard that he stumbled and told him, "Good to see you." He knew it was okay then.

Danny was Danny.; still awesome, always cool. He greeted Stiles with a smile and a nod, handed him a game that hadn't even been released yet, and the two of them were off and running with a gaming marathon.

Lydia was the problem. He gotten used to years of being ignored by her. Her being mad at him? That was another story. She'd apologized with everybody else. She said it was fine, but he was sensing an edge to her that hadn't been there before. He already knew that he couldn't blame her anger on feedback from Derek. That had been all Lydia. She hadn't felt Stiles die through the pack bond because she was immune. She'd felt it through whatever bond that Stiles himself had forged with her.

They danced around each other for a few days until Lydia got sick of it. She pulled him aside. "Do you remember that speech you gave me the day that Jackson was saved from being the kanima? The one where you told me that it wasn't me that would be standing at my grave and dealing with the fallout because I didn't care about my safety?"


"Stiles, all of that applies to you too."

He rubbed his hands over his head. "I know."

"See that you do. You've spent the last year sick, hurt, and dead twice. I'm very fond of you sweetie, but zombies give me the creeps and you are skirting that line. I'm warning you; if you put a piece of your soul in me and use mind control, I will personally kill you and make sure that you can never come back. Got it?"

"Crystal clear, Lydia. Yes, ma'am!" He saluted her. They both grinned.

His dad was still pretty upset by the whole thing. As soon as the anger drained from the pack bond, the Sheriff was distraught about how he'd treated his son. In the months when Stiles practically became a ghost, he'd hovered, wanting to find a way to reach his son. After Derek had finally, finally been able to get through to Stiles, things were slowly starting to return to normal.

The Sheriff had taken him out to dinner one night, to make sure that there weren't distractions. "Look, Stiles, what you did was brave. You have to understand; the worst thing for any parent to face is losing their child. I've already lost your mother. Don't make me lose you too."

"Dad, I couldn't watch you die when I could stop it. I had to do something."

The Sheriff gazed at his son, eyes clear. "You're twenty one, Stiles. You have your whole life ahead of you. If it's ever a call between you and me? I will pick you every time. I've lived my life. Don't throw yours away. Promise me that you won't risk yourself like that again."

"I can't promise you that. I can't! You're my dad."

His dad sighed. "Somehow, I knew that was going to be your answer. You have to at least promise me that you will do everything possible to stay safe and minimize your risk."

"Yeah, ok. I'll do my best."

"You do that."

The Sheriff had to be satisfied with that. Stiles worked on keeping that promise and began taking one of the wolves with him every time he helped Dr. Morrell.

Isaac had been more difficult. He wasn't afraid of Stiles physically, but he acted like he was expecting to get yelled at. Derek had been unusually careful around Isaac, something that he wasn't particularly good at. Stiles tried talking to the beta, but Isaac would just hang his head and nod at everything Stiles said. When the conversations were done, he'd go right back to acting like a wild, timid creature. It was Scott who finally fixed it. He had Stiles load the old lacrosse gear into the jeep and the three of them played. When Stiles got tired, the two wolves went full out. At the end, everybody collapsed by one of the goals and grinned at each other.

Scott had slid back into his role of best friend seamlessly. He didn't make a fuss or have some sort of long talk with Stiles. He said that he was sorry, gave his best friend a hug, and that was it. With some people it was just that easy.


As the summer progressed, they had regular pack meetings at the Sheriff's house. Derek's little rented house was too small for all of them. Luckily, Stiles dad didn't mind at all. He waved them all in with a smile. In return, they all pitched in around the place. The Sheriff came home one day to find Boyd up on the roof, repairing a patch that had ripped off during a storm. He'd find his cupboards stocked with food (only healthy stuff), though Erica once slipped him a steak sandwich. Isaac could sometimes be found mowing the lawn or taking care of the yard. He'd find his laundry all washed and folded by Stiles, or his breakfast dishes drying in the rack. It was a mini invasion and he loved it.

Erica and Boyd were having a hard time finding a house that met their needs. They wanted something big enough to hold the pack, away from close neighbors, and by the woods. So far they'd been striking out. Stiles had been picking up something weird from Derek when the pair talked about house hunting, but he just gave Stiles a secretive smirk when he asked.

They were all at the Stilinski house having a pack meeting. The summer was drawing to a close, and they'd be heading off to college soon. Boyd reported that they still hadn't found anything that met their criteria. Derek got up and reached behind the couch where he'd evidently hidden something. He pulled out a pair of tubes. One of them he handed to Boyd and Erica. "Here."

Erica opened the tube and pulled rolled up sheets of paper out. She looked at Derek, not understanding. "Blueprints for your house. It's modeled after that one you really liked but had the nosy neighbors. The contractors name is on the corner. If you and Boyd want to change anything, just give him a call. He'll work with you."

Erica flung herself at him, giving him a hug. "Thank you!" She gave him a kiss on the cheek. "Where are we building it?"

"The Hale property is pretty vast. You can pretty much take your pick. Just don't build on the old spot."

Boyd asked, "You planning on building a new house there?" He nodded at the second tube.

"No. That place was the past. I want to create something new." He handed the tube to Stiles. "Want to build our house?"

"Oh my god, are you serious? You're serious! Holy crap. Give me that!" He snatched the tube from Derek and pried the end open. "Do you have a spot in mind?"

"Part of the property extends pretty close to here. If we build there, we'd only be about a mile from your dad's house. What do you think?"

"I think it sounds awesome! I still want to hold pack meetings here, though. It's tradition now. Is that ok, dad?"

"That's perfect." He nudged Stiles over. "Let me take a look at those."

The Stilinski men looked over the blueprints. Periodically, Stiles would shoot Derek a question. "Hey, can we get rid of one of the bedrooms downstairs and expand the living room and dining room?"

"Can we have a pool? Oh, and a hot tub! We have to have a hot tub with all those jets!"

"The master bath needs a garden tub." He waggled his eye brows at Derek, which looked disturbing rather than sexy. "Imagine taking a nice hot bubble bath together!"

"First of all, any changes you want can be made. This will be our house. Second, don't do that thing with your eyebrows again. Lastly? Bubbles make me sneeze."

"You are so grumpy! We're having a garden tub and you're doing a bubble bath." Derek just raised an eyebrow and Stiles smirked. "You know you can't resist me!"

The alpha just sat down behind his mate, letting Stiles lean against him as he looked over the blueprints.

Erica had been talking with Boyd. "Hey, Derek?"


"How fast will this go up? Will it be ready by the time we graduate?"

"The contractor said that as drawn up, the house could be done in under three months. Depending on changes you make, it could take from six to nine months."

"I think we'd like to get married at the new house. It's just going to be the pack, so we don't need a wedding hall or anything. We could do everything there. I suppose that we could have it catered, but I don't like the idea of strangers being there. Maybe we can cook stuff ahead of time and heat it up."

"Derek could cook!"

The man in question glared at his mate. "Stop volunteering me to cook for everything!"

"You love it and you know it!" Stiles turned sideways to smile at his mate. "So how long for our house?"

"Erica and Boyd's house come first. Then the company could start on ours. Both houses have some extra safety features; fire sprinklers, alarms, and an escape route not detailed on the blueprints. Our house will also have a safe room for you with it's own ventilation, water, and access. I also have a room planned to hold and contain out of control werewolves. That will take longer."

"Huh. Ok. I still want that garden tub, though. By the way, I noticed that you have a very large kitchen planned. I knew you loved cooking!"

"We have a pack to feed. Of course we need a large kitchen."

"Liar." Derek could feel the amusement coming from Stiles. "You love cooking. You just don't want to admit it because it would blow your bad boy image."

Erica's laugh filled the room. "You know he's right. The day you started talking about cooking leftovers and freezing up meals was the day you lost this battle, Derek. Face it!"

The whole pack started ribbing the alpha and he took it with surprising good humor. "Fine! If it will get everybody to shut up, I'll cook for the wedding!"

Stiles did a fist pump and gave Erica a high five. Isaac and Danny offered to help with the cooking, and they all chattered about houses and weddings.


The year marched on and Derek started college. The classes were marginally interesting, although some of the girls annoyed him. They hit on him constantly, even when he politely declined. Derek resorted to explaining that he had a male partner. Even that didn't deter them. He ended up appealing to Stiles. His mate was pretty sure it wouldn't help, but he played along.

He accompanied Derek to school and they publicly made out. It was almost embarrassing because they sort of forgot that they were in public after a while. The two of them were jolted into awareness of the situation when one of the girls in question came up and asked for a threesome. Stiles laughed and Derek's face turned an alarming shade of red. For a minute, he thought the alpha was going to blow, but Derek grabbed Stiles hand and dragged him off. Derek skipped class because the two of them were a little busy.

Some of the girls continued to hit on Derek while others were smiling and cooing at him. One of them even had the nerve to ask Derek for fashion tips. Stiles died laughing when Derek told him. "Fashion tips! Oh my God. Fashion tips from the man who wears wife beaters and leather!"

"Like you're any better? You wear flannel shirts and track suits."

"Yeah. True. Maybe you could give them Lydia's number?"

Derek was horrified at the thought. Lydia would either find some horrible means for revenge; or she'd take these girls under her wing, teach them to be truly scary, and set them lose on the world. "No. Absolutely not."

Stiles was having a similar thought. "Bad idea. Ok, so it probably doesn't help that you drive a hot cat. The camaro is a chick magnet. If you promise not to hurt my baby, I'll loan her out to you."

"I'm not driving that death trap."

"Hey! That 'death trap' got you around when your car was nothing but a scrap heap. Don't diss my baby!"

"Relax, Stiles. I'm kidding."

Stiles wasn't about to give in so easily. "You called my baby a mean name. Take it back!"

The alpha rolled his eyes. "Fine. Your jeep is a paragon of safety, comfort, and reliability. Happy now?"

"No, but it will do." He kissed Derek and gave him a shoulder bump. "Seriously, you're so handsome that it's practically illegal. You could dress as a rodeo clown and the girls would still think you're hot. You're going to be the sexy paramedic. All the women will purposely get hurt, just to ride in your ambulance. Men too."

"Just as long as it's not you."

"Nope. I've already had this conversation with my dad. I'm trying to stay out of trouble and not get hurt. It's been seven whole months since I've done anything heart stopping. Heart stopping, get it?" At Derek's genuine glare, he backtracked. "Ok, still not finding humor in the situation. Got it. No more bad puns."

Derek shoulder bumped him back. "Don't joke about that. It 'll never be funny."

"Gotcha. So, you going to play up the sexy paramedic thing? Wear tight pants and find ways to show off your great abs?"

"Stiles! Knock it off!"


The pack came home for the holidays again, and they all went to where Erica and Boyd's house was being built. The contractor waved and showed them around. The place was almost ready, and things like cabinets and appliances were being put in. Erica was pointing out where furniture would go.

Boyd was talking to the contractor about landscaping. Since Erica wanted the wedding here, he needed to make sure that the lawns weren't bare dirt. He was assured that some minimal landscaping would be done, but anything more would have to be done by somebody else. Stiles typed something into his phone and showed it to Boyd. "Isaac and I will handle this. Wedding gift." Boyd made sure that Erica hadn't seen the exchange and nodded.

When spring came, Isaac and Stiles went to Lowes. They picked up fast growing lawn seed, trees, plants, trellises, and more. With some of the money he earned while working with Dr. Morrell, he bought a white gazebo. It got carted into the back yard by Scott, Derek, and Isaac. He was going to make a nice gravel walkway to it, but Isaac reminded him that Erica was probably going to wear high heels. Instead, he used compact sand and walkway stones.

They set up the trellises and planted climbing plants next to them. Derek helped with the trees, and Scott came by and helped with borders. By the time graduation rolled around, the place looked great.

That month was chaotic. Erica and Boyd's graduation was on the other side of the country and they had to fly in for that. Complicating matters was the fact that Lydia's graduation was the very next day. Derek and Stiles arrived a few days early and helped the engaged pair pack. They loaded it into a moving crate where it would be hauled across the country and dropped off at the new house. Danny, Scott, Isaac, and Lydia flew in the day before graduation. Boyd and Erica both walked across the stage with big smiles, and the whole pack flew back to California that night. Lydia graduated and then it was Danny's turn.

Scott had graduated with an associates degree the year before and was working as a veterinary assistant for Deaton. He was being encouraged to be a vet, but he wasn't sure he could handle the course load. It was very competitive and he'd never been a great student.

Stiles was still working on his degree because of the year that he'd been sidelined. Derek would graduate with an associates degree at the same time that Stiles would graduate from Beacon Hill's college with a bachelors. One of Isaac's courses hadn't been counted in the transfer, so he needed one more semester before he was done.

Erica and Boyd were blindfolded and driven to their house. She let Stiles lead her out to the back yard, while Derek helped Boyd. When the fabric was removed, they were stunned. It was gorgeous. There had been just enough time for things to take root and settle. Only one tree hadn't made it, and it had been replaced. A path of white sand led to the gazebo, with a large trellis spanning the path. Ivy was just starting to grow up the sides of the trellis, and flowering bushes were planted around the gazebo.

Erica spun around, taking it all in. She thanked Derek but he told her, "This was Stiles and Isaac."

She hugged Isaac, pressing her face into his neck. "This is beautiful." The wolf hugged her back and just smiled.

Then she flung herself at Stiles, who had braced for impact. "One of these days you're going to break my spine!"

"You're too tough for that." She hugged him until his ribs practically creaked. "Thank you. This really is perfect."

"Nothing but the best for my pack." His grin was infectious and everybody was smiling.

When the moving crate arrived, everybody pitched in. The wolves started a running gag, handing the really heavy boxes to Stiles. He sweated and puffed with the third such box. "Really? This is funny? Holy God. What's in here, rocks?"

Boyd looked at the side of the box. "Yes."

"Oh my God. Are you kidding me?"

Sure enough, it was full of rocks. It turned out that Erica had discovered crystals and had started collecting them. This box was full of rocks and crystals and on the side it was labeled, "Erica's rock collection". Danny snapped a picture of Stiles looking outraged as he pulled actual rocks from inside the container.


The day of the wedding dawned slightly damp, but by mid afternoon it had cleared. The rain had left everything dewy and sparkly in the sunlight. Everybody was there: Dr. Deaton, Ms. Morrell, Dr. Morrell, Mrs. McCall, Sheriff Stilinski, and all the pack members.

Derek had taken some online course so that he could marry the pair. He was actually dressed up. Stiles mouth had fallen open when he'd seen his mate. The alpha was wearing a silk dress shirt and gray suit jacket. On the bottom he was wearing a new pair of jeans and dress shoes. The whole thing just looked great. "Maybe you could give fashion tips. Holy shit!"

Everybody was set up and waiting for the bride. She had asked Sheriff Stilinski to walk her down the aisle, since he was the closest most of them had to a loving parent. As they stepped outside and onto the pathway, Erica beamed.

She had picked a dress that really spoke of her personality. The skirt was short in the front, but the back flowed down to the ground. The bodice was formfitting with an asymmetrical top. One shoulder was bare and the other angled up to a spaghetti strap. It was totally Erica and it was beautiful.

They didn't have a best man or bridesmaid. They hadn't wanted to play favorites in that way, so they stood up there alone in front of Derek. As they said their vows, Stiles' eyes watered. "A bug flew in my eye." he whispered to Scott. His friend just grinned at him.

After the ceremony, the headed inside to eat. All the cooking had been done that morning or the night before, and everything hot was resting in the oven to stay warm. They stuffed themselves silly, danced around in the living room to whatever songs came up on Pandora, and reveled in their joy.

Stiles was thinking that their lives weren't always about pain and violence. It was also filled with moments like this: moments of pack, and a sense of family and belonging. It was about love. As they got ready to leave Derek leaned in for a kiss, and they walked out to the car together.