Rules for dating Posy Hawthorne

Jaser was walking happily through the Seam looking forward to his date with Posy Hawthorn, the prettiest girl in the district. However, he was slightly nervous about what him best friend Vick might say about it. Looking back he probably should have talked to Vick about dating his little sister, but she was just so pretty that his mind could not form any sort of intelligent though besides how pretty she was. Jaser hope Vick wouldn't mind, after all he wouldn't mind if Vick had asked his sister out. Then again he didn't even have a sister.

He knocked on the Hawthorne's front door, wearing a stupid grin on his face when Vick answer.

"Jaser?" Vick asked, letting him in "what's up?"

"I'm taking Posy out, you know" Jaser paused dramatically for effect "on a date"

Vick pouted "You should have talked to me about it" he said before stomping away. His older brother Rory came out of the door Vick disappeared through.

"What's up with him?" Rory asked confused

"He's upset because i'm taking Posy out" Jaser grinned "on a date!"

Rory's eyes narrowed "I think we should discuss that"

Jaser could not explain why he suddenly became terrified. It did not help his confusion when Posy's oldest brother Gale came into the room "Don't worry" he said pull an axe from behind his back "were just talking"

"First rule" Rory began "you will be extremely corny and hold all doors open for her"

"Second rule" Gale continued "you will wait quietly, she is putting on some sort of make-up. Which takes more time then those stupid videos that they show us on reaping day before picking a corpse- I mean tribute.

"I didn't think those were all that bad" Jaser admitted

"How does this guy get dates but I don't?" Rory asked

"Shh" Gale shushed him "Third rule, she will brake up with you when she's ready, not when you are"

"Fourth rule" Rory continued " when we asked when she will be home you say early"

"Fifth rule-" Gale was cut off before he continued

"GALE, RORY WHAT ARE YOU DOING!" Posy appeared in the doorway, her (very pretty) face was bright red as she screamed at her brothers. Rory, who was evidently the smart one in the family, ran out of the room before Posy could say anything else.

"We're just talking said Gale sounding innocent. It might have been successful if he had not been holding up the axe. Posy raised her eyebrow at it, he slowly lowered it.

"You do this every time a boy likes me Gale" she whined "it's not fair"

"I'm just trying to protect you" he said

She glared at him "And I can't do that myself?" she asked

"Well, um" he stuttered" bye" he walked off quickly

"Give Johanna her axe back" she yelled at him. She turned and smiled at Jaser "Sorry about them, lets go"

They were almost out the door when "Wait!" they turned to see Vick.

"Vick, do not threaten Jaser" Posy said exasperated

"Okay" said Vick slowly "but just remember, he is my best friend and if you hurt him, I will have to hurt you. Have a good time" with that he walked away.

Jaser smiled at the confused look on Posy's face, she was so pretty.

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