Things couldn't have possibly gone better for Quinn… well besides being inadvertently outed by her mother in front of the girl she had a crush on. But that worked so she couldn't really care. What mattered was that she, Quinn Fabray, was taking Rachel Berry to the Sadie Hawkins Dance. Said dance had started a while ago, but Quinn still wanted to dress herself up a bit before heading out. So sue her if she wanted to look nice for her first official date with Rachel.

And she knew exactly what to wear; a strapless little number that fell right above the knee. The dress showed enough skin to, Quinn hoped, make Rachel's mouth water. She had bought if for this particular event, even if she wasn't sure that it was going to happen at all. Needless to say that she was ecstatic to know that she'd make some use of it.

Sadly they wouldn't have enough time to go to Rachel's house for her to change as well, although Quinn did think that what Rachel was already wearing was quite perfect. And Quinn's dress wasn't too flashy that she'd keep eyes off of Rachel. But of course, Quinn already had the feeling that the moment they stepped through those doors that all eyes would be on them.

At least they wouldn't be the only gay couple at the dance.

Confident with her look, Quinn went downstairs where Rachel was waiting patiently with her mother. When she hears laughter, she practically sprinted to the living room to stop whatever it is that her mom was doing. There she found Judy and Rachel sitting on the couch, a photo album spread on their laps. She darted to them yelling, "Mom!" and slamming the book closed, her cheeks a bright red.

Quinn is thoroughly embarrassed. Of all the albums they could have gone through they had to through the one with baby pictures, a good number of which showed her bare bottom. She could only hope that they hadn't gotten that far. She doesn't know if she'll be able to meet Rachel's eyes again, but she does. And what she found in those brown orbs when she finally looked up told her that Rachel had forgotten whatever it was she had seen.

Her eyes were raking down Quinn's form, memorizing every inch of her. Rachel's tongue poked out her mouth, moistening her lips. "You look… Wow."

Quinn straightened herself up, holding the photo album in one had while tucking a loose strand of hair behind her ear with the other. "You think so?"

"Definitely… Quinnie the Pooh," she said with a grin. Quinn paled; she completely forgot that that picture was in there. Her mom just wouldn't stop tonight. "You were really cute in that costume Quinn." Quinn covered her cheeks to hide her growing blush but thankfully was save from any further embarrassment when Rachel suggested that they get a move on.

Quinn gladly grabbed the opportunity and took Rachel by the hand, linking their fingers. She escorted her out of her house and towards her car. And now it felt real. She was taking Rachel Berry out on a date and she wasn't sure what to do or say. It didn't help that up until this point Quinn had only ever been taken out and had never taken someone else out.

Rachel squeezed her hand, silently telling her that she felt the same. The action helped Quinn relax. She held the passenger side door open when they reached her little red car. Rachel smiled, saying a, "Thank you," as she entered. Quinn grinned back and was about to go around the drivers side when she was stopped by a hand around her wrist. "Have I ever told you that you have a really cute butt?" Rachel asked with a giggle.

Rachel had seen it. Quinn froze which gave Rachel the perfect opportunity to shut the door. She stood for a moment of two, just staring at the grin on Rachel's face. If this date didn't end well, Quinn was so going kill her mom… and if it did end well, which was preferable, then she'd have to find some way to stop her mother from embarrassing her. She was brought out of her trance with the sound of passenger side window being rolled down. "There's nothing to be embarrassed about."

"I'm not embarrassed," Quinn quickly defended, darting around the car and entering the driver's seat. As she adjusted her mirrors, she noticed a redness on her cheeks which said otherwise. So maybe she was just a tad bit embarrassed. And the kiss on her cheek which Rachel soon provided only served to deepen her blush. She was silent as she drove them to school, but was glad to find that Rachel's eyes were on her the entire ride.

Those brown orbs, soft and warm, made Quinn's heart flutter in her chest; she had seen that look in Rachel's eyes many times before. And it had always been directed at her. If only she had known before what it had meant.

When they finally reached McKinley, the dance was already in full swing. The music from the gym could be clearly heard even on the outskirts of the very packed parking lot. Quinn stopped Rachel as she reached to open the door which drew some confusion from the brunette until Quinn got out and ran around to the other side of her car. The blonde held the door open and extended a hand to help Rachel out. Rachel beamed and took Quinn's hand graciously.

The pair linked arms and began the short walk towards the school. A chilly breeze blew by causing the girls to shiver. Quinn immediately unlinked their arms, gaining noise of protest from Rachel but those sounds were soon silenced Quinn wrapped her arms around Rachel's waist. With nothing to cover them, Quinn's arms were freezing cold and yet her loving embrace was enough to fill Rachel's body with warmth.

Once inside, Rachel placed her hands on top of Quinn's, silently asking her to not let go. Her request was answered by a tight squeeze. Quinn soon rested her head upon Rachel's shoulder. The walk they took to the gym was a long and slow one. When they got there they hesitated.

Through the doors that lay in front of them were most if not all of their schoolmates.

Rachel left the safety of Quinn's arms to take a peek inside. When turned back to Quinn, she looked uncharacteristically shy and uncertain. "Are you sure you want this to be our first date?" she asked quietly, almost whispered. "It's not too late to go somewhere else; somewhere more private." Quinn faltered for a second, the depth of this singular moment not lost on her.

"No," she simply said, gaining some slight confusion from her date. "If I'm going to date you, which I really want to, then I don't want to do it in secret." At this the worry on Rachel's feature began to disappear, instead being replaced with a soft smile. "I know it's going to be hard, but," she took Rachel's hands in hers, "I know that with you with me, I'll be able to get through anything." Quinn unclasped one of her hands from Rachel's, wiping away a single tear that was streaking down her face.

"Okay," Rachel agreed, nodding her head.

The girls' hands slipped together, fingers interlaced. They gave each other one last reassuring glance before walked through the threshold of the gym with bated breath. Deafening silence, jeers and taunts, and looks of disgust; all of this and had been expected, and yet none of it occurred with the girls entrance.

With the tension eased, the pair made their way to the dance floor. There, they garnered the attention of a few of their peers who had previously been too entranced in their dates to notice their presence. Rachel's face fell as one couple blatantly whispered (loudly whispered) behind their back. Quinn gave them her best glare which quickly silenced them.

And then in a move she hadn't even expected herself to make, she tilted Rachel's head with a hand under her chin and kissed her. Time seemed to stop when their lips first touched. And in those few blissful seconds nothing mattered but them. Quinn was kissing Rachel and Rachel was kissing Quinn. When they pulled apart it felt as though it was far too soon.

Quinn reached out a hand to gently cup Rachel's face, her thumb lightly stroking her cheek. Their eyes lingered on each other's until something behind Quinn caught Rachel's attention. Quinn turned to see what it was and Rachel tried to stop her but she wasn't quick enough. Over by the punch bowl was Finn. He was leaning against the wall and if his expression was anything to go by, he had seen them kiss.

"Don't worry about him," Rachel said. "It's you I want, and no one else." Her fingers threaded through blonde locks, and she pulled Quinn in for another kiss. This one was softer and yet was more intimate than their previous one. And it was all either of them needed to know.