A couple of us decided to go with a little drabble challenge this weekend. I decided to join in. It's not entirely finished yet, but it'll be a short one. After I'm done uploading this little drabble I'll finish uploading Letters of a Killer.


Cold air and an icy wind greet me as I leave my little bakery. Looking up to the sky I see clouds that could drop a lot of rain on top of my head. Pulling my scarf closer around my throat to protect my neck against the cold I start walking the half a mile to my little cottage. No sense in driving that little bit of distance.

Bright colored leaves surround me. I smile at the yellows and reds and orange and every color in between.

I love fall. I'm in love with fall. It's my favorite season of the year.

It doesn't take long for me to get home. When I get there I quickly light the fireplace, make myself a cup of hot chocolate and settle in my recliner next to the fireplace.

Ah, fall.