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The hot Minnesota summer sun beat down on my back as I watched the movers haul the last few pieces of furniture out of the house next door. I couldn't believe the day had finally arrived. I knew it would. I had been dreading it ever since she told me that she had to move to Florida. I didn't talk to her for a week afterward. But once I saw how hurt she was, I couldn't stay mad at her. It wasn't her fault. I knew that.

I turned to face her and found her eyes were filled with tears and I blinked rapidly to prevent my own from failing. I wanted to speak, to tell her something. But what could I say?

She was my best friend, had been since the day we were born. She was the one person who knew me better than I knew myself. But any words that I would have said to her in that moment would have made the separation harder.

How could I summarize thirteen years of friendship? There was just too much to say and so much to leave unsaid.

As our mothers said their tearful goodbyes, we just simply looked at each other. Our eyes saying what we knew we couldn't say out loud. Suddenly she launched herself into my arms and I felt her tiny body wrack with tears. I stroked her hair, trying uselessly to soothe her when I felt anything but soothing myself.

She pulled back, eyes wide and frantic.

"Always remember, right White Knight?"

I nodded because the lump in my throat prevented me from talking. She grabbed my wrist and quickly tied a friendship bracelet around it. I saw it had our favorite colors of blue, green, purple, and red woven together.

Her mom told her it was time to go and with a quick wave, she walked away and got into the car.

As the tears finally streamed down my face, I whispered out, "Always remember, Little Beauty."

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