Title: Dangers of Silk Sheets

Rating: T for sexual... stuff.

Disclaimer: If I owned Marvel, I would be rich. I am not. Draw your own conclusions.

Pepper wasn't sure where her shirt was, but it certainly wasn't on her any more. Not that she really cared, with the cool silk sheets under her, and Tony's warm body on top.

She also didn't care that they should be at a meeting. A useless and pointless meeting with Research and Development making excuses on why they had exceeded their budget this month – probably Tony's fault. Or that she had intended to take a long lunch and go to the new shoe store.

Pepper was brought back to the situation at hand as Tony used his tongue to the very best of his abilities. She closed her eyes and moaned.

Then the hot body on top of was suddenly gone. She lifted her head up to see him kneeling on the bed, fighting with his belt.

Her coy smile changed to a concerned one when he disappeared with a thump.

Pepper blinked for a moment, before sliding easily across the bed to look at the floor on the other side. Tony was sitting there, hands still at his belt. They looked at each other for a moment before the laughter began.

Pepper wasn't sure how long they laughed for, just that her stomach actually ached from it. Tony, resting against the edge of the bed, under Pepper, reached up and tugged on one of her red locks.

"And that, my dear, is the danger of silk sheets."

This was inspired by the Tumblr "Imagine your OTP" prompt:

Imagine your OTP getting hot and steamy…and then falling off the bed and laughing on the floor.

Uh, I was just in a crappy mood from work and ended up writing this? Not Beta'd, at all, so holler out any mistakes so I can fix them. Comments and critic welcome.